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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Secret Meetings of the Loser Class...FISA

San Fran Nann is stuck...she lied to get into power and now to remain in power, she has to risk National Security to pander and cater to her far-left allies in purposeful ignorance.
As for "fear mongering", what is it called when the defeatocrats tell their fringe cretins that GWB is listening to their intimate phone calls? Not only is that a blatant lie, the ACLU, operating under that premise, was shot down in flames by the SCOTUS. Effectively, by that SCOTUS decision, the alleged "illegal" activity so decried as unconstitutional, has been ruled "legal" and constitutional by our highest court.

The Hill reporting...
Liberal House Democrats are pushing for a closed session to discuss the legal underpinnings of President Bush's intelligence surveillance program.

They believe that the more members know about it, the less likely they will be to support Bush's wish to make it permanent.

"I haven't heard anything in closed session that makes me think we need the Protect America Act," said Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.), an Intelligence Committee member, referring to a White House-backed interim wiretapping bill that lapsed this month. "Or that FISA [the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act], with modest modifications, isn't the way to go into the future."

The request for the closed session came in a letter coauthored by Holt and Reps. John Tierney (D-Mass.) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Holt refused to confirm the letter, but other Democrats say it was brought up at Tuesday's Democratic Caucus meeting.

The three want all members allowed to see documents that outline the administration's legal opinions on the program. So far, only Intelligence and Judiciary Committee members have been allowed to see them. [...]
There is a new spelling for silly, disingenuous, ignorant and pathetic. It is all neatly wrapped up in an all familiar term - D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T.

Only an individual well versed in Straw Man Rhetoric would make the lame claim that monitoring terrorist calls into the US wasn't necessary. From CQ Politics...
House Republicans tried again Tuesday to force a floor vote on Senate-passed legislation to overhaul the nation's electronic surveillance law.

But Democrats stood fast, insisting that negotiations continue between the House and Senate on a compromise version of the legislation.

By 212-198, the House quashed the Republican effort on a procedural vote.

House and Senate Democrats are negotiating over the legislation, but Republicans and the Bush administration are boycotting those talks. Republicans say the House should simply clear the Senate version of the measure instead. The Senate passed that bill Feb. 12 by 68-29.

"Congress needs to act immediately," said Rep. Pete Sessions , R-Texas. He said House Republicans will try every day to bring up the Senate-passed version, which also has the backing of 21 Blue Dog Democrats. [...]
These pols need to be replaced with those that have a clue of that which we and the world face.

Taking the ACLU Down on Wiretapping...
On February 19, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and its legal campaign against the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program. According to the Associated Press: "The justices, without comment, turned down an appeal from the American Civil Liberties Union to let it pursue a lawsuit against the program that began shortly after the Sept. 11 terror attacks."

You may recall that Judicial Watch has been intimately involved with this lawsuit from the outset. First, Judicial Watch sparked a media firestorm when it uncovered a potential conflict of interest on the part of the presiding district judge, Anna Diggs Taylor. After carefully inspecting Judge Diggs Taylor's financial disclosure statements, Judicial Watch investigators discovered the judge serves as a Secretary and Trustee for a foundation that donated funds to the ACLU of Michigan, a plaintiff in the case. [...]
So who is in bed with whom? No conflict of interest there, by God, eh?

U.S. says missed intelligence after spy act expired...
U.S. spy agencies have missed intelligence in the days since terrorism surveillance legislation expired, the Bush administration said on Friday, but Democrats accused it of fear mongering and blamed it for any gaps.

U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell fired the latest shot in the administration's battle with Congress to obtain new legislation to wiretap terrorism suspects.

The officials told Congress telecommunications firms have been reluctant to cooperate with new wiretaps since six-month temporary legislation expired last weekend.

"We have lost intelligence information this past week as a direct result of the uncertainty created by Congress' failure to act," the two officials told House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes in a letter.

They urged Reyes, a Texas Democrat, to reconsider his opposition to legislation passed last week by the Senate. [...]
The defeatocrats are truly irrelevant and insignificant seeing that SCOTUS has basically said that the monitoring of terrorist communications is legal. Using the logic of the Leftinistra against them, GWB can do pretty much what he wants to do now so why all the fuss?

Defeatocrats. You cannot connect the dots if you cannot collect them.

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No Surprises Here On Murtha's Corruption

Posted Feb 19, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 5 comments | 78 views

As John Murtha prepares to redeploy to the elevator in the Rayburn House Office Building, supporters of replacing him with a conservative representative are rallying their sources. Time will tell if the effort is successful.
In a recent article in the The York Times, it has been inevitable that The King of Pork Spending would finally be called to the carpet of wasteful and corrupting policies and procedures. All in the name of "his people", naturally. Or not.

The article is entitled The Pork King Keeps His Crown and is all too appropriate. In light of the rule passed some time ago, one should be asking why the PAYGO issue has just now come to the attention of the New York Times. One would think that this issue of wanton and wasteful spending to "secure one's ranking" and keeping their seats in congress would have been made public soon after the rules were passed.

Nevertheless, Rep John Murtha has been had...again.

On Feb 27, 2008, there is going to be an "appreciation party" for military and other contractors with Rep John Murtha. It will be held not at a Red Roof Inn or The Ramada Inn but at the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City. Naturally, it is a closed party and the general public for which Murtha allegedly stands are not invited.
Murtha's Beneficiaries

The annual payback dinner by defense contractors who benefit from earmarks by Democratic Rep. John Murtha, chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, will be held Feb. 27 at the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City in Virginia, across the Potomac from Washington.

Murtha, a close adviser of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is one of the leading earmarkers in Congress. The earmark recipients will be paying the $1,500 a person admission to "An Evening with Jack and Joyce Murtha."

Although the dinner is timed to coincide with the anniversary of Murtha's first special election to Congress in 1974, invitations for it were mailed just before the annual deadline for earmark applications.
Curious. Coincidence? Perhaps. Who pays for such gala events?

From the Taxpayers for Common Sense, on the front page we read:
Congress inserted 12,881 earmarks worth $18.3 billion into this year’s spending bills, $14.8 billion of which were disclosed by lawmakers. This represents a 23 percent cut in total earmarks from the high water mark of 2005, but a smaller cut than the 50 percent reduction House leadership initially set as its goal.
So, is PAYGO a "go" or is it not? Seeing that Congress has failed, once again, to fulfill its promises to the American People, should they not unilaterally withdraw? Did they not set for themselves a Benchmark of which they failed to meet? And they dare criticize any government anywhere at all? And, last I knew, there were no bombs falling or car bombs exploding or kidnapping of politicians anywhere in the vicinity of DC. What are the excuses this time?

For a very informative and interesting read - to say the least - it will behoove the inquiring mind to download and read the Earmark database for FY2008. Therein, one may find how their particular fraud, waste and abuse representatives are doing and why.

