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Friday, May 09, 2008

On Global Cultural Jihad

I have long written on this subject of Global Cultural Jihad and have long been criticized, castigated, ridiculed and experienced being a target of the most intolerant people on the face of the planet because of it. I have often asked myself why that is, knowing the answer long before I ever uttered the question. The attacks stem from not having the slightest concept of the threats our culture faces, our culture being Traditional Americana. Many people understand the threats "radical Islam" presents yet are painfully silent not wanting to make waves and they themselves being the brunt of intolerant rhetoric. So be it...they have fallen prey to the cancer of political correctness. (read the rest)

War News: Iraq and WMD's


'Nuf Said

Doting, Pandering, Catering! Oh My!

Hillary Clinton's appearance in West Virginia after her dismal showing in the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana is a clear indication that the Senator from New York has not recognized - publicly - that her marathon race to the White House is over. With all rationale at the disposal of the political punditry and those in possession of common sense perceptions, Mrs. Clinton should be gracefully ending her presidential aspirations. However, such is not the case. (read the rest)

No Oil Zone...Nancy Pelosi The Cretin

I watched Nancy Pelosi yesterday whine about President Bush and she said the following:
Veto. Drill. Veto. Drill. Veto. Drill.
As the socialists want to take profits from the very companies that spur economic growth by creating jobs, Nancy and her moppets of dumb have refused for decades to allow the US to get off of foreign oil. Which side are they on? Oh. Wait. Don't answer that. (read the rest)

Pay Close Attention John McCain

As the political pundits from across the nation proclaim Hillary to be finished and declare Obama to be the DNC heir to the throne of the Theocracy of Socialism, I merely emit a hearty guffaw. Don't misunderstand me, please. In all respects, Hillary "should be" finished but the Clintonostra are alive and well. (read the rest)

Vultural Jihad: On Hillary

Quite a few this morning are saying that Hillary - Czarina - is finished. Not so fast amigo. Many moons ago, Norm sent me a special photo compilation which depicts the virus which is Hillary. (read the rest)

Is Hillary Finished? Don't Count On It

[...] Indeed. I have been on BTR all evening on various shows and chatrooms and on the JPA show, before having read the Douglas piece or ALLAHPINDIT's, I described the body language of the two DNC socialists and budding Leninists and Alinsky moppets, licking the boots of George Soros and kissing the arses of the terrorists, that Barack looked frazzled and Hillary looked overly confident. Something is up for sure. ALLAHPUNDIT states: [...] (read the rest)

What Happened To The Iraq War Issue?

I remember a time when the War In Iraq was treated as a separate war in the greater Global War On Terror. Naturally, those of us that were not playing political football with our troops knew this simply was not true. However, during the electioneering of 2005 through 2006, all we heard from the leftist politicians and the leftists they catered and pandered to was Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, and Iraq. Now, one has to practically knock them to the ground, pin them down and begin extracting teeth with a pair of needle nose pliers to get them to talk about Iraq. All of a sudden, nearly out of the blue, if they do talk about the GWOT, somehow the conversation turns to Afghanistan. The reason(s) is(are) clear as to The Why that is. (read the rest)

War News: I'm Ready

Got the Go Bags prepped and on the ready. I am putting myself out for hire again. (read the rest)

War News: Screw Iran

Dear Iran,

I read in the New York Slimes today that Iran Halts Talks With U.S. on Iraq because the US and Iraqi troops are kicking Haji Jihadi troll ass in Sadr City after putting a serious hurt on the filth and scum you and our own Leftinistra Democrats supported in Basra. (read the rest)

War News: 101st Airborne With Iraqi Army Ops

This War News Series, as all the rest, are published here because the Lame Stream Media, controlled by the Leftinistra, the armies of the socialist moron liberal, won't publish such positive news in the GWOT. (read the rest)

Screamin' Eagle Coming Home

To my son, MJ (read the rest)

Vultural Jihad: It's Sinko De Mayonnaise Day!

