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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taking Our Country Back One Spider Hole At A Time


I find it curious that the libtards find it a necessity to copy and imitate others in their campaign to spread their vitriolic socialist crap.

It has been a while since I cited the libtards at Crones and Dweebs but, here it is.

Take Back America with a Responsible Plan For Iraq

Their "plan" is the ultimate defeat for the United States and these pathetic Children of The Corn are to placed into their corners with the appropriate dunce caps...

Not to be outdone, here comes SmokingPuppyDrivels...
[...] Right now Marcy and I are listening to Naomi Klein talk about how the Left was ready for The Great Depression and responded with the New Deal, while we're not prepared with a progressive response to the economic crisis that seems to be looming. [...]
When we place the noose around your worthless necks trying to overthrow the United States Constitution and replace it with some morphed "progressive crap", we will spit on you as you drop...

Who are these pathetic anarchist dweebs trying to take the country back from anyway?