On top of the list of pork spending is none other than John Murtha. Someone has to be at the top of the list and I am happy to see that the man that single-handedly mis-characterized my brothers-in-arms - the Haditha Marines - is on the top of the list and the torpedoes are away.
Mr. Murtha led all House members this year, securing $162 million in district favors, according to the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense. In all, eager members in both houses enacted 11,144 earmarks, worth $15 billion. Taxpayers may be inured to $113,000 for rodent control in Alaska or a million for Idaho’s weed management. Mr. Murtha’s universe is a far more complicated and costly creation of interlocking contractors who continue to feed at the public trough despite reviews questioning their performance.
And the beat goes on...
There’s been no report of Mr. Murtha’s profiting personally. “This is about jobs,” the congressman insists. But the Murtha operation — which has become a model for other entrepreneurial lawmakers — is a gross example of quid pro quo Washington. Every one of the 26 beneficiaries of Mr. Murtha’s earmarks in last year’s defense budget made contributions to his campaign kitty, a total of $413,250, according to the newspaper Roll Call. The Pentagon, seeking its own goodies before Mr. Murtha’s committee, is noticeably hesitant to challenge his projects. And we’re not hearing a lot of objections from his colleagues — not after members have ladled out a fresh $15 billion for their own special interests, just in time for the coming elections.
Murtha buys their votes. I wonder what the constitutionality of Pork or Earmark Spending is and what chapter and verse can be allocated to the practice thereof.

According to the database, John Murtha "owns" in "Solo Earmarks", $159,973,200.

As I said at the beginning, there are constituents and others not happy at all with John Murtha and they are having a party of their own.

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McCain Beats Competitors Like A Wet Donkey

Posted Feb 18, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 3 comments | 109 views

As the general election season heats up, and both sides step up the rhetoric, the watchdogs on the sidelines keep an eye on that which is to come. Political spin aside, some voters may decide on a candidate that speaks to the pulse of America.
The scales on the eyes of the few will not over-shadow the writing on the wall. What many fail to realize, the far-left and the far-right are oblivious to the obvious and the "middle" is what determines the fate of the nation. It always has been this way and it will always remain this way.
We have witnessed since the elections of 2006 the far-left fail at every attempt to sway the country towards their socialistic ideals and unprincipled principles. What have the far-left accomplished in 2007? Can anyone place their finger on one single accomplishment? Can the far-left Presidential Aspirants place their finger on the pulse of Main Stream America?

Who are the far-left fringe groups that the far-left candidates tend to pander and cater to? Is it Code Pink? Is it ANSWER? Is it MoveOn? Is it The World Can't Wait? Are the far-left liberals, progressives or Democrats? These are questions that the Middle Americans need to answer among themselves, derived from introspect and retrospect.

By the same token, who are the far-right fringe groups that the far-right candidates tend to pander and cater to? To answer that question, is there a far-right Presidential Aspirant running? All sides tend to agree that there are no far-right candidates on the slate for the next resident of the White House. There are two far-left candidates aspiring to be the next resident of the White House. Which of the four Presidential Aspirants are more qualified to reside in the White House and be the next ruler of the Free World?

Huckabee and McCain are considered by some to be more "liberal" than "conservative". Obama and Clinton are said to be to the left of Joseph Stalin. Why is this? From my perspective, one must determine those the candidates are pandering and catering to or who they are trying to connect with.

I am a conservative first and foremost - a Republican lastly. I vote my conscience and not the Party Line. I am Middle America, plain and simple. I always vote against any candidate that has socialist tendencies, regardless the Party Line. Some candidates are more socialistic than the next.

Clinton and Obama are flat-out socialists and are in no way socialistic. Their pandering and catering are aimed at their socialist far-left chanting hordes yet claim they are appealing to Middle America. They are only fooling themselves. Because of this, poll after poll reveal the pulse of America.

Florida has always been a Standard Bearer in American Politics and a recent poll conducted by the singularly most accurate polling group has released an astonishing revelation.
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Florida shows John McCain holding a six-percentage point lead over Hillary Clinton and an even larger lead—sixteen percentage points—over Barack Obama. It’s McCain 49% Clinton 43% and McCain 53% Obama 37%. This dynamic is the opposite of what we have found in most other states where Obama typically outperforms Clinton in general election match-ups.
The remainder of the poll is equally telling in that the Democrat Camp, no matter the DNC candidate is in serious trouble in Florida...competitive still but in trouble all the same.

Middle America will tell the tale when the smoke and dust clears. I hope you like roller coasters.

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Democratic Advantage is Gone

Posted Feb 18, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 10 comments | 120 views

Still think the GOP can't win in November? You better re-think that. Why are democrats tanking? One word- Iraq. Bush was right, the Surge was right, America sees it. The End.
The Rasmussen Reports is the leading polling group in the United States and their track record is second to none. Although they have been wrong before, they have been the closest by far of all others in every poll in regards to American Politics.

In a recent "Generic Congressional" poll, RR concluded the following:
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that, if the Congressional Election were held today, 44% of American voters say they would vote for the Democrat in their district and 40% would opt for the Republican (see crosstabs). That’s the first time the Republicans have reached the 40% level of support in more than a year. It’s also the second consecutive month that the Democrat’s advantage has been in single digits. A month ago, Democrats enjoyed a five-point lead. Two months ago, they had a ten-point edge over the GOP.
Back in April of 2007, the Democrats were at 45% and the Republicans were at 35%. On 2/14/08, the Democrats were at 44% and the Republicans were at 40%. The Democrats are either stagnating or losing ground. Either way, they are losing ground and the Republicans are gaining...steadily.

The Democrats may try to ignore the fact(s) that the American Troop Surge has paved the way for Iraqi Political Reconciliation but the fact remains, the Iraq War is still an issue to the American People. The longer they deny it, the deeper they will sink into their own self-induced quagmire of denial.

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West Texas Oil Refinery Explodes, Injures 5 People

Posted Feb 18, 2008 by mlh in Environment | 5 comments | 78 views

An early morning blast shook residents of a West Texas community early this morning. In Big Spring, TX, a refinery experienced a devastating explosion which injured 5 people.
Several schools and businesses were closed down and evacuated and Interstate 20 was shut down due to debris and the ensuing fires. The flames in the are were quickly extinguished and the investigation has in the beginning stages to determine the cause.
The fire sparked by the blast was under control Monday morning, Lewis said. The Dallas-based company does not know what caused the explosion, he said.

The blast sent black smoke billowing into the sky, closed schools, shut down an interstate and left residents rattled.

"It was extremely scary. You shook you were so scared," said Laura McEwen, the mayor's wife who lives about two miles from the refinery. "Our walls shook. It jolted your bed. It was like an earthquake."
One of the injured was an occupant in a motor vehicle that was hit by flying debris.

The story is unfolding and more information will come forth as the days progress.

The photo spread can be found here.

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John McCain Has Cinched The Deal With Conservatives

Posted Feb 17, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 18 comments | 216 views

It's over folks, wrap it up. John McCain just won the White House. I don't care if his opponent is Hillary, Obama or the flying spaghetti monster. The race for 2008 is over and John McCain is the 44th President.
There is quite a bit of "the principled" conservatives bloviating about who, what, when, where in regards to supporting another Compassionate Conservative in the quest for the highest office in our political arena. Some have even said that Hillary is more conservative than John McCain but when asked to substantiate that, the deer-in-the-headlight-stare is all too obvious.

