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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Winter Soldier Frauds II Soon Upon Us All


Here is a link to Michelle Malkin's You Tube site where YAF's Jason Mattera confronted the original Winter Soldier Fraud, John f'ing Kerry. In the video, Kerry lies by saying,
[...] These are the-many of those charges, incidentally, were subsequently verified by different entities. [...]
That is poli-speak for, "I am a US Senator and how dare you bring this up at this time". He lied, again! The rest of the "special post" is here, at It is truly a must read. The post goes into great detail the goings on of the cretins and treasonous frauds. If you are a link hound as many of us are, you will be in Link Heaven.

In other developments, ArmySergeant, has issued apologies to Michelle Malkin and others for the threats issued against them and certain IVAW members have had their memberships either terminated or indefinitely suspended. Details are here. We at A Newt One have also received a comment in one of our posts reflecting the same sentiments from ArmySergeant, located here.

Regardless of the suspended or terminated IVAW memberships and the participation in the event forbidden, these fruit loops are still at large and are not thrown under a jail cell and the keys destroyed yet. The danger looms. They are unhinged having been fed lie after lie after lie.

Let not your hearts be troubled. General Melanie Morgan is on her way to DC as I type this and I will heading out not soon enough. At the site linked for General Morgan, she has an urgent alert posted. Read it...NOW DAMMIT! In part...
[...] UPDATE:
Bryan Weldon at the Lafayette Flag Brigade just e-mailed this urgent ALERT from the San Francisco Bay area...
The wild hyena's from "World Can't Wait", showed up today at our honorable armed forces recruiting offices in Pleasant Hill.
They say there coming back on the 19th of March. There were about 25 of them, complete with orange jump suits and bullhorns. They brought 20 ft. of heavy chain, to use to block office doors, that's when we made it perfectly clear that they would be arrested! they decided to leave.
We MUST show them that we will not tolerate this disgusting disgrace of our military!
This a wake up call! If we don't stop this nonsense now, we will become like Berkeley!
A frontal assault is taking place by the underground Left (just like the Sixties) and they are running wild in the streets.
Another reminder of what they are capable of. [...]
Wonderful. I guess we will have to take this unto ourselves seeing that The Law and The Politicians are too hamstrung due to PC cowardice. And, no, we cannot all get along no more than we can get along with IslamoTurds and murdering Jihad scum sucking reprobates.

We are seeing more and more unhinged and frothing moonbats because WE HAVE WON THE PR WAR and they know it because we know it. 2007 was a dismal FAILURE for them and so will 2008 and beyond. They have been pwnd by we True American Patriots. PERIOD! Just as in ANY war, when the enemy knows they are losing and dying, they launch a desperate final straw frontal assault in the hopes to sway the inevitable no avail. Sound familiar? Just look what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan at this moment. Compare that action to the actions we are witnessing Stateside. Get the Big Picture yet? No? Yes? Don't give a damn? If you don't say, "Yes", you are eternally dumber than than Dingy Harry...and THAT is dumb. A box of turtle turds has amassed more intelligence than that hack.

As in previous posts, we will continue to chronicle and document each and every assault on our Recruiters and Stateside military men and women in uniform. Fortunately for all of us, already has quite an extensive collection. Having said this, we bring to your attention a more recent development.

There has been additional threats against recruiting stations across the country and there has surfaced an unclassified document that was sent to Michelle. The entire document is here and a snippet is below:
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
For your information. As the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war approaches, protest groups are increasing activity, some to include a direct threat to Recruiters, other Soldiers, others with DoD decals and their families. Areas of concern include Seattle and Tacoma, Washington; Pittsburgh; Washington, DC.; Chicago; Chapel Hill, NC; New York; Orlando and many locations in California.
Mitigation recommendations include standard AT/FP precautions to include:
-Avoid known risks

-Remain vigilant

-Use the Buddy system
-Inspect vehicles
-Do not engage belligerents
An official notice has been issued and just what in the hell are our wonderful law enforcers doing about it? The usual? EAGLES UP people! Do not engage belligerents my ass.

Also, know this is a lengthy post but I ran across this earlier today but BTR called so here it is...

There is a web site called IndyBay and I can give you 80 guesses as to where this group of miscreants call home. The first 90 don't count.

Direct Action, folks. Do you know what this entails? Do you see the Big Picture yet?
This winter, a group of Bay Area activists re-started Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW), with an eye towards two actions to protest the anniversary of the US-led war and occupation of Iraq. DASW is seeking more creativity, energy, experience, and connections to help pull off this year's events, which will focus attention on the prominent role played by war-profiteering corporations in the U.S. occupation of Iraq.
Two "mass direct actions" are being planned for the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. For March 19th, 2008-the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq-DASW is organizing a day of decentralized, multiple-target direct action against government offices and war profiteers in downtown San Francisco. DASW has a list of San Francisco offices of federal agencies, corporations with military contracts or contracts in Iraq, politicians who have failed to stop the war, and foreign embassies of countries linked to the war in Iraq on its website. [...]
I am ready to rumble. This is escalating at a fevered pitch and it can end several ways. The "correct" way would be for the pols to stand together and denounce these groups and empower the authorities to actually intervene. The only other alternatives are as follows:

1) wait it out and see what happens and then do something
2) let them have their way and fame and patch the country back together later
3) stomp them into the magma

I may have missed some so let me know in the comments section or via email.


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