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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The KOSmonoffs Still Eating Each Other Alive


Yes! We have been proven to be correct once again! We at ANO as well as many other conservative and moderate bloggers have been stating that the 2008 elections will be torn asunder by none other than the proponents of identity politics themselves.

There is a first ever black (half white) man running for President and there is a first ever white woman (debatable) running for President on the democrat party ticket. Nothing could more divisive than this development. There are folks that are going to vote for Barack for no other reason than because he is black (half white). There are folks that are going to vote for Hillary for no other reason than she is a woman (debatable). Interesting. Although I believe that number is relatively low, it does reflect the mantra so embedded into the tenets of "the party for the little people".

At the ABC blog (one of them), we find this entry:
After a number of pro-Hillary Clinton diarists staged a boycott of the influential liberal website DailyKos, Markos "Kos" Moulitsas himself this morning posted his explanation as to why he's been hostile to her candidacy.

The reasons are substantive -- Clinton is a member of the DLC leadership, she "hasn't just rejected a 50-state strategy, she has openly attacked it," she voted to authorize use of force against Iraq, she voted in favor of that Kyl-Lieberman Iran resolution, she takes money from lobbyists and PACs, Barack Obama has the support of grass roots activists, among other reasons. [...]
Poor Chief KOSmonoff, the communist that he is has shown his true colors. Are the the kids of the KOSmonoffs breaking up? Sure looks like it. At one point in time, these pathetic socialists and communists once bragged that "they owned the DNC". I suppose now we can say that they have been pwnd from the get go.

Keli Goff of the Huffington Post is already warning the democrats that their ship has already sunk...
Over the last several weeks there has been a great deal of speculation regarding how the increasingly bitter and contentious Democratic primary could ultimately effect the 2008 presidential election, but at this point Democrats may have reason to be even more concerned about the 2012 election. [...]
This we have been discussing as well. Read the rest of the is very enlightening.

Our own Sonlit Knight recently posted about "Hate Gate" and how it is hurting both Hillary and Barack. I agree. Just a few moments ago, I was watching Hillary give a sound bite in regards to the Iraq War and her demeanor is not so positive in her delivery any more. She has been wounded by those mean Barack supporters and those hateful tramps at the KOSmmonoffs.

It seems that those at the Huffington Post are not so vitriolic as the KOSmonoffs but only time will tell.

Allahpundit has something to say about all of this as well...

The NY Slimes blog has also noticed...the war is on within the democratic party and the implosions like Mike is writing about is all so obvious...
If you look on the liberal blogs, you'll find something interesting happening. The bloggers are going ballistic. Now, normally, this isn't such an unusual thing and would pretty much go beyond the notice of the attentions of those of us from the middle to far right, but here's the interesting thing: the bloggers are going ballistic on each other rather than on things that we, conservatives and moderates, are doing. [...]
Just so.

From Right Voices: links to various reports of the melt-down of the Leftinistra blogger support teams.

Catch the hype at memeorandum...

This just in from the Huff...Kos Mocks Clinton Bloggers "On Strike"

Here we go. I wonder when the rabid mutants of the anti-Americanists are going to begin chewing up their Komrades at the Huff?

Talk Left tries to blame the commenters...ya, sure...