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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Patriot Skye Assaulted By A Peace Activist


We first learned of this event this past Saturday. The details are at, Midnight Blue, Melanie Morgan, Gathering of Eagles, Digital Journal and Wake Up Americans. Right Wing News just posted the new video as well...

The treasonous peace-nik (nothing of the sort) assaulted Skye for reasons unknown other than due to outrage that the alleged peace movement members have been exposed as the traitors which they are.

The week before, I had met Skye at the Gathering of Eagles rally in DC put on by Eagles Up via Eagles Muster.

Skye is seen here having BTR withdrawals, utilizing my laptop as we conducted several BTR After Action Report Shows.

So, now that True American Patriots have the upper hand and we have won the PR War, the alleged peace activists have resorted to becoming more and more violent in the name of peace. I find that curious...don't you?

Skye stated that when the cops arrived, the idiot traitor peace-nik began shoving the cops. That has a familiar ring to it. Go check out the links provided for the in-depth report and to offer all the support to the Patriots that stand against these sociopathic moonbats that call themselves peace activists.

This is the video of the assault on Skye:

(the video is at Live Leak in queue for approval)
NOTE: Skye says she wants to wait for the lawyers to decide on is disabled.

[UPDATE!!] Skye has posted the video of the "incident".

As you can see, the poor slug is a moron. The camera was not in the fool's face and was being focused on another True Patriot as she was "chatting" with another peace activist moonbat.