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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Global Cultural Jihad...the Saga Continues


At the very end of this post, you will find numerous posts in which to at least begin to scratch the surface of the Global Cultural Jihad.

Years ago, I began my quest in which I set out to expose the sinister deeds and motives of a political and philosophical movement which had then and more so now the intent of making the Constitution of the United States null and void. It has nearly succeeded. What it will take to overcome and reverse the trend will be a long and painful fight. The time for talk has come and is time for action now. So, what can we do?

We do what we do now on the blogs and the various radio shows as Citizen Journalists. Is this enough? No, it is not. We write our representatives and remind them of their Constitutional duties and authority. We vote them in or vote them out. We ensure that our children are not taught contrary doctrines not found in our Constitution. To do this, we must know what the Constitution says and what it means. We start by reading the book The Naked Communist and having handy The List of 45 which was formulated from that book. The list is but an overview. A place to begin the journey to understand the Constitution of the United States is to visit the Heritage Foundation and spend quite a bit of time at the Patriot Post. One understands the Constitution by understanding the Founding Fathers and one understands the Founding Fathers by reading and studying the Founding Documents that led to the Constitution and then the Bill of Rights. Then and only then can the journey begin. One of the things my journey has taught me is that the constitutional amendments, for the most part, have been craftily formulated to weaken the power of We The People and at the same time, granted more and more power to the federal government. This is totally backwards as it was envisioned, formulated and implemented by our Framers..

The next step is to familiarize yourself with Indoctrinate U. Our education system in this country is no longer "public education". It is government run intern camps or re-education camps. Once we have become armed with The Truth, it is then and only then that we can reteach our children. By the black magic and evil power of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity and identity politics, the people of the United States have been suckered into a quasi-socialist state of ignorance and slavery. The shackles of this must be shattered.

We, as a nation, have begun to see this beginning to take shape. The theoretical peace movement membership no longer have safe passage, as it were. They are challenged at every step and at every turn. They have lost their PR war and have resorted to increased violence and lawlessness and that kind of activity only makes their positions weaker. What they have come to learn is this...there are more of us than there are of them and no matter how many times they proclaim to be patriots, one thing can be taken as Gospel...they are most assuredly not patriotic to the United States of America and to the Republic for which she stands.

They are backed by known communist groups and anyone with a hint of sincerity can see that socialism/communism is diametrically opposed to the Federal Republic which this nation was founded upon. Those that oppose Traditional America are known as and classified as Anti-Americanists.

Most of these groups are of the Blame America First Crowds and the America Sucks Crowds. That is being too kind. I classify them as members of the Anti-Americanist Fruit Loop Brigades that wouldn't know what a True American Patriot was.

The next step(s) are to begin a campaign of letter writing to the editors around the country. I know that sounds like a lot of work and all but, that is because it is. Yet, it is necessary. For far too long, we have been silent in the hopes that the moonbats would fade off and way. That has proven to be a near fatal error in judgment.

Another step to take is to begin a campaign of letters to every member of the House and Senate. I utilize eFax and send faxed letters at least three times per week to every single last one of them. There is a guide one can purchase where the fax numbers can be located and when they change the numbers, finding them can be difficult but, that is why Gore made the internet.

Another concept to be aware of is "dhimmitude". Being able to recognize this deadly disease of blissful ignorance, read this post and then comply with the next paragraph. The following paragraph lists just a few sites that I monitor but there are scads more and the researcher must find their own sites in which they are comfortable. Personally, I subscribe too 258 web sites via RSS feeds, down from over 500.

Another step or, several steps, is to closely monitor several web sites: Dhimmi Watch, Jihad Watch, My Pet Jawa and the Counterterrorism Blog and Stormwarning's Counterterrorism. I don't necessarily agree with 100% of the contents of all the sites I monitor.

At any rate, through my studies and research, I have found that there is only one definitive difference between socialism/communism and Islam. Islam will cut your head off to make their point. The other lets you live but that is where the difference lies.

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