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Thursday, March 27, 2008

mcjoan From The KOSmonoffs Should Step Away From The 'Shrooms


Listen to this pathetic cretin...the troll obviously hasn't a clue...
Though Dick Cheney couldn't give a damn, opposition to the Iraq War has solidified in the country. For all the talk of the "success" of the escalation, talk that the traditional media is still happy to report, a vast majority of Americans remain steadfast in their opposition to it. [...]
Yet another blithering idiot. Poor thing. Someone send the idiot some warm and moist towelettes. It doesn't get out much.

In other news(?), Paul Steinhauser, writing at the Huff and Puff [EGADS and go figure], has this moronic it is relevant or something...Bush's Approval Rating 40 Points Lower Than At Start Of Iraq War...


What an idiot. I wonder if the goober knows what the approval "positioning" is for the libtards in CONgress. Oh. Wait. That subject is anathema. Like I said...what an idiot.

Five years ago, as Think In Reverse reminds us, the newspapers were against the war. More idiots. Like anyone with at least some modicum of rational thought processes remaining actually gives a damn about what some loony libtard newspaper says about anything.

The country is packed with dysfunctional libtards. Don't they have meetings or something to at least give the pretense that they are at least appearing to be trying to be intellectual or am I barking up the wrong tree?