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Thursday, March 27, 2008

More On Global Cultural Jihad


Hat Tip to Rusty at My Pet Jawa...(slide over to Infidels Are Cool)...before we get to this "issue", I need to place links to key ANO posts in regards to the Global Cultural Jihad.

America: A Cultural Jihad Coming To A Community Near You
Jihad Is A Good Thing!
Global Cultural Jihad
Global Cutural Jihad...Secured In Blood
Global Jihad...Reality Or Myth
Holy Jihad! The Enemy Among Us (Sha'ria Law in the USA by 2050)

All of the above are a must read. They are not in any particular order but the very last one is extremely important in light of the post at My Pet Jawa.
A follower of Omar Bakri Mohammed, the exiled British cleric, claims that the U.S. & Britain will be overthrown by Muslims from within or conquered by Muslims from without. The links in his sidebar clear show that "Duaat" is a Bakri follower, including links to several "Ahlus Sunnah wal jama'ah" organizations and a direct link to Barki's own webpage. You'll most likely remember Bakri's followers through their U.S. branch at The Islamic Thinkers Society holding up this sign, pictured right. [...]
Having read that bit of data, slide over to Infidels Are cool for the remaining, excerpt below...

I came across this post tonight by an Islamic blogger who, today, tried his best to explain how Islam will dominate the world. If there's any doubt about what Islam's plan for the world is, then start here.

First he explains why the West won't embrace Islam:

Why would the disbelievers and hypocrites hate for Islam to be implemented? Simply because they do not wish for their corruption, evil, crime, cheating, oppression, dishonesty, fraud, lies, tyranny, freedom, and deception to come to an end, and for justice (Islam) to prevail.
Did you catch that? Yes he said the West does not want FREEDOM TO COME TO AN END. There is no freedom in Islam. What a wonderful and desirable religion.

He then explains the 3 ways that Islam can dominate the world: [...]
GO READ THE REST of that post...Ben has been HARPING on this FACT for nearly forever and it is NOT Fear Mongering. These words come directly from the can call them "radical" all you want to but being "radical" does not soften or negate the Global Threat of Islamic Jihad. They MUST be defeated over there so we aren't doing the Red Dawn thing over here.

GOT THAT? No? The maker of this movie wasn't all that far off...or was he?