John McCain, prior to 2000 was considered to be a middle-of-the-road conservative but after 2000, he became inclined to inline to the left. Naturally, this caused quite an adamant stir among my fellow conservatives, including myself. After all, we are conservatives first and party affiliated last.

Back in October of 2006, the much hated Rush Limbaugh said this about "principled conservatives" staying home and not participating in elections:
[...] “This notion that it doesn't matter who wins because the Democrats aren't going to have a big enough majority? That's going to lead to another thing that I will share with you. It's going to lead to the nomination of John McCain for the Republican presidential candidacy. In two years, you same people who will have helped bring about an ascension to power by the Democrats, are going to be so angry -- you're going to be so fed up -- over what they have tried to do, over the things they will maybe have accomplished, that you are going to demand power back, and you will accept anybody that you think has a chance of winning it. And right now, that looks like McCain, above anybody else -- who, I must tell you, is not a conservative. And so what are you probably going to end up doing? You're going to be so frustrated by 2008, and the thought of Hillary Clinton becoming president so obnoxious, so abhorrent; that in 2008 you will flush your precious principles down the drain and elect a Republican, precisely the kind of Republican you think you're running against now -- or you will at least nominate one. Who knows how that election will go? So the very principle that you are fighting here, if you succeed, you will be given a candidate who fits the very thing you're angry about: somebody who's not conservative enough but probably has the best chance of winning.” [...]
Did he call that one correctly, or not? No wonder he is so hated by many that have the Liberal Mind Pathology.

Now that we have John McCain as the front runner for the GOP, thanks to the stay-at-home shallow-minded electorate, there are many of us, a vast majority of us, that will throw in with John McCain because a vote for either Hillary or Obama will be a vote for socialism and vast sweeping and massive tax hikes and quite possibly United Nations control of American Life. Such Big Government "reform" is unacceptable even to a middle-of-the-road conservative and middle-of-the-road Democrats.

Returning to the original premise that John McCain has cinched the White House, today, on 2/17/2008, John McCain, the next President of the United States, had this to say and this was exactly what John McCain needed to say and exactly what you (and I) never thought we would hear him say in a million years:
Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), the likely Republican nominee for president who is seeking to shore up support among conservatives, said today that he would not raise taxes under any circumstances. "In fact, I could see an argument if our economy continues to deteriorate, for lower interest rates, lower tax rates and certainly decreasing corporate tax rates, which are the second-highest in the world," McCain said on ABC's "This Week."
A funny thing happened on the way to St. Paul. John McCain is becoming a conservative. A shocking metamorphisis, to be sure, but what more can you say? John McCain now has more than enough ammunition to beat Hillary or Obama. He only has to be willing to use it. 2008 will be a simple, focused choice on the issue.

* They will not use all the surveillance capability we have to protect us, we will.
* They will not honor our commitment and see our victory through in Iraq, we will.
* They will not prevent your free speech from being desecrated by the fairness doctine, we will.
* They will not nominate sane Judges, we will.
* They will not defend the sanctity of life and marriage, we will.
* They will not keep taxes low and our economy strong, we will.

I like the new John McCain. It better not be a ruse. Democrats must now run as the tax raising party. Let's see how that works for them. Seeing that the socialists disguised as Democrats always run on an exact opposite of any GOP candidate, they will have to run as Mondale did and we all know how that worked out, don't we?

If and, I say this cautiously, if, McCain continues on this road to conservative healing, expect this to be the result.

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The American Troop Surge and Political Tomfoolery

Posted Feb 17, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 22 comments | 187 views

In recent weeks, we have seen the political front in Iraq make great progress directly related to the success of the Troop Surge. Much to the chagrin of our political hacks and cretins, the political successes in Iraqi are now sailing full speed ahead.
This Op-Ed will serve as a collection of links exposing the nay sayers for what they really and truly are. Unlike the Leftinistra and the domestic enemy camps, I don't cherry pick. The enemy seem to pick and choose vague elements and pretend they know what they are talking about. Naturally and without fail, are the usual suspects for Doom and Gloom decrying the fall of the terrorists in Iraq.

The entire and complete Iraq Strategy Review, in pdf format, can be seen, read, saved as a file and printed here. The background briefing can be found here and is an interesting read. The Focus on Iraq can be seen here.

What the anti-Americanists "forget" to notice is that the document they like to quote so much from has much more than they care to admit to. They also count on their readers to be too sheepish to check for themselves.

Fact Sheet: The New Way Forward in Iraq (printable version here)
The President's New Iraq Strategy Is Rooted In Six Fundamental Elements:

1. Let the Iraqis lead;
2. Help Iraqis protect the population;
3. Isolate extremists;
4. Create space for political progress;
5. Diversify political and economic efforts; and
6. Situate the strategy in a regional approach.

* Iraq Could Not Be Graver - The War On Terror Cannot Be Won If We Fail In Iraq. Our enemies throughout the Middle East are trying to defeat us in Iraq. If we step back now, the problems in Iraq will become more lethal, and make our troops fight an uglier battle than we are seeing today.
The above is that which they harp upon and the rest of the document is like it doesn't exist. Naturally, the misguided have problems keeping their thoughts in order because, apparently, the Benchmark Assessment Report is 28 pages in length and judging from the quality of their objections, their attention span doesn't allow for lengthy reads which require study. Apparently, even the "quick review" of the document is too much reading material as well.

At any rate, the mad-left hate the fact that they lost their own pathetic surgette and General Petraeus has pretty much won the war but, he does say that with caution because that place called Iraq could self-ignite at a moments' notice.

Alex Knapp of OTB has a sarcastic piece up that more than likely drove Matthew Yglesias a little more weird than he already is. What I find "Rather" curious is that the Iraq War is no longer an issue with our politicians except to quit now that we are winning. Kind of strange that is. However, it is said that Murtha will be introducing legislation to bring the troops home even though that is already in the works.

The rare instances the Iraq War is an issue is when the Leftinistra are actually asked questions in debates and then they are totally without substance in their answers because they haven't a clue as to what they are addressing. The worse one is Obama. He is evidently out of touch with not only himself but the world as a whole. Remember, he has often stated that he will attack Pakistan.

Another curiosity is this; if the Leftinistra wish to be taken seriously about anything ever again, one would think they would come clean and openly admit that they were on the wrong side of the issue strictly for political gain in 2006. In essence, they lied to the American People. However, if they were to admit to that, ethically, they would have to resign their posts in shame. I don't think that is likely to happen.

In a more recent "development" to give the appearance of being "main stream", the NY Times granted a small tid-bit of Good News ooze from their pores of journalistic malpractice and, it just had to hurt. The pathetic headline is all that is required: Making (Some) Progress in Iraq. Some? The political arena so very important to the American politicians that feel it necessary to "investigate" baseball, dare to infer that there is only "some" progress? Please. Our current sitting Congress is an international embarrassment.

If only our own politicos were able to take some pointers from the Iraqi politicos, perhaps their blind hatred of GWB could be abated but, not likely. I wonder how our elitist politicians would react if they had to worry about bombs under their seats as they conducted the nation's business every day. I wonder how they would respond as their fellow prattlers of empty rhetoric were kidnapped and beheaded because they would not return to the "way it used to be". I wonder how they would cry out to the world if they were literally under the gun.

