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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Lies And Ignorance Of Barack Obama Revealed


OK. So, they may not be lies because he just may very well believe the rhetoric of the racists Wright, the good preacher of Barack's church of two decades or so. Now, Michelle Obama truly and indeed believes the good preacher because in her thesis, she reveals and exposes just how angry she is about chez whitie.

I despise racists no matter the nationality or color. We cannot say that about the Obamas...they revel in it; promote it; and use it to feed themselves power from the ignorant masses.

The speech today as given by Barack Obama in response to the non-reverent Rev Wright can be read here and there are two other interesting pieces here and here. All three are must reads. One of the articles addresses the first test of a potential president as he faces a crisis and the other is about getting beyond the racial divide.

Another piece, written by Jim Wallis of the Huff and Puff, is equally silly in that Barack is being defended. It begins:
It has simmered throughout this campaign, and now race has exploded into the center of the media debate about the presidential race. Just when a black political leader is calling us all to a new level of responsibility, hope, and unity; the old and divisive rhetoric of race from both blacks and whites is rearing its ugly head to bring down the best chance we have had for years of finally moving forward. [...]
In other words; "nothing to see here folks. Move along."


An editorial in the Dallas Morning News opines that Obama "saved the day" with his speech. Amazing. I have also heard that some have compared Obama to Abe Lincoln. Equally amazing. I suppose when one is shamelessly and purposefully dumber than a box of turtle turds, they have an excuse.
Has any major U.S. politician in modern times ever given a speech about race in America as unflinching, human and ultimately hopeful as the one Barack Obama delivered yesterday? Whether or not the speech satisfies critics of Mr. Obama's close relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, this remarkable address was one for the history books.

And it was a speech only Barack Obama, with his complicated racial background and cool charisma, could have given. His challenge was enormous: to explain why he has spent two decades worshipping in a black church whose pastor “a man Mr. Obama calls his spiritual father “at times denounces the very country that Mr. Obama seeks to lead.

Many political observers had written the Obama campaign off. After yesterday's magnificent address, we beg to differ. The Obama speech was effective for several key reasons: [...]
The only thing that was "magnificent" is the amount of wool this fraud can pull over a weakling's eyes. Maybe the good doctor from Lost In Space had it right after all..."WE'RE DOOMED!!"