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Monday, March 31, 2008

War News: The Leftinistra Whine


It never ceases to amaze me how the Leftinistra will do whatever it takes to further the cause of the enemy. They disguise their treachery all in the name of a scoop...disgusting. I was reading at the Poligazette and came across this post:
Perhaps someone should tell Moqtada al-Sadr and the Iraqi army that the former is losing: the latter seem to believe quite the opposite. Iraqi soldiers are defecting to al-Sadr - so many of them have defected already that Iraqi officers aren't sure who still serves and who doesn't in Basra.
Let's take a look at that, shall we? The article cited can be found right here and above all things, it is the leftists rag Telegraph in the UK...go figure. The gist is that no one knows what is going on in Basra because, as the piece infers, the Iraqi Army is "deserting" in droves. Where is the evidence in the piece? Based on some Mahdi Militia members were driving an American made Iraqi Army HMVV which someone said that some sympathizers gave them. WOW! Somebody said that somebody knew something that another thought that they overheard someone that knew somebody that was known by another that said they were told what another was told by yet nauseum.

I don't doubt that there are sympathizers out there...just look at our own Leftinistra for proof of that. However, with other evidence that "Mooki" has conceded, this bogus report from an English socialist rag is more assuredly worthy of a blazing fire.

Everyone that has been paying attention knows that Hizballah and their ilk moved into Basra when the Brits pulled out, trying to fight a PC war. Basra was essentially turned over to the criminal elements of the area and it is also widely known that the criminal elements are closely tied to Iranian Intelligence Services and known anti-Freedom terrorists and Jihadi scum. Also, along those lines, it is also a well known fact that Iranian influence in the area of southern Iraq has been an ongoing issue and the Iraqi government has finally said enough.

If there are those that do not or will not accept that data, they are surely not paying attention to anything, let alone this war.

If, as the Telegraph implies, that no one knows who won, why then has "Mooki" sued for peace? And, why did he ask the Iraqi Government to please release those members captured? Could it be that a loss of nearly 1,000 mighty Mahdi Militia scum he saw where the green grass was growing? Just asking. From Ed at Hot Air:
[...] Sadr now wants to disavow anyone with a gun. The Mahdis, which found themselves on the short end of the stick, have just watched their Fearless Leader surrender - again - and this time leaving them twisting in the wind. That isn't the action of a victor. Perhaps our media would like to explain that in the context of their clueless reporting so far. [...]
"Mooki" wants to save his own butt because prior to Saddam, he was in line to control and rule Iraq until Saddam came in and killed off the elders of the "Mooki" Clan. He still has aspirations. Wasn't it just a few days ago he told his "army" not to cave into Maliki and to hold onto their weapons until the Americans are gone and a "new" government is in place?

What a flake!

Naturally, smintheus of the KOSmonoffs is singing the praises of Al Sadr and said that he has won. Amazing. Snakes and Snails is drooling the same drivel. Damn trolls. They must have been reading the LA Slimes that said a Mahdi defeat is a bad thing...naturally. More dumb trolls.

American Power has this to say, among other things:
The al Mahdi violence in Iraq has given the antiwar left a new breath of life for their endless recriminations against the Bush administration and the war. [...]
Like I have been saying, the Leftinistra are anti-Americans. Any American that dances in glee that there just might be an outside chance that the USA loses the Iraqi Front in the GWOT is nothing but scum and are lower in stature than whale dung.