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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moonbats On Parade...Ain't America Great?


This country we call the United States of America sucks so bad that morons depicted in the pictures at the links provided, are not rounded up and caused to vanish in shredders. Nor are they found years later in randomly placed mass graves.

The originating link is here at ProtestShooter. In that post, there are other links provided that depict various morons "celebrating" our Uniformed Heroes fighting for their rights to be as stupid as they so choose to be.

I originally posted the lady wearing the snake basket hat here.

Here are the categories: (main page at ProtestShooter is here)

San Francisco - Die-In at Market and 3rd (lots of arrests!)
San Francisco - Snake March Through City
Berkeley - USMC Recruiting Office (aka Officer Selection Station)
Best of - my favorite half dozen (or so) shots
Bush Derangement Syndrome
Yay for Drugs
Portraits (interesting characters, etc.)
Interesting signs and flags that didn't fit in anywhere else
Communist/Capitalist (people selling stuff)
Overview shots - things that set the stage, provide context

Have fun...bring some barf bags...