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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Common Ground: Socialism and Islamism


The basic tenet of Islam is that there are no other gods other than allah and if no one accepts that or believes that, than it is an automatic death penalty or slavery. The slavery part comes in when you agree to pay tribute to Islam via money. You can buy your life but will be a slave to Islam.

Where do I sign up?

So, knowing the basic tenet of Islam, how does Islam fit into the United States Constitution in regards to "freedom of religion" clause? Right off the bat, I would say that it does not fit into the United States Constitution at all. If Islam was more tolerant as some say that it is, there would be no problems. An individual which is a citizen of the United States can "practice" any religion they so choose to "practice". That is part of our Bill Of Rights. What is not a part of our Bill Of Rights is someone of the Islamic faith that says that they have the "right" to kill all infidels - an infidel being anyone that doesn't "practice" Islam.

Having said all of that, I ran across a post at ACT by Jerry Gordon which accentuates my basic understanding of the United States Constitution. It seems as though that the Danish Constitution is very similar to ours in many ways and they are at issue with the tenets of Islam as it tries to overtake Europe. When challenging a certain imam in Denmark about their stoning of women: (emphasis mine)
[...] Islam is a law religion, to a much greater extent than any other religion we know of. And utterly incomparable to the Jewish religion that is also called a law religion by some. The Islamic law of faith, Sharia, is also the civil law of Islam. The main offering of Islam is to replace other legal systems with Sharia. As a Danish speaking imam stated recently: "You request me to condemn stoning of women, but what can I do, when my god demands stoning of women?"

He is right, completely. What can he do? The learned authorities of his religion have throughout time formulated sentences of faith, commands, bans etc. in a way that bestows divine status upon the entire legal complex. "It is my god saying so." He cannot circumvent the direct request from his god. And he hereby invokes an authority of higher standing than the law we have, which is given by mere humans, influenced by Roman law and Christianity. [...]
And there you have it. Many years ago, there was a comedian, Flip Wilson, that did a comedy skit in which evoked within his character, "The devil made me do it!" In Islam, we have "allah made me do it". That's nice. Stoning women is common practice in Islam as is beheading infidels. How does that fit into the United States Constitution? Again, it doesn't fit in one iota.

We at A Newt One are constantly bringing forward the news of Islam in the hopes that a few will take notice and by word of mouth spread the warning signs of Islam within the United States.

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The above are merely a few of the many posts we have on this subject.

Some time ago, a murderous Jihadi troll said the following:
[...] "Allah willing, we will reach America. The men of this nation will reach America. The goal of this campaign is not only Kabul, Kandahar, or Baghdad. The eyes of the nation of Muhammad are set on Washington, London, Moscow, Paris, Delhi, Beijing, and other countries. This is our goal and, Allah willing, we will get there." [...]
All we need to do is wake the hell up, people. Some time ago, a CAIR proponent stated that Sharia Law will take over the United States by 2050. Hopefully, this man said, it won't be through violence but via education. Does this ring a bell to the all so familiar List of 45?
Here we have fiery Imam Abdul Alim Musa, an afro American convert to Sunni Islam, notorious anti-Semite and supporter of Sunni and Shia terror groups, Hamas and Hezbollah getting a soap box to prattle the basic line of the Muslim Brotherhood and Political Islam: "We will dominate the world, including the U.S. by 2050".

Musa, founder of the movement As-Sabiqun forswears the usual great divide between Sunni and Shia Muslims and supports a global movement of Muslim extremists and terror groups. He is an unabashed supporter of the black-turbaned Shia Mahdist Mullahs and Ayatollah of the Islam republic of Iran and its President, Ahmadinejad. He clearly supports Shia proxy of Iran, Hizballah in Lebanon and Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in Gaza. His takeover plan looks like a carbon copy of the so-called secret 20 year plan U.S. "takeover" plan fashioned by Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR that was introduced during the recent Federal Mistrial of the Holy Land Foundation Muslim charity trial in Dallas. [...]
Only the willful suspension of disbelief will cause an idiot not to recognize a Global Cultural Jihad when it is staring them right straight in the face.
[...] "Democracy Runs Counter to Islam, Because it Emphasizes the Sovereignty of the People, Whereas Islam Emphasizes the Sovereignty of Allah" [...]
Is anyone out there? Have you detected the similarities between Islamism and Socialism yet? As in Islamism, Socialism is jealous and cannot and will not tolerate anything that stands in its way of complete and utter control over every aspect of life...including that which one believes in or worships.

In the post entitled Patriotism: Do You Fit The Mold? UPDATED!!, we brought to your attention some definitive aspects of what True American Patriotism is. In this post, we also exposed for the umpteenth time the communist tenets of the ACLU and what it was founded for and what they teach and preach. Communism/Socialism is no different than Islamism. All three are deadly in their enforcements and are diametrically opposed to the United States Constitution. Neither can be reconciled to or with our Founding Documents. Socialism, Communism and Islamism cannot co-exist in our country with our current Constitution.


In the above post cited, one can read the verbiage of one Usama Bin Laden as compared to the verbiage so utilized by our very own Leftinistra in this country we call the United States of America. I am willing to bet that no one can tell the verbiage apart, one from another.

The ReidCos and the PelosiCos and their ilk are no more Patriotic to this nation than I am a proponent of Islamism.

Screw Reid. Screw Pelosi. Screw Islam.


I would like to see the Constitutional basis to surrendering to Al Qaida or any other terrorist organization, including the ACLU.

I will be waiting.