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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yet Another Pathetic KOSmonoff


What is it about these driveling drones of the socialist left? These cretins wouldn't know what Patriotism is if I shoved it up their back sides. The morbid fools performing body counts for some ghoulish pleasure make me sick. To what end is this tracking to come to? Do they not think that the military is already keeping track? Are they truly this retarded? Listen to the sad headline of a post penned by a jerk at the KOSmonoff hang out for socialist anti-Americanists...the jerk posts as "smintheus"...Four more American families torn asunder. You needn't read any further but the link is provided just the same.

Don't these idiots stop to think that their very activities have contributed to the 4,000 Brave American military members' deaths in combat? Do they think that they are doing a service to America? I suppose they haven't seen the reports that negative media encourages the enemy. We have known this since the Vietnam days but these punks don't know it.

These anti-Americanists need to be shut down and shut down hard and fast. Sedition, subversion and treason should be the charges...