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Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Blue Texan" At FDL IS An Idiot


As usual, the libtards have no clue what they are all about. They are so entrenched in emotions that they cannot grasp reality. Nor do they have the ability of reason. Must be sad going through life as an idiot.

The poor slog penned the following: McCain Doesn't Care What The American People Think About Iraq. No, fool. McCain doesn't care what you moronic moonbats ramble on and on about. True American Patriots such as McCain look upon your kind as akin to whale dung because, well, that is what you are. As a matter of fact, your kind are lower than whale dung and that is pretty low.

The overwhelming majority of the American population have come to realize that the war In Iraq - one front in the GWOT - is a must win. So, "Blue Texan", step aside and let the True American Patriots protect your pansy ass. Your kind are ever increasingly become more and more irrelevant each day. The Abyss of Obscurity awaits you.