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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Al Qaida and Stupid Idiot Politicians


Once again, this DAV has had enough. I have had so much of enough that it is boiling over out of every pore.

Fighting a politically correct war is like telling a woman, like Tex Antoine did many years ago, that if rape is inevitable, sit back and enjoy it. That is THE most dumb thing I have EVER heard anyone say and I heard him say it after a weather broadcast many years ago for ConEd...he was immediately fired. I was just a wee lad and I remember my mother going absolutely ape-snot.

Al Qaida is in dire straights as reported by MEMRI. We have had them on the run for quite some time and still the moron pols on EITHER side play it down because it is not politically expedient. So, this feeds and foments the cowards and liars of the IVAW and their communist financiers.

We have the Al Qaida beginning to eat their own for not complying with the Global Jihad.

We have a US Commander telling the pols that Al Qaida will be working on or they ARE working harder to strike again here at home while the pols play their retarded little political jockeying game for political positions - at the nations' peril.

What is in the drinking water - bottled or not - in the Dishonorable Halls of CONgress? Does anyone have a clue? And, for that matter, what are the cooks serving up in the PC meal kitchens that Pelosi made?

From the MEMRI article previously linked above...
On February 12, 2008, the Qatari daily Al-'Arab published an interview with Al-Qaeda commander in northern Iraq Abu-Turab Al-Jaza'iri. The interview, at an Al-Qaeda hideout in northern Iraq, was conducted according to Al-Qaeda's stipulations - including no disclosure of the region where it took place and no communications or recording equipment of any kind brought to the site.
During the interview, Al-Jaza'iri acknowledged that Al-Qaeda's position in Iraq was difficult, and that Al-Qaeda had committed mistakes, including indiscriminately murdering civilians, which had caused its popularity to decline sharply. He also termed the most recent terrorist attacks in Algiers 'folly.'
The following are excerpts from the interview: [...]
These are the'll have to go read them but enough data is in the the way, over at Gateway Pundit, I ran across an article that some moron says that there is no Al Qaida in Iraq...unbelievable. My son is over there and he said that there was so, this McClatchy Newspapers needs to utilized as toilet paper...morons...

We Have Been Forced to Withdraw from Several Cities
Reasons for the Decrease in Al-Qaeda's Popularity
Our Brothers in Algeria Disregarded the Rules
Al-Qaeda Members Who Have Harmed Our Good Name Must Be Expelled
The Next Few Months Will Prove Decisive
So, Al Qaida has been forced to withdraw and some have disobeyed the rules (they have rules?), they are concerned about their popularity (To whom - the American democrats or far-left fur balls?) and they have a bad name (surely they jest) and the next few months just might make a difference. Did I get all of that correct? What is in the last part? Glad you asked.

On the change in Al-Qaeda's strategy and the continuation of attacks, Al-Jaza'iri said: "It is clear that the strategy [of capturing cities and turning them into Al-Qaeda bases] has failed, so today we are fighting a guerilla war, or, as some call it, 'street fighting.' The efficacy of this [strategy] has been proven in various contexts. We have been instructed to focus our attacks on targets that are strategically and morally important to our enemies, on the eve of the U.S. election campaign."
He continued: "...It is the type of attacks and the way they are planned that will be changed. Accordingly, we will be focusing on operations that cause the maximum pain and bewilderment to the enemy. This [shift] will open a new page in the fighting, which you will notice on the fifth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq..."
Addressing Iraq's Sunnis, Al-Jaza'iri said: "The next few months will prove decisive, and by Allah! We have prepared for this - we have humiliated the Crusaders, and have made their blood flow in the streets... And what is to come will be even worse and more bitter. Therefore, I say to those who claim that we have failed, or are paralyzed...: You will receive our answer in the next few weeks..."
And our politicians want to play at the usual antics of political footballing. They make me sick. They want to fight this war as politically correct as they want to t the expense at what? wars are won by pressing the enemy to capitulation or ultimate destruction. You don't play marbles or tiddly-winks or patty-cake with these vermin.