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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barack Insults the American Black Community


Just cruising around the internet and ran across this bit of data on one Barack Obama and how he insults every black American that has ever walked the face of the planet...

Click here for 15 full quotes on Crime OR other candidates on Crime OR background on Crime. (Barack on the issues)

* Reduce recidivism by providing ex-offender supports. (Feb 2008)
* Ban racial profiling & eliminate disparities in sentencing. (Feb 2008)
* Have a civil rights division enforce laws fairly and justly. (Jan 2008)
* GovWatch: No, more young black men in college than in prison. (Jan 2008)
* Lack of enforcement sets tone for more hate crimes. (Dec 2007)
* Legislated protecting police detainees during interrogation. (Nov 2007)
* Pushed Illinois bill to videotape all capital interrogations. (Oct 2007)
* No extra penalty for gang association. (Oct 2007)
* Need justice that is not just us, but is everybody. (Jun 2007)
* Some heinous crimes justify the ultimate punishment. (Oct 2006)
* Videotape all capital punishment interrogations. (Oct 2006)
* Battles legislatively against the death penalty. (Jul 2004)
* Supports alternative sentencing and rehabilitation. (Jul 1998)
* Voted YES on reinstating $1.15 billion funding for the COPS Program. (Mar 2007)
* Rated 75% by the NCJA, indicating a mixed record on criminal justice. (Dec 2005)

This is something else here, isn't it?

Let us take a look at at least ONE of the above, shall we?

Most people like the idea of a politician who votes for individual rights, but the fact that Obama could do so and still maintain the respect of law enforcement shows his political skills. Obama voted against a proposal to criminalize contact with a gang for any convicts on probation or out on bail. In 2001, Obama opposed making gang activity eligible for the death penalty. "There's a strong overlap between gang affiliation and young men of color.... I think it's problematic for them to be singled out as more likely to receive the death penalty for carrying out certain acts than are others who do the same thing." In 1999, Obama opposed mandatory adult prosecution for youth who discharge a firearm nea[r] a school, declaring, "There is really no proof or indication that automatic transfers and increased penalties and adult penalties for juvenile offenses have, in fact, proven to be more effective in reducing juvenile crime or cutting back on recidivism."
Source: The Improbable Quest, by John K. Wilson, p.146 Oct 30, 2007

This guy is a NUT!!