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Thursday, March 27, 2008

News Alert: Idiots On Parade


For those that do not subscribe to and/or read the IBD Editorials, here are a few VERY interesting posts from IBD. I read them everyday but rarely re-post their stories...I merely post a link to their site. This time is different. IBD sends out an email alert and the email contains a snippet to whet the appetite, as it were. Each and every snippet can be turned into a post of its own if one were to conduct the research the authors at IBD has done and I do that from time to time and approach the topic from a different angle which generally ends up at the same conclusion. The difference being, IBD has a semi-PC conclusion...they manage to tell someone to go to hell in such a manner that their would be pleased to adhere to. Anyway, here they are...

Trade: Fallout from Colombia's crushing blow against transnational terrorists in the past week shows an ally that's contributing decisively to U.S. security. But it's the same ally Congress is denying free trade. Why? Read more

Politics: On Wednesday we will be treated to the sight of an assortment of scholars and activists telling Congress that economic growth isn't relevant. Well, we'd like to see them live without it. Read more

Public Trust: The only thing more disgusting than allegations of Eliot Spitzer disgracing his family, state and party by patronizing a prostitution ring is his treating the governorship of New York as a bargaining chip. Read more

Election '08: Michelle Obama has asked people to 'move out of the moneymaking industry into the helping industry.' Judging by her success, leaving the world of corporate greed to serve humanity doesn't mean taking a vow of poverty. Read more

Election '08: A radical foreign-policy adviser to Barack Obama - flushed from the shadows after calling Hillary a name - speaks volumes about her enigmatic boss and his worldview. Read more

Economy: Central bankers aren't known for their creativity, but the Fed's move to refloat the troubled U.S. banking system is a great example of thinking outside the box. And it just might calm the world's markets. Read more

Now, think about the snippets a while and contemplate a spell. Out of the above excerpts, with a bunch of digging, thanks to the internet that Al made, what could YOU make of them?

Read every single link and let them sink in over a few cups of coffee. The Trade, Politics and Economy were the most interesting to me.