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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stan Goff: Another IDIOT At The Huff and Puff


The slimy snails are out in force today, pretending that they know something. Message to are an I.D.I.O.T.!

This is the pathetic dweebs entire morose post...silly and all so wrong on many counts. an obscenity. Five years now, and countless lives immiserated, maimed, extinguished. George W. Bush today puffed up his chest and declared that the incalculable horror, the sustained anguish, the terrible sin that is the war he started in Iraq, "will be discussed by military historians for many years." He's right about that.

Military historians discuss a lot of pointless slaughters and social catastrophes created by men with weapons, and directed by men who fancy themselves as God.

War is not "an issue."

War is an obscenity.
We can now spell IDIOT in another manner...Stan Goff.

He does have one thing correct...war does suck. As for the rest, he is definitely off the path of intelligence.

President George W Bush didn't start this war...Usama Bin Laden and a gaggle of other terrorist groups...linked to Saddam by the way...declared war on the United States with the Fatwa of 1998. Clinton ignored it. Remember Stanley?

GWB didn't hi-jack and/or steal privately owned airliners and crash them into the buildings in NYC, The Pentagon and crashed in PA...Al Qaida did. Remember that you moron?

And yes, Stanley, we will be writing about your seditious ramblings and treachery for decades to come.