Our DC "occupiers" are nothing but shallow egos and empty shells of Patriotism...they disgust me. We have serious business at hand and they concern themselves about baseball? If that isn't an over-step of their constitutional authority, I don't know what is.

As Nancy Pelosi, the would-be SecState opines about how "bad" things are in Baghdad, I cannot help but remember her clear violation of the Logan Act nearly a year ago. Our dear SoH, Madame Pelosi, contrary to popular belief is still a member of the Axis of Defeat and I do indeed question her Patriotism. Who is she to criticize anything?

From Bull Dog Pundit: (in reference to the Hizbollah Security Chief's departure from Earth)
I do hope you get the sarcasm in the title, because I'm talking about her trip to Syria, which we wrote about last year. As you may recall, "Damascus Nancy" made that trip to prove a point to President Bush about the need to "talk" to our enemies, in this case Bashir Assad. Not only did she falsely say that Israel was willing to "negotiate peace", she also made this statement.

We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace.

Yeah, because we all knew how much Syria was interested in peace. Well, yesterday gave us a stark reminder as to just how interested the Syrians are in "peace". [...]
If Iraq and Afghanistan has revealed anything at all, it is this...there is no negotiating with terrorists. They will not hear of it.

Iraq is moving towards and accomplishing an end goal of Provincial Elections and our Congress is investigating baseball.
Iraq's parliament on Wednesday passed three key pieces of legislation that set a date for provincial elections, allot $48 billion for 2008 spending, and provide limited amnesty to detainees in Iraqi custody... [...]
What has our Congress accomplished since the end of 2006? Anything at all? Perhaps we should withdraw from DC? It is an apparent quagmire what with the lack of political progress and all. What has the Iraqi "congress" accomplished since the end of 2006? The Iraqi "congress" is light years ahead of our own self-vaunted and self-proclaimed examples of legislative jurisprudence...
Last Sunday, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Nancy Pelosi about the success of the "surge" in Iraq.

"Are you not worried, though, that all the gains that have been achieved over the past year might be lost?" Blitzer asked.

"There haven't been gains, Wolf," Pelosi replied. "The gains have not produced the desired effect, which is the reconciliation of Iraq. This is a failure. This is a failure."

Yet today, out of Iraq, comes news that three significant laws were passed by the Iraqi parliament.
Pelosi is a typical Party Hack on top of being a pompous ninny. Clueless is her new name.

Nancy Pelosi Claims the Surge is a Failure, al Qaeda Disagrees, is a must read here as is Updated...US Seized Al-Qaeda Documents Tells of Crisis. There are many more on this issue of the successes of the Troop Surge, America's Troop Surge and the victories achieved...American victories that are ignored by those with the political agenda of Ignore And Defeatism and they can all be accessed here.

Seeing that there are so many of the Leftinistra, the vast majority of which worship the United Nations organization, perhaps they should be paying more attention to what the UN has to say on the issue of the successes in Iraq.

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The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

Posted Feb 16, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 86 comments | 392 views

There is an oddity that drives the Liberal Proponents of Guilt and Shame to frenzied hate and pitiful rhetoric filled with platitudes, bumper sticker sloganeering and utter contempt for those which do not comply or adhere to the Liberal Pathology.
It is painfully obvious to the vast majority that the over emotional weaklings cannot be trusted to be alone with themselves let alone be in positions of responsibility.

Some time ago, Family Security Matters conducted a study that revealed many issues of the liberal mindset and explained in detail that which most of already knew but did not understand The Why. This group brings to discussion topics such as Liberal pathology, Liberals are like children, A rage that knows no bounds, Fathoming liberal rage, Rage trumps rationality, Symptoms of liberal pathology, Diagnosing liberal pathology, Symptoms of liberal pathology and Diagnosing liberal pathology.

Rick Moran has attempted to clarify the Liberal Mindset of BDS but to this writer, it falls short of the mindset. The mental disorder that is all so prevalent in the psychological make up of the modern day Liberal has been further diagnosed and made public by Charles Krauthammer. Among other things: From 1975-1978, Krauthammer was a Resident and then a Chief Resident in Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital. During this time he and a colleague identified a form of mania (a part of bipolar disorder) which they named "secondary mania" and published a second important paper. The standard textbook for bipolar disease ("Manic Depressive Illness" by Goodwin and Jamison) contains nine citations of his work.
[...] In 1981, following the defeat of the Carter/Mondale ticket, Krauthammer began his journalistic career, joining The New Republic as a writer and editor. His New Republic writings won the 1984 "National Magazine Award for Essays and Criticism." In 1983, he began writing essays for Time magazine. In 1985, he began a weekly column for the Washington Post for which he won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

In 2006, the Financial Times named Krauthammer the most influential commentator in America, saying "Krauthammer has influenced US foreign policy for more than two decades. He coined and developed 'The Reagan Doctrine' in 1985 and he defined the US role as sole superpower in his essay, 'The Unipolar Moment', published shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Krauthammer's 2004 speech 'Democratic Realism' set out a framework for tackling the post 9/11 world, focusing on the promotion of democracy in the Middle East."

On the other hand, left-wing commentators have been quite hostile to Krauthammer. In a 2006 column in The American Prospect criticizing The New Republic and other proponents of democratization in Arab countries, Matthew Yglesias wrote that Krauthammer is "very possibly the worst journalist working in America today, a relentlessly pernicious force, never right about anything, who feels his commentary should not be shackled by the small-minded bonds of accuracy or logic." [...]
I find it curious that the "left" berates Mr Krauthammer to the degree that they do but, taking into consideration of the pathological mindset of the modern day Liberal, it really isn't much of a surprise at all, in the end run.

In December of 2003, Mr Krauthammer published the following article in many publications and the link to one of the publications is here:

Bush Derangement Syndrome
[...] It has been 25 years since I discovered a psychiatric syndrome (for the record: "Secondary Mania,'' Archives of General Psychiatry, November 1978), and in the interim I haven't been looking for new ones. But it's time to don the white coat again. A plague is abroad in the land.

Bush Derangement Syndrome: the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency -- nay -- the very existence of George W. Bush. [...]
And, so, it is no surprise that these studies have been further investigated. Such a study is here and now.

In a new publication resulting from years of study and documentation by top mental disorder doctoral investigations, we now have at our disposal a new book: THE LIBERAL MIND: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.
Why do today's liberals act and think as they do? The radical left's politics and its destructive effects on our basic freedoms have provoked many to speculate on what makes these people tick.

The Liberal Mind answers the question. This book is the first systematic analysis of the political madness that now threatens to destroy history's greatest achievement: the American dream of civilized liberty.

In his penetrating analysis, Dr. Rossiter reveals modern liberalism's assaults on:
* Our freedom to make good lives for ourselves
* The ability of families to raise children to be self-reliant and mutual
* The morals, rights and laws that protect our freedoms

"Modern liberalism's irrationality can only be understood as the product of psychopathology. So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche." The Liberal Mind reveals the madness of the modern liberal for what it is: a massive transference neurosis acted out in the world's political arenas, with devastating effects on the institutions of liberty.

The unexamined political belief is not worth holding.

