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Thursday, March 27, 2008

DHinMI of The KOSmonoffs Is A Damn Liar


Listen to the drivel dribbling from the mouth of this fool:
Those of us in the reality-based community know that it's a myth created by the rightwing that liberals and anti-war protesters ran around attacking soldiers returning from Vietnam. Nonetheless, liberals and progressives have learned that many soldiers returned from Vietnam confused and alienated, and didn't feel that people back home appreciated their sacrifices or sufficiently distinguished the warriors from the unjust war. [...]
Is that a mouthful of anti-Americanist tripe or what? Is this idiot a member of the fraud group IVAW or what? Unlike the original Winter Soldier reports by the fraud John f'ing Kerry, whose reports were based on contrived and invented lies, the returning Vietnam Veterans were spit upon and treated very poorly by the "liberals" and the "anti-war protesters". Denying that reveals an idiot trying to be relevant. My brother, moron DHinMI, was one of those spat upon and told that he was a baby-killer...much like we hear and see today.

Where has this poor and pathetic dolt been hiding? DHinMI? Kiss my ass.

The very title of the GOMER's post is all too revealing, is it not? Behold: They Become Soldiers Because They Can't Afford to Become Students, Homeowners and Parents...what a blithering fool. Is that "supporting the troops"? Didn't this moron just tell every member of the United States Armed Forces that they are lower in stature than a student, homemaker and parent? Idiot comes to mind. A typical blithering fool that hides behind the key board and posts to a known anti-Americanist web site funded by many anti-Americanist socialists. Imagine that.

No, DHinMI, they became soldiers because they heard the Patriot's Call...something you, fool, will never know.


The rest of the retarded verbiage of the ignorant post of a known jerk-off is equally inane and demeaning.