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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nicole Belle: A Bloviating Snake and Snail


I was wondering when I might run across such a post such as this and now, the mystery has been solved.

As the emotional ignoramuses of the Leftinistra Corp of Stupidity opine and pretend to care for The Troops, their moronic diatribes are ever more becoming more and more evil and driven by nonsensical idiocy. Therefore, they will forever and ever be classified as M.O.R.O.N.. It "IS" indeed "Rather" fitting.

M - Move
O - On
R - Reprobates
O - Of
N - Narcissism

Absolutely none of their feigned "caring" escapes me. They are liars and charlatans of the most sanctimonious character. Character. BAH! They have none worthy of my blood let alone the men and women that have given their all to such as this...this fool of the Snakes and Snails Clan, one Nicole Belle.

As they try to justify their own inability to truly understand the Global Cultural Jihad, that they find themselves face to face with, they lash out with BDS driven blissful ignorance...and hatred. They no more "care" for The Troops than I myself care if the bloviating fools were to live or die.

There is going to be a Day of Reckoning for these sycophantic M.O.R.O.N.s.

Nicole, following the usual banter of an uneducated tramp, has fallen in love with the verbiage of another socialist whore at The Agonist. These whining and sniveling twits have no understanding of the military mind-set and what and who the Call Of Duty is answered by. Those that hear The Call Of Duty are light years ahead of sound reasoning than these pathetic trollops of doldrum driveling fools.

The post ends with this:
[...] But as a Veteran myself, I can tell you that these men were brothers until the end and that, because more early news and details are available on Chris Hake than his buddies, we can tell his story and hope all Americans understand the identical preciousness of every life we have needlessly lost in Iraq. [END]
As a veteran myself, I find these words disgusting because I know what we face as a Nation and as a Culture. The pathetic fool that penned the cited verbiage ought to be ashamed and hang their head in shame. The very words it placed for all to read continues to result in the opposite affect they were intended to invoke. This is why their numbers and the "quality" of their numbers is ever decreasing. True American Patriots have their number and we are rising.

America is Rising and these socialist sluts will be ground into the primordial ooze from whence they emerged.

The sooner the better.