The unanalyzed political agenda is not worth promoting.
Get used to the irrationality of the 2008 election processes and be aware of the mindless mantra of "change" where the "change" is not clearly defined nor is it known.

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Hezbollah Leader Declares 'Open War' On Israel

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 6 comments | 169 views

Following the removal from his earth the soul of one terrorist, Hezbollah's Security Chief, Imad Mughnieh, Hassan Nasrallah has declared open war on Israel. Whereas this is nothing new to the region, this latest verbiage war may not be mere words.
As ABC reports:
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared "open war" on Israel in a fiery speech at the funeral in the Lebanese capital of a top commander killed in a car bombing he blamed on Israel.

"If the Zionists want war, then they shall have it," Mr Nasrallah said in a speech broadcast at the funeral of Imad Mughnieh. "If you want an open war, then let it be an open war."

The Hezbollah Security Chief has been wanted by the United States for many years and he had a price on his head of $25 million. It is said that he was responsible for the Beirut bombing of the Marine Barracks in 1983.

What isn't being reported as of yet is his involvement with the proxy war against the United States and Iran that has been ongoing since 1979. In the short book entitled Iran’s Proxy War Against America, pdf format here, the details in regards to the high profile targets this man is responsible in attacking are brought forth.

In other news previously reported, Mugniyah may have helped senior al Qaeda operatives flee Afghanistan in late 2001.

Mugniyah’s bombings in Lebanon in 1983 were the role models which molded the attacks by Al Qaida in the bombings of the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

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Bush Was Right

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 42 comments | 283 views

Bush was right and that is all there is to it. He is/was a man of vision, character and conviction. Not that he can light a candle to President Reagan but he has the same trait of refusing to go with the flow or change directions as the wind blows.

If there is one single faulty trait that President Bush has is the eerie inability or a conscience choice to not protect himself. My father taught me better than that. Then again, I grew up in NYC and that is a far cry from growing up in Texas.

Regardless, knowing the people that I know and being in places that most couldn't find on a map, there are those of us that know beyond a shadow or reasonable doubt that Saddam's Iraq was indeed capable of developing and possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. Some would argue that it all depends on what the definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction "is".

It is also common knowledge that Saddam Hussein was heavily involved in financing and participating in global terrorist operations. The problem is, no one cares any more or, so it seems. It is election season in the USA now and to bring up this subject is anathema.

It doesn't matter that President Clinton knew; it doesn't matter that the politicians denying the WMD issue now proclaimed to the world that which they knew before. This reminds me of the ancient Truth In Advertisement legislation years ago. As in advertising, truth in politics is an honest man's wet dream.

It wasn't that long ago that 60 Minutes accidentally revealed The Truth and the very fact that The Truth came out should have created a fervor of justification of the War In Iraq, one of the many fronts in the Global War On Terror. It is such a pity that partisan politic trumps National Security and Zell Miller explains it all.

Chad Groening doesn't understand it either and begs the question in a recent article entitled, "New report confirms WMD fears in Iraq were legitimate":

Robert Spencer, one of the nation's leading experts on the Islamic religion, says he doesn't understand why the Bush administration has not jumped on a recent report that confirms former dictator Saddam Hussein intended to reconstitute his weapons of mass destruction.

This is just one report in a long list of reports that the American Lame Stream Media will not allow the general population to hear about. As a Boots On The Ground type, I already know the answer to that.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, says the White House should be all over this story. "It's ironic really, that oddly enough the Bush administration -- with so much to lose and so much damage to its credibility over the years because of these allegations -- has not jumped on these kinds of reports and made sure that they came to the broadest audience possible," he ponders.

In the New York Sun recently, this was reported:

How the classified military documents from Iraq, which named the coordinates of where the Army suspected weapons of mass destruction to be hidden, ended up in an Arabic translator’s apartment on Hoyt Street in Brooklyn, is clear.

Not likely to be known anytime soon is what, if anything, the army contractor did with the documents.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn, which is prosecuting the case, appears to have little direct evidence that Noureddine Malki passed information on to the insurgency, either during his time in Iraq in 2003 and 2004, or upon his return to America in 2005. But it has raised the possibility that he may have done so. The government has said Malki regularly called phone numbers connected to insurgents and took bribes of at least $11,500 from Sunni tribal leaders.

The government, prosecutors wrote in one court filing, could “establish that the defendant had an opportunity to provide stolen classified information to anti-coalition forces.”

Odd that the Lame Stream Media is so feverishly quiet. Knowing that the American Press - an international embarrassment - is quite at home disclosing National Secrets to the enemy, I am not a bit surprised that the alleged media in America keeps their lips pursed and parsed on the WMD issue.

On Dec 5, 2007, John Loftus, Ryan Mauro, and Dave Gaubatz gave an interview and the following was revealed:

John Loftus, let us begin with you.

Your volunteers at the have been examining the secret documents captured from Saddam -- and it appears that they have solved a large part of the mystery of Saddam’s missing WMDs. Correct?

Loftus: Yes, now the truth is beginning to emerge. Saddam's own secret files show that he was lying to the UN, year after year. He told the UN that Iraq had no more WMD after 1991, and would never start those WMD programs again. But his own secret records show that in 2001, 2002, and 2003, Saddam was repeatedly purchasing banned chemicals, covering up radiation leaks, and generally orchestrating a cover-up.

Are the records genuine? We had NSA check the audiotapes to make sure it was Saddam's own voiceprint. It is. Now, why would Saddam and his top aides record all those tapes year after year and hide the forgeries in secret vaults? There are three shelf miles of paper records. What is the point? These are secret internal records, it is not as if he was using them in public to fool the Iranians into thinking he had WMD. These records almost did not even make it onto the light of day. They were buried amid a forest of documents that might not have been reviewed for decades, if ever. I cannot think of any explanation but these are genuine secret archives of Saddam's innermost feelings at his innermost meetings.

Moreover, at the time people like Dave Gaubatz and John Shaw were putting their statements on the record about how the WMD ended up in Syria, they did not know that we would get circumstantial corroboration from Saddam's own files. Statistically, this is beyond the realm of possibility of fabrication.

What's that sound? Crickets.

In my friends' book, Both In One Trench, Ray Robison explains in great detail the threat(s) to the Western World that Saddam's Iraq presented. His interview with yours truly, myself, on American Truth Warriors, can be downloaded here.

Saddam's "paper trail" can be viewed here. The evidence is in existence and if the President does not wish to make waves and desires to play nice-nice in a world of political hacks, so be it. That is not my meme.

With that which is at stake why hide The Truth? We can only suspect that there is going to be one of those "political surprises" soon upon us all. Ask Hillary about political surprises.

Needless to say, Saddam was a Clear and Present Danger. Needless to say, Iran is now and has been for quite some time, a Clear and Present Danger and the phrase CPD is poli-speak for ""Danger Will Robison! Danger!"

As more and more data is revealed as the War unfolds, the American Public will come to realize that the War In Iraq, much like the War In Afghanistan, are one in the same and equally justified and the President of the United States acted accordingly to the guidelines so laid out in the Constitution of the United States.

