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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paul Abrams Is A Class Act Moron


Not only is Paulie a moron, he is a disingenuous bloviating fool.

In his ill-conceived and retarded rhetoric posted at the Leftinistra hang-out called the Huff and Puff, his grip on reality is not only questionable, it is out-right lost in space. This clown and other doltish cads that subscribe to the same lame train of feigned intelligence, have no clue what this war against terror is all about...not a damn clue.
To George W Bush, the loss of nearly 4000 lives, 30,000 wounded and $500B on the Iraq War is "worth it". But, there is no evidence his family, Republican members of Congress or any member of his Administration agrees---unless, of course, they mean it is "worth it" for others to be doing the fighting, the dying, and the multiple tours-of-duty. [...]
So, let's get this straight...had the above alluded to went to war, all would be OK. Right? Wrong. It doesn't matter to these retarded left-wing sycophants of the One World Socialist Soros. No matter what happens or what doesn't happen, nothing satisfies these chronic malcontents and selfish whiners of the hate-filled socialists in this country.

This dumbass has no idea that the vast majority - the frauds of Winter Soldier II not withstanding - volunteered in a time of war to fight the enemy over there so Paul Abrams and his whining dweebs can stab them in the back at every turn. Simply pathetic.
[...] Pat Tillman left his lucrative and high-profile career in the NFL to volunteer for Afghanistan. Yet, not a single Republican member of Congress of military age has thought the Iraq war "worth it" enough to resign and volunteer for his country. Adam Putnam (R-FLA), for example, votes to send his generation to war, but will not volunteer himself. [...]
So, I suppose that Paulie Baby is under the delusion that in order to think the war is worth it, one has to serve. Such an idiot. Does he not think things through before he makes such a raging ass of himself? Hey, Paulie? We all have a job to do in this war because it is America's war, you blithering fool.
[...] Many members of the Bush Administration are under 40. None have volunteered. [...]
Idiot. How many have ALREADY served you silly boy? While we are at it, how many Democrats that bought off on the war that haven't "signed up for duty"? Idiot. Do the Democrats get a free pass for whatever test you have initiated? Idiot.
[...] Neither of the Bush daughters, nor Jenna's fiance, nor military age Bush nephews or nieces appear to think the war is "worth it" enough to volunteer. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has two military-age sons. Neither has volunteered despite their dad's sending troops on second and third and fourth extended tours-of-duty. Does Secretary Gates think it is "worth it"? His sons apparently do not. [...]
BDS personified. What a childish and immature dweeb this Paulie is. Most are called to service and they answer the call - something this Paultard will never understand.
[...] Everyone knows the Iraq War would never have been launched if the military age Republican members of Congress would have been expected to resign and volunteer, or that members of their families and the Bush family would have been expected to go. Both of Lyndon Johnson's sons-in-law volunteered for Vietnam. [...]
More ignorance from a leftist hack and complete blithering idiot. Substantiation for this "charge"? Idiot.
[...] To all Americans arguing about the cherry-picked intelligence or lies used to get us into this war, you should stop your bickering. Bush would have invaded anyhow. Even without WMD, even without the link to al-Qaeda, he would have invaded. How do we know? He keeps telling us. Knowing what he knows now, he would have done the same (and would he lie?). [...]
Perhaps, Paulie, you should check your facts before you sound so incredibly retarded. I know it will hurt, Paulie, but, do try to keep up. Oh. Wait. Substantiation for the above? We'll wait.

Well, that is enough of that retard's verbiage. Perhaps this blithering dunce should find out how many members of Congress ARE serving and to what degree, both R and D. I know the answer and it wasn't hard to find out a while back, either. I also know which sons and or daughters of Congress Critters are also serving.

Paulie? You are a foolish leftist hack.