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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stake Through Their Hearts - Michael Yon


The above is the reporting from the war fronts in Iraq from Michael Yon that the Lame Stream Media shamefully will not report because it is not politically expedient to do so. They would "Rather" print material that would shed a negative light on the situation in Iraq for sinister purposes.

We have seen in the recent past that the progressive blogs and news reports actually rejoice when something bad happens in the GWOT. I can just imagine them clapping their scrawny claws together in blissful glee. We see their kind at "peace" rallies which are nothing of the sort.

A snippet from Hero Michael Yon:
[...] Nineveh in late March 2008

There are no guarantees, but this could be the endgame for major combat operations in Iraq. Combat is likely to heat up in Mosul and western Nineveh by about May. There likely will be some reports of increased US and Iraqi casualties up here, but this does not mean that we are losing ground or that al Qaeda is resurging รข€“ though clearly they are trying. If there is an increase in casualties here as we go into the summer of 2008, it is because our people and the Iraqi forces are closing in. We have seen just how deadly al Qaeda can be. This enemy is desperate. They know they are losing. They are not likely to go out easy. The enemy is smart, agile and adaptive. Likely they will land some devastating blows on us, but at this rate, our people and Iraqi forces appear to be driving stakes through al Qaeda hearts faster than al Qaeda is regenerating. [END]
The friends of our democrat party leadership and their "handlers" are losing and dying...send them condolences cards and warm, moist toilettes.

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