The WMD "issue" is also well known as a contrived issue by the elements on the socialist side of American politics. How soon those elements have either forgotten about - ahem - or just plain and outright ignore the Iraq War Resolution.

The Iraq War Resolution outlines each of every causation of war and WMDs was not on the top of the list.

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Sacred Ground

Posted Feb 13, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 15 comments | 274 views

The War on Berkeley California is far from over.Yesterday, thousands of Red, White and Blue, Flag waving Patriots ascended on The City of Pink in numbers which overwhelmed the hundreds or so of anti-Americanists than have occupied "Indian Territory".

The video above is a tribute to the Armed Forces members past, present and future that have made it possible for Americans to be as free as they are, to perform random acts of violence, stupidity or reasoned citizens, as they so choose. No other Nation allows for this as the United States does.

My son, MJ, approaching 22 years of age, is now serving with the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles, 187th Rakkassans, 3rdBCT, Company B, someplace in Iraq.

He has been wounded twice, the last one nearly sending him to Germany for treatment which would have sent him Stateside. He fought tooth and nail to be treated in Kuwait and "pretended" to be all better. They fitted him with special boots, temporarily, so he could return to his unit. You see, he is the squads' Grenadier. And, Grenadiers kick enemy rear ends. That is his job.

He volunteered to serve, in a time of war, knowing that there would be a chance that he would go to war. My son is a Patriot. He knew the risks and knows the risks and now that he is in Indian Country, that is where he will live until he comes home, come hell or high water, or God forbid, otherwise.

Thousands have gone before him and thousands will follow. I was one that went before him as are many men that I know. My two Godsons have since followed. One is in Korea and the other in AIT. Three of my son's cousins are now serving. One in Germany, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq.

How dare the theoretical "peace activists" besmirch the very name of the USMC, this country and the men and women buried in Sacred Ground. Yes, they have that right because thousands have died to guarantee that right. They do not have the right to insult them...without suffering the consequences. And, the consequences are those transpiring at this very moment, and we can see who the real American Patriots are in this country...Sen Harry Reid isn't one of them either.

The DeMint Semper Fi Bill, if passed, will strip the City of Berkeley (The Pink City) of all federal funding as a consequence of the City Councils' actions regardless if they "recant" and say "I'm sorry". Assemblyman Guy Houston is also gutting Berkley of transportation funding by the State. Berkeley will learn, finally, that there are indeed limitations to Free Speech due to the consequences thereof. It is called personal and professional accountability and responsibility. They may or may not learn. From what I have seen so far, you can't teach a rat to be a humming bird.

As the day unfolded, we received this email from Melanie Morgan, The Boss at Move America Forward...the organization that rallied the Patriots to trump Ladies(?) in Pink:
Pro-troop demonstration still going strong –but here is my after action report after 15 hours on the frontlines.

If I were a headline writer I would describe the situation as CHAOS AND ANARCHY IN BERKELEY today.

Not by our side –by the Marine haters and American traitors.

The cops were openly hostile toward the people who showed up at 5:00 a.m., never stepping in to protect the patriots from the assaults that took place against elderly folks, Gold Star parents, Blue Star families and Joe and Jane Citizen who were waving the flags and showing their pride in the Marines. The police allowed hundreds of Berkeley High School kids (accompanied by their teachers) to gather with CodePink, receive their mandatory face masks and F—k Bush t-shirts, and allowed them to mill around our PA where they tried to cut the power cords to the system.

Berkeley police repeatedly allowed Code Pink to violate our permits, and never lifted a finger to stop their crowd from interfering with our activities until the very end, after we screamed blue bloody hell.

When Catherine Moy, the Executive Director of MAF called the police to tell them a riot was erupting in the early hours –THEY HUNG UP ON HER.

Cat called the Highway Patrol, who referred her back to the Berkeley police –WHO HUNG UP ON HER.

It was positively shameful.

Move America Forward’s attorney Jim Sweeney took depositions from ten people who were assaulted by Code Pink, International A.N.S.W.E.R. and socialists who showed up en masse.

The City Council has been notified by fax that we are filing a federal lawsuit for deprivation of our civil rights.

We didn’t start this fight, but we are damn sure gonna finish it.

The pro-troops demonstration is still going strong at 7:30 p.m. PST, with all streets around the Berkeley City Council closed off as the Code Pinkos continue to receive preferential treatment by the Berkeley PD.

Move America Forward’s sound permit was turned off at 5:00 in the afternoon, while the Pinkos were allowed to use their system to sing Kumbaya and other 60’s peace chants.

Berkeley, the birthplace of free speech, is now officially the center of intolerant hatred for anyone who sticks up for the men and women who are fighting and dying to protect THEIR rights.

Before our sound system was nearly sabotaged, a young man posing as a pro-troop supporter asked to speak to the crowd. I allowed him to talk (about his family’s ‘service’, when he started spewing obscenities about the ‘illegal, immoral, unjust war’ . I grabbed the microphone back, and he tried to clobber me with it. Gold Star Dad Mark Crowley knocked him to the ground, where he found a face full of dirt to keep him company.

Our side sang God Bless America, America the beautiful and other stirring songs that seemed to enrage the elderly commies.

25,000 petitions were collected by Move America Forward with the help of other pro-troops groups like Gathering of Eagles, EaglesUp, Vets for Freedom and others.

There were Eagles EVERYWHERE today.

And Patriot Guard Riders.

And American Legion vets.

And members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

5,000 petition signatures were also collected by an organization in Washington headed by Nicholas Provenzano, who flew out to Berkeley on the red-eye to deliver to the City Council announcing an economic boycott of Berkeley until it reverses it shameful treatment of our Marines.

Red, White and Blue Americans rushed to our side from Atlanta, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, San Diego, and other parts of the United States.

Our crowds numbered into the thousands throughout the day.

So gratifying. So humbling.

People of all ages, races, and political backgrounds (yes even some incensed liberals) honored our active duty service members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in other parts around the world.

We spoke of the sacrifice and the nobility of the military families who support their sons and daughters, husbands and wives.

And we gave a HOOO-AWW especially to our Marines, who find themselves prevented from speaking while under assault, not from a evil enemy abroad, but from the insurgents here at home.

We should be proud and exhilarated by the turn-out and passion of so many people who set aside their lives, showed up, and spoke out.

I don’t know what will happen with the Berkeley City Council, but I would be you that dollars to donuts, they’ll issue some mealy-mouthed WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS, JUST NOT THEIR MISSION crap, and then keep in place all the restrictions that make recruiting on Shattuck avenue all but impossible.

I have no idea how the media will portray this historic event –I can only tell you that 3 TV helicopters were overhead almost all day long, every major media outlet in the Bay Area, as well as national TV and print reporters–but OUR people spoke eloquently, passionately, and with conviction about the hateful attitude that the City of Berkeley has displayed toward the USMC.


So, the City of Berkeley not only violated the rights of citizen Marines, they violated the rights of others that happen to disagree with their twisted view on the United States Constitution.

In a video which can be seen at Amy Proctor's web site here, a Vietnam War Veteran, nearly in tears said that it was wrong then and it is wrong now, reflecting on his experiences upon coming home from that war.

The purported Main Stream Media has not reported the near riot conditions and a blogger commented that we are close to another Kent State incident, in reverse, in Berkeley. Is this what we want?

