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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two Moron "Republicans" Trying To Ensure That Murtha Wins Re-election


These are the kind of things that has screwed up the GOP thanks to the lazy Republicans that sit on their collective rear ends, whine and complain and do nothing but stay at home and don't vote and don't get involved.

From Redstate...
Jack Murtha is invincible. He's survived ABSCAM [Hannity and Colmes vid] and waltzed through recklessly slandering our troops in Iraq. And he seeks to walk to his 18th term, with the help of two "Republicans."

Bill Russell [campaign site] is a 44-year-old Army veteran who wanted to challenge Democrat Murtha as a Republican, but he might not be included on the Republican ballot in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District because of two people referring to themselves as "Republicans": former Johnstown Mayor Don Zucco and Johnstown attorney Jeanne McKelvey. Those two have petitioned the Commonwealth Court to keep Russell's name off the April 22nd ballot because, they insist, he did not collect the requisite 1,000 voters' signatures. [...]
One minor correction to the above - that would be Moron Jerk-Off Jack Murtha. Now that this is more properly identified, we can MoveOn.

These two "Republicans" support Jerk-Off Murtha because Murtha is King Of Wasteful Spending and they have been bought. This is what's wrong - very much wrong - with the American political l system. Too many are bought off. This MUST stop. Go to Redstate and read the rest and visit William Russell's web site for the total and complete details.