Thanks to permissions granted from Texas Fred's, the picture below is exactly SPOT ON! I live in Texas as well and this ILLEGAL immigration issue MUST be corrected. Nothing shy of deporting ALL of the ILLEGAL immigrants is satisfactory. PERIOD!! (read the rest)

Monday, May 05, 2008

War News: Money For The Revolution! Money For The Revolution!

[...] Americans are unaware, however, that when Obama and Clinton speak of "change," they mean change in the sense that a profoundly significant, though not widely known, individual -- Saul Alinsky -- outlined in his writings two generations ago. [...] (read the rest)

Call A Wahmbulance For smintheus At The KOSmonoffs Romper Room

Poor thing. So all alone and no one listening or paying attention to its poor deluded self. Do you hear that smintheus? You are irrelevant, insignificant and screaming in a vacuum. How does that feel? (read the rest)

War News: Voices From The War - Iraq The Model

I find it interesting that the Iraqi people think that Israel has a right to defend herself. I guess they are beginning to share the ideology of Freedom. Who would have thought? (read the rest)

War News: Anarchists Acting Up Again In CA?

Several explosive devices were set off at once embedding shrapnel in windows eight stories up. (read the rest)

War News: Iran "Demands" The US Stops Action In Iraq


Dear Iran,

Kiss our asses.

The end.




War News: 101st Airborne Report

This War News Series is news not fit to print by the once Main Stream Media, now the Lame Stream Media...the news is to positive...go figure. (read the rest)

Vultural Jihad: Michelle "For Once I Am Proud" Obama Is Upset

Dear Michelle,

S.H.U.T. U.P.

Sincerely, Snooper

PS take your socialist crap whining elsewhere...we have grown weary of your tripe

(read the rest)

BREAKING: Iraqi First Lady OK After Attack

It is things like this that make me wonder how much "progress" our own politicians would make if they lived under these conditions. (read the rest)

Happy 60th Anniversary Israel

Israel has been a model success such as our own nation and the enemies within are the same, founded on jealousy, greed and stupidity. (read the rest)

War News: Sadr City Awakens

The Mahdi Army and Mookie Al Sadr have over-played their hand and they are finished in Iraq. We know it. They know it. Iran knows it. The problem is, the idiots in this country that want to replace our way of life with some morphed form of virulent socialist-communist mixed with a sprinkling of anarchy refuse to accept The Truth. (read the rest)

Vultural Jihad: Chief Paultard Weighs In - Likes Nobamas' Foreign Policy

The blurb at the CNN piece is fairly short so be sure to go there and read it. The man is certifiably insane. I place him in the same category as Jimmy Carter in quite a few areas, mainly Dhimmitude. (read the rest)

War News: Iranian Republican Guard Makes It On The Hit List

This has been brewing for decades folks and it is soon coming to a head. The diplomatic efforts through the years has resulted in one thing and one thing only - the delaying of the inevitable. (read the rest)

War News: About That War For Oil Lie

This is yet another example of the plethora of straws that the Leftinistra are trapped into grasping for no other reason than to prove to everyone that comes across their posts to realize just how scared they are. One would think that a person of at least half a wit would know better but, Dr Rossiter explains it all in his book, The Liberal Mind - The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. (By the way, the good Dr is a regular on our BTR Show every Monday at 1900 hours EST - 7PM for you civilians out there.) (read the rest)

Al Sharpton: A Socialist At Heart

Al Sharpton is a racist - of that there is no doubt. He is also a proponent of a reverse Helter Skelter, not the "proper order" of Helter Skelter was or is acceptable. Neither is acceptable accept to Al Sharpton and the emotionally weak of which he is in full control. (read the rest)

Friday, May 02, 2008

War News: The Idiots Of Mission Accomplished

Once again, the Leftinistra are grasping at straws and, we that know better must answer this blatant and purposeful stupidity. I have already written of this at A Newt One and I have also written on this subject twice before I merged with A Newt One. (read the rest)

Michael Shaw: A Shallow Mind Gives Way To The Void

Michael Shaw has a despicable piece up at the Huff and Puff whose owner has been ostricized by ABC and was at one time a Republican until her husband became a double-hitter or, is that a switch hitter, and decided that Arianna just didn't have what it took anymore. Anyway, Shaw is a pathetic sort and the opening line was the clue: (read the rest)

