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Monday, March 31, 2008

Clueless GTL At Gun Toting Leftinistra


The very beginning of the post gives the remaining portions of the post a total waste of time.

First of all, there never was a "civil war" in Iraq. Those that claim that there was, have no earthly idea what a "civil war" is. The rest of the post is equally misleading and packed with so many items wrong on so many levels, it isn't worth citing. Go read it yourself to make up your own minds.

To all of the libtards, moonbats, trolls, Leftinistra and others that don't know what a "civil war" is, here are some bits of data for the "civil war knowledge challenged."

Actual Criteria for a Civil War:

Some civil wars are categorized as revolutions when major societal restructuring is a possible outcome of the conflict. An insurgency, whether successful or not, is likely to be classified as a civil war by some historians if, and only if, organized armies fight conventional battles.

Military Definition of Civil War:

"A war between factions of the same country; there are five criteria for international recognition of this status: the contestants must control territory, have a functioning government, enjoy some foreign recognition, have identifiable regular armed forces, and engage in major military operations."

NATO on what is NOT Civil War:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Glossary of Terms and Definitions (Organisation Du Traite De L'Atlantique Nord Glossaire De Terms Et Definitions) NATO does provide a reference for what is not classified as a civil war. The manual states that 'civil disturbance' is defined as "group acts of violence and disorder prejudicial to public law and order"

Sectarian Violence, not to be mistaken for Civil War:

Sectarian violence or sectarian strife is violence inspired by sectarianism, that is, between different sects of one particular mode of thought, not necessarily religious (e.g. conflicts between the nationalists and communists in China in the early 20th century are largely constructed by Chinese nationals of the time as sectarian). Some of the possible inputs for sectarian violence include power struggles, political climate, social climate, cultural climate, and economic landscape.

Spin that with this... I posted on this subject before here as Arianna was making a fool of herself as usual.

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