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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pentagon Says Saddam Had No Operational Ties To Al Qaida [UPDATE]


The key word is "operational" but the report goes further to emphasize "direct operational" ties. Now, the Pentagon hasn't released the report yet the Houston Chronicle has begun the usual Leftinistra Damage control spin:

And there ya have it. Simply amazing. Must have been one of those mysterious and undisclosed secret leakers that cannot be identified for fear of being exposed as a damn liar moments.

We all know the drill. It was all spelled out in the 911 Commission Report and the ISG Reports. Also, Ray Robison of the ISG has spelled it all out for us...with Pentagon his book Both In One Trench. I am just about finished with my third time through the book.

The sub-title to the Houston Chronicle is equally inane: Pentagon finds the 'bulletproof' prewar evidence turned out bogus...interesting spin, eh? In the rest of the article, they contradict their own ignorant rant. Amazing. What they conveniently leave out is the pre-Bush Administration admonitions on Iraq. Amazing.

I can hardly wait for the report to be officially released. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has a great rendition and he says that the meat of the subject will be lost in a sea of "told ya sos"...


We scooped Flopping Aces on this but that is OK...we have the same data but they have their data more accessible than I have mine...CHECK THEM OUT HERE!!