Cultural Jihad: Obama Can Transform America

It was none other than Jimmy Carter, the demented man from Georgia USA, that's who! I was scanning my reader and came across the post from Macsmind and he has a video everyone needs to see. I have the video stored for some time now and we all know what a lunatic Obama is. In his book, he wrote that he will giver in to Islam if the going gets rough. Moron. (read the rest)

War News: On The Leftinistra 100 Years War Quagmire - Self-Induced

Dingos. As the Leftinistra slip into the Abyss of Obscurity, we can hear them as they wail and gnash their teeth. Grasping at issue straws has become their downfall into their total irrelevance and insignificance. One such straw is the 100 Years War non-issue issue. They love those because they have no real issues in which to participate in. Period. (read the rest)

War News: Support The Troops

It's time for a new Letters from Home project. This time I will be collecting letters for the Navy. I'll be sending them off to the USS Russell - DDG-59. So, just like last time, please mailto: send generalized supportive emails to me, and I will make sure that they get to the men and women aboard the Russell. When you send your email, please be sure and put "Letters from Home" in the subject line. We're aiming for about 250 emails, so I'm hoping to have them collected and packed up by the end of the month. As with last time, anything you all can do to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated. (read the rest)

The Best Press Conference Ever

I watched the Press Conference today and the Q&A afterwards. Awesome. Once again, I wondered why it has taken this long for the President to come out fighting and putting the Leftinistra and their anti-peace crowds in their proper places and perspectives. (read the rest)

Cultural Jihad: The Non Reverent Rev Wrong

I just watched the fruit loop as he delivered his speech and the Q&A afterwards and I have concluded that this fruit loop is an idiot, a bigot, a racist and a Troofer. He said that what happened on 91101 was America's fault. (read the rest)

War News: Muqtada al-Sadr and al-Qaeda?

Really. Who would have thought such a thing as that? The Democrats, when the label "Liberal" became anathema - no pun intended - they had to change it to "Progressive" to at least pretend that they were trying to "progress". Progress towards what is still an unspoken reality of socialist ideals. So the terrorist group Al Qaeda In Iraq changed their name to the Islamic Army of Iraq. Just like the Liberal Democrats, Al Qaeda had to change their name to give at least the impression of a credible entity. Those of us that pay attention to details know that when a group has to change their "label" or nomenclature, something is wrong with that group...they are hiding what they really are because they have zero credibility. Liberal/Progressive, AlQaeda/Islamic Army of Iraq...two peas in a pod with the same rhetoric - America sucks. (read the rest)

Vultural Jihad: Approvals v Disapprovals

Some time ago, the Leftinistra tried to spin their pathetic rhetoric proclaiming that President Bush's approval ratings were tanking. Whereas most Presidents experience this in their last year in office, the thing that has NEVER taken place like this is the dismal approval ratings of the CONgress. (read the rest)

Vultural Jihad: Wright Is Now Fair Game

Sooner or later, the Leftinistra open themselves up and this case is no different. Obama isn't as think as he smart he ain't...or something along those lines. The New York Sun has an article entitled "McCain Reverses Course on Obama's Pastor". And, it is about time. As we all know, McCain isn't our first, second, third or even fourth choice but he is the choice. We have to deal with that and I know that there are going to be some hootin' and hollerin' about it but, with that said, would we "Rather" have Obama or Hillary in the stead of McCain? Some are going to write someone in out of principle and that would be fine and dandy if we weren't fighting a Global Cultural Jihad. The Presidency is rather a moot point at the moment with the Battle Ground being in the Lower House in November. All angst and, IMHO, misguided principles need to be set aside and win back the Lower House. (read the rest)

War News: War and Decision With Douglas Feith

FINALLY! Someone that can communicate and tell us all how it was then and why it is what it is now. Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit for the news of Douglas Feith's new book recently completed "War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism". Douglas Feith is the former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. He served from 2001 until 2005. (read the rest)