In a Q&A with Harry Reid in regards to the Berkeley Incident:
QUESTION: Do you think the statement made by the Berkeley City Council was appropriate? What should the response of the United States Senate be?

REID: To be very honest with you, I don’t know what the Berkeley City Council said. I have enough trouble keeping track of the Las Vegas City Council, so I’m sorry…

QUESTION: They said the Marines were not welcome in Berkeley.

REID: Well, if they said that, I’m disappointed. The Marine Corps should be welcome anyplace in the United States.
I agree with Bryan; for the very first time in years, I can agree with Sen Harry Reid on something. Then, Reid, later in the day, pulled an unprecedented maneuver to delay voting on the DeMint Bill. Reid is back on the Bad Boy list now. Rumor has it that Reid is waiting to see if Berkeley apologizes...don't hold your breathe. Other bloggers have chronicled the violence of the alleged "peace activists".

Earlier in the day yesterday, Brian Faughnan of the Weekly Standard, among other things had this to say about Reid's delaying tactic:
Lost amidst the debate, and the move by Harry Reid to shield Berkeley from Congressional action until they could retract their policy, is this fact: Berkeley isn't about to change anything:
The City of Berkeley will do what they have to do in order to keep their federal funding and state funding; they cannot exist without the hand-outs. We know it and they know it.

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D-Day Has Come To Call On Berkeley, CA

Posted Feb 12, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 37 comments | 354 views

In a scant 5 hours time, the City Of Pink, Berkeley, CA, will garner National and quite possibly international attention as the show down between anti-Americanist and American Patriots face off in the aftermath of attacks on the USMC.
The LA Times is all over it...or not.
[...] "We're not looking for a fight, and we expect the police to be there to help keep the peace," Rae Abileah, a national organizer for Code Pink, said about the group's vigil. "The right-wing groups are trying to make this into an issue of whether you are for or against the Marines. It's not about that. It's about the war in Iraq and the deceitful tactics by military recruiters." [...]
Nice try, Rae. Nice try. Not looking for a fight? What kind of response were they expecting? The same responses these types came to expect in the 60s and 70s? Not hardly.
[...] Berkeley's declaration, introduced before the city's Peace and Justice Commission, accused the United States of repeatedly "launching illegal, immoral and unprovoked wars of aggression" and said "the Bush administration launched the most recent of those wars in Iraq and is threatening the possibility of war in Iran." [...]
These less than honorable individuals have got it all backwards, don't they? These socialist anti-Americanists did not expect the outrage that they have so richly deserved.

Hold on, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

And what about the little man that boasted about not being able "to make the grade" and was mustered out of the USMC? Have you ever noticed that MOST of the "alleged anti-war vets" are the ones that have been booted OUT of the military because they were less than honorable? Imagine that. True American patriots look at these in vile contempt. So sad to be unable to accept responsibility for their own actions that got them ousted.
[...] The return fire was swift. Several Republican senators sponsored a bill to reroute $2.3 million in federal funding from Berkeley to the Marines. In the last 10 days, city officials have received 26,000 e-mails, mostly from irate people who called the declaration irresponsible. Several council members have received death threats. [...]

[...] "The e-mails are running 15 to 1 in favor of the Marines," said Councilman Gordon Wozniak, one of the dissenters in the 6-3 vote on the declaration. "They've run the gamut from being very thoughtful to dismissing Berkeley citizens as liberal scum." [...]

Sounds like they are severely outnumbered...AGAIN! They ain't seen nuttin' yet, honey!

In an email from Melanie Morgan, thousands of us True Patriots received:
Don't believe the propaganda from the Berkeley City Council or the New York Times for a minute.

Move America Forward received a very hostile reception from the City officials during our planning session with police and bureaucrats.

It could get ugly tomorrow.

Patriots are prepared.

No doubt in our minds at all. We have all seen how these peaceful people deface government and private property all in the name of peace, haven't we?

As the saying goes: Eagles UP!

2/12/2008 should be an interesting day for all concerned. The nations will be following this event closely.
BERKELEY, Calif - On Tuesday night, the nine members of the Berkeley City Council are expected to do something they, or the Marines, for that matter, very rarely do: retreat in the face of fierce opposition. [...]
"Fierce opposition"...imagine that.

More news to follow.

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Be it Resolved, or Not

Posted Feb 10, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 16 comments | 278 views

John McCain needs to know that we Reagan-era conservatives will be watching him like a hawk. I have read and re-read his speech at CPAC. I have watched and re-watched the video of the speech many times.
His body language revealed a tenseness yet a relaxed demeanor. He knows that we are not pleased with him and he also knows that we will pounce and trounce as the need arises. He may get in for 4 years but if he intends to be in the White House for an additional 4 years, he knows he will have to pass muster. Having said this, I would like to say to the purists:

Here is a map that depicts what happens when there is a True Conservative running for the Presidency of The United States. If we ever want to see that again, there are some ground rules we must comply with.

We used to be one of those - a purist. We strongly desire to have an economic conservative, a social conservative and a National Security conservative. At the moment, we don't have any of those that have stepped forward, at least not one that didn't scare the hell out of the media and the anti-American socialists in the Dishonorable Halls of Congress, thus, not getting the "fair and balanced" media coverage.

Historically, we have only seen one of those ascend to the Presidency and that was Ronald Reagan. At this juncture, I call that a fluke - at least until another dares to emerge. Ronald Reagan did not just one day appear and there we were with conservatism at the top. It took time. By the same token, the socialists that have risen to power while a good portion of the conservatives sat on their asses and let them grow, rose to the fore over a long period of time...incremental creeping socialist fascism is on the brink of full blown control of this country and we cannot allow that to happen. Period.

Pragmatically and realistically, we must, now, begin the long process of waking up, getting involved in the local and state levels and rebuild that which we allowed the socialists to destroy via political correctness, multiculturalism and identity politics. It is going to take time. Let this be the warning shot across our bows, people. Make no mistake - Sen John McCain is indeed no Reagan Era Conservative but he is most assuredly a far cry better than Hillary "The Rodham" Clinton or Barak Hussein Obama will be. I am tired of the "settle-for" President also and GWB was our "settle-for" in opposition to Al Gore of John Kerry. Correct? Yes. That is correct. Repeat after me: "Yes. That is correct. GWB was a far better choice than Gore or Kerry."

Now that it is settled, we can begin the long climb back to rebuild the Conservative Tsunami. We did it once and we can do it again. We cannot fall back asleep at the wheel...again - like we did during the "other" Bush and 8 years of that cretin Clinton.

We take this war, one trench; one hill; one battle at a time. The first trench to forge is the repulsion of voting for McCain. The next few trenches to forge and the next few hills to take will be to replace socialist democrats and republicans in the Lower House. This means you must get involved on the local levels of your communities and the state levels. There are quite a few seats up for grabs in the Lower House this time around.

If you are in New York's 19th District, you need to get behind Kieran Michael Lalor.

If you are in New York's 1st District, you need to get behind Lee Zeldin.

If you are in Indiana's 7th District, you need to get behind Wayne E Harmon.

If you are in Florida's 22nd District, you need to get behind Allen West.

