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Thursday, March 27, 2008

SHOCK AND AWFUL: Don't Let This Fool You


For those of you that know me or know of me, you will take note that I - and many others - have been saying what Ralph Peters is stating in the following article. For the record, I agree with everything in this article and my past 4000+ posts will bear me out on this.

Do not let the title of the article fool you. Several libtard authors in the last day or so have attempted some fairly pathetic Bash Bush memes but have once again, fallen way short. Ralph Peters doesn't Bash bush.

Don't let the subtitle of the article fool you either...


AMEN! As a teaser, here is an excerpt from the last page of the article...have we not stated this exact same sentiment?
[...] It's a lesson that the left, as well as the right, needs to take to heart. While the Bush administration deserves every lash it gets, domestic opponents of the war have been hypocritical, dishonest and destructive. As this column long has maintained, had President Bill Clinton sent our troops to depose Saddam Hussein, Democrats would have celebrated him as the greatest liberator since Abraham Lincoln. [...]
Go read the rest.