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Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Each Their Own


Whip it out in the voting booth on Super Tuesday (hat tips: Hugh Hewitt and Dan Riehl).

Support amnesty or rewards for illegal aliensYesYesYesNo
Oppose oil exploration in the USYesYesYesNo
Tax gas 50 cents a gallon more for global warmingYesYesYesNo
Restrict freedom of speech during electionsYesYesYesNo
Oppose Bush tax cutsYesYesYesNo
Close Gitmo, prosecute POWs in U.S. courtsYesYesYesNo
Surrender Iraq to IranYesYesNoNo

Vote accordingly.

Swiped from Doug Ross of Director Blue.

The below are the words expressed by a pissed off Disabled American, Snooper.

DANGER! ***ARMY VERBIAGE BLOW*** If you are easily offended, stop here.

I have been shot, blown up and hit on the head and left for dead. I have carried the wounded. I have carried the dead. And, I have been carried. I have lived through the aftermath of two presidencies which, in the long run, has resulted in a war in Afghanistan and Iraq and it could be in Pakistan and Iran sooner than later. We have Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to thank for that.

Idiot cowards stayed home "in protest" and we got Carter and Clinton. Some say that it is a good idea to stay home and let Hillary or Obama fuck the country up to teach the country a lesson. If that isn't one of the most idiotic concepts ever voiced I don't know what is. If you want to live under a semi or full blown socialist state to "teach the country a lesson", I suggest you drop dead and do the country a favor. If socialism takes full hold, don't ask me to spill my blood and others' blood to save your whining ass.

We have morons in Berzerkely that think like you do and that scares the shit out of me and is unacceptable and offensive to our National Treasures fighting to keep you safe and sound to be dumb should you choose to be dumb...on purpose. Why?

My son is in the shit right now and is doing his best to Embrace The Suck. If you don't know what that is, figure it out. It is time for conservatives in this country to unite and Embrace The Suck here at home. At least here at home, The Suck doesn't include bullets and a plethora of IEDs and other "EDs". If our National Treasures can Embrace The Suck for YOU, the least YOU can do is Embrace The Suck here at home and defeat Hillary or Obama. If you cannot grasp that concept I don't know what to tell you.

To stay at home to not vote under protest and give the country to Hillary or Obama, is like shitting on my son and our Troops and I'll not tolerate that one bit. If this happens, the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan WILL BE for naught. This is also unacceptable.

Get your heads up OUT of your ass, Embrace The Suck and get over yourselves. No one ever promised you a goddamned fucking Rose Garden.