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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mark Donner: Ostrich Syndrome Deluxe


This member of the Leftinistra has absolutely no clue and should be looked upon in scorn and disdain. And, I quote: Taking stock of the war on terror
Not only has America not defeated al-Qaida -- but now terrorism has gone viral. [...]
This little one - a mental midget, if you will - has taken the words of people that are equally lost in space. He and many more like him have absolutely no clue and obviously don't get out much. The Liberal Pathology of such statements within the linked post supports ever more concretely the studies accomplished by Dr Rossiter.

It doesn't matter a wit or a tiny smidgen the successes our troops have made in the GWOT, in the many fronts of the war. It doesn't matter that AQI are on their last legs in Iraq. It doesn't matter a bit that the "build-up" in Pakistan was due to the government of Pakistan denying US action in Pakistan. It doesn't matter a lick that the Taliban in Afghanistan are on their last legs.

It doesn't matter to the Leftinistra that the terrorists have ALWAYS been "viral". I have been studying them and fighting them since 1976 (1974 maybe). The Leftinistra have been stuffing their heads in the sand for so long, they are absolutely oblivious to that which this country has been facing since the terrorists decided to go global.

The idiots on the left will be the death of us all...and they will be first to go.

Dear Leftinistra...the terrorists have been viral for decades. Get over it.

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