If you are in North Carolina's 7th District, you need to get behind Will Breazeale.

If you are in California's 4th District, you need to get behind Eric Egland.

If you are in California's 52nd District, you need to get behind the other Duncan Hunter.

If you are in Ohio's 18th District, you need to get behind Paul Phillips.

If you are in Ohio's 5th District, you need to get behind Scott Radcliffe.

If you are in Pennsylvania's 22nd District, you need to get behind William Russell.

If you are in Idaho's 1st District, you need to get behind Matt Salisbury.

If you are in Maine's 1st District, you need to get behind Charlie Summers.

All of the men above are conservative Republicans and are also Iraq War Veterans. They are running against defeatist and socialist republicans and democrats. There are many more seats up for grabs so do your homework in your states and let's get moving people.

Move out and draw fire.

If John McCain becomes the next President, we may or may not get a fence across the southern border. You can be sure that if Hillary or Obama are President, we won't ever get that fence and that is a fact.

If John McCain becomes the next President, the Bush tax cuts may or may not become permanent. He says that they will. This remains to be seen. However, if Hillary or Obama get in, kiss the tax cuts good buy and stand by for the largest tax increases in history.

If John McCain becomes the next President, we may or may not get a conservative or a constitutional Supreme Court Judge named. Take a guess what we will get under Hillary or Obama.

If John McCain becomes the next President, we may or may not get the Fairness Doctrine crammed down our throats. If Hillary or Obama gets in? Bank on it.

Hillary will garnish your wages to force you to participate in mandatory government funded health care and John McCain says that is crazy and he won't do it.

If John McCain becomes the next President and he can unite the conservatives, we have a shot at regaining that which was lost in the Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush years. If John McCain becomes the next President, we have a shot at taking the House back THIS cycle and further the conservative cause in the next two cycles and quite possible a shot at fixing the Senate.

If John McCain becomes the next President and he chooses a conservative running mate and that running mate lives up to the conservative movement's causes, we have a shot at reigning in the Conservative Movement for several generations.

With Hillary in the White House; with Obama in the White House; their running mates will be more left than they are and you might as well burn the Constitution of the United States, head to the hills and hunker down because the Islamists will run amok within our own borders. Why? Because they are already here. Pay attention.

CAIR and CAIR backers, namely, Hamas and Hizbollah proponents are routing for Hillary and Obama and they have openly stated that Sha'ria Law will be the Law of the Land in the USA by 2050. Do you want that?

If so, stay at home with your petty whining self and don't vote. Just don't expect me or other Warriors to come to your rescue. We will be too busy for you.

If John McCain becomes the next President, he will not pull the troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan until the job is done. Hillary and Obama have both said that they will do just that. Will you be able to sleep with yourself knowing that our troops fought in vain because YOU stayed home? Do you want to see the Middle East collapse into the bloodiest civil war ever in the history of this planet?

The Killing Fields will be but a decimal point in a sentence in comparison.

If Hillary or Obama bring the troops home and pretend that they care, Al Qaida will unite with Iran and they will take Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and then they will destroy Israel. At that point, the stage will be set to take Europe and attack the USA with impunity and believe me, they will have WMDs.

In recent days, the fools that wrote the NIE that stated that Iran wasn't a threat have recanted and said that they were wrong. So, go ahead and stay at home and don't vote with all of that at stake.

Grow up and get over yourselves.

We need to unite behind McCain, destroy any aspirations that the two-year wonder Obama may have and destroy the blight on this nation and end the Clinton Boil on the buttocks of this great Nation and end it permanently.

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Yes Virginia, Miracles Do Still Happen

Posted Feb 7, 2008 by mlh in Environment | 17 comments | 222 views

On Super Tuesday, Feb 5, 2008, as Americans across the nation participated in the 24-state Primaries to choose their favorite politician to make the trip to the White House in 2009, approximately 60 tornadoes touched down in southern states.
As rescue responders arrived at various locations to begin the painstaking search and rescue efforts, it seemed as though all was lost.

Homes and businesses were destroyed and nearly 50 people lost their lives. America prayed for comfort for the survivors and miracles were sought. An answer came.
CASTALIAN SPRINGS, Tenn. - The muddy field was littered with debris after a wave of violent storms: living room couches, strollers, children's toys. So when two rescuers came upon a baby, they thought he was a doll.

Then he moved.

"We grabbed hold of his neck (to take a pulse) and he took a breath of air and started crying," said David Harmon, a firefighter from a nearby county who was combing the field for tornado victims.
Setting political views aside, America can rejoice that through the madness and mayhem that tornadoes bring, we can all agree that a miracle took place and a baby's life was spared.
The boy was found at least 100 yards away from where his family's house had been, possibly lifted by the storm's fierce winds, according to witnesses at the scene on Thursday. There was no trace of exactly where the house stood. His mother, who did not survive, was found in the same field.

As the death toll across the region rose by two Thursday to 57 people, the infant was a sign of hope. The 11-month old boy, named Kyson, was surrounded by flattened homes, bricks from a blown-apart post office and snapped trees, a devastating scene similar to so many communities across the South.

The baby's mother, 24-year-old Kerri Stowell, was one of six people killed in the small community, said Sumner County Sheriff Bob Barker.
If this does not qualify as a miracle, seeing that the baby was found 100 yards away from his destroyed home, I don't know what is.

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The non-Stimulus Stimulus Package Stalled

Posted Feb 6, 2008 by mlh in Politics | 11 comments | 136 views

There has been lead-in story after lead-in story about the vaunted stimulus package that is to stimulate the economy that is going about a self-correction, due to government interference to garner a few votes during this election cycle.
The "project" has come to an abrupt halt, having slammed into the proverbial conservative brick wall in the Senate. And thank God for it.

The CNN news reports Stimulus plan hits a Republican wall in the Senate. It seems that the Democrats wanted to add an additional $44B to the entitlement crowds that have been sucking this country dry for decades.
The fate of $600-$1,200 rebate checks for more than 100 million Americans is in limbo after Senate Democrats failed Wednesday to add $44 billion in help for the elderly, disabled veterans, the unemployed and big business to the House-passed economic aid package.
As is always the case, the ploy of invoking the emotional tripe of Republicans not wanting to help the elderly and veterans is par for the course for the Clinton News Network.
Republicans banded together to block the $205 billion plan from advancing Wednesday, leaving Democrats with a difficult choice either to quickly accept a House bill they have said is inadequate or risk being blamed for delaying a measure designed as a swift shot in the arm for the lagging economy.
The original stimulus package as passed by the House, although unacceptable to many that know we are not in a recession and that this "package" was meant to bribe voters in an election year, was aimed at those that pay taxes and was meant for a temporary tax rebate and relief. It was not originally intended to help non tax payers.

Even the SoH Pelosi asked the Senate not to "mess with the bill" and confirm the package so Americans could get some relief. So, what does the Senate do? They tried to add $44B to the Voter Bribe Package.

I realize that Americans need relief and I have no qualms with legitimate tax relief to those that pay taxes. The more relief the better and the better the economy will grow. However, disingenuous politicians need to lay off the advancements of entitlements and get with the program as presented by the Lower House.

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