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Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Think Progress" Misleads And Lies Again


Think In Reverse Mode has a piece up today that is shameful, dumb, ignorant and several other descriptive terms and reveals just how lost the Leftinistra are.

Here is their headline: Bush Falsely Claims Iran 'Declared' It Wants A Nuclear Weapon 'To Destroy People'

Simply amazing. Why else would Iran want nuclear capability? Why do the Leftinistra want to address the intentions of a nuclear Iran...a country founded on, in recent 1979, on Islamic Jihad and has sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth? Knock. Knock. Anyone home?

The poor things on the left are stuck on dumbass and constantly quote from sources that promotes their wishful thinking even though the sources they cite from have been debunked and shown to be in gross error.

Way back in December of 2007, an NIE came out that did say that Iran had "halted their nuclear" ambitions. We all knew that the report was a piece of garbage when it was published. Those of us that knew better proclaimed as such and not two months later, facts emerged proving the previous report to be in error. Amazingly, the retards on the left conveniently ignored that bit of news, instead, choosing to believe a false report. And they wonder why we deride them as we do? Idiots.