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Monday, March 31, 2008

War News: Clueless Kevin Drum...UPDATED


Poor thing. It's first mistake was taking for some sort of a substantial press piece by Leila Fadel of McClatchy News. How pathetic is that? The Leftinistra are grasping at straws here and they know it. Not only do they know it, they know that we know it. The problem is, their brain-dead lap lickers don't know it.

Kevin Drum is a known member of the failed and and falling fast Leftinistra Corp of Ignorance and Socialist Stupidity. They have it in their minds via wishful thinking that Al Sadr actually won the fight in Basra because the Iraqi Government told them to lay down their weapons. With the news today that the Iraqi Army has stepped up the actions against Al Sadr by sending more troops into Basra to ferret out the Iranians and the Iranian supported criminal elements, how is it that Al Sadr has won or is winning?

Poor things. They really should be paying more attention to world events and the nuance one will detect when doing so. It has been said that an Iranian General secured the cease-fire and the reason for that is clear...the rat-line was about to be squashed by Iraqi and American military components.

Wake up people. The State of War with Iran since 1979 is heating up and will eventually boil over.

This video came out recently and I doubt that this was the recent actions in and around Basra but it can be said that it is relatively close...

Have fun.


This just in...sort of...
[...] Sources in Basra tell TIME that there has been a large-scale retreat of the Mahdi Army in the oil-rich Iraqi port city because of low morale and because ammunition is low due to the closure of the Iranian border. TIME has not yet been able to confirm those reports with U.S., Mahi Army or Iraqi government authorities. [...]
This could very well explain the actions just a few hours ago of Iraqi Forces moving into Basra for the mop-up.

War News: Moghtada Al Sadr Condemns Iran?


Why? Was it because the training his fighters got and he Iranians that were fighting with them got their arses greased by superior fire-power and expertise in war fighting? Was it because Iran didn't waddle into the fight?

I hope you read this script...LOL!! The English version is here and it appears that Moghtada Al Sadr has been had by his own aspirations and has finally recognized that he and his "poor" Shiites have been used as pawns to test the Iraqi Army, trained by American Military units.

Simply amazing. Equally amazing is the silence of the dweebs which make up the treasonous Leftinistra among us. They were so happy that "Iraq was unraveling" and that finally the USA would lose. It really must be sad to have a chemical imbalance within their pea-sized brains.
[...] Primarily, Al Sadr is furious at the fact that members of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), have joined the Iraqi army's offensive against his forces in important areas such as Baghdad and Basra.

ISCI, which is led by Ayatollah Abdul Aziz al-Hakim has the support of middle and upper class Shiites in Iraq, while Al Sadr's Mahdi army has the backing of poor Shiites. Al Sadr is not only upset because ISCI has decided to turn its guns against fellow Shiites, but also at the fact that ISCI has been the recipient of a larger amount of aid from Tehran than his organization. This may lead Al Sadr to believe that ISCI has embarked on this adventure, with Tehran's blessing. This belief would explain why, during his controversial interview with Al Jazeera on Saturday night, Al Sadr condemned what he called "Iranian intervention in Iraq's security and politics." [...]
Really? Do tell! Iranian intervention? And the clowns of the American Leftinistra don't howl and scream when "Mooki" says it but do howl, scream, wail and gnash teeth when someone like - say - General Petraeus says it?

Go figure. Imagine that...

Uncle Jimbo Slams An Indiana Moonbat


Cyber Pastor had a GREAT show yesterday in Indiana with the National Heroes Tour with the Vets For Freedom.

There was a sole moonbat in attendance and Uncle Jimbo of Black five had the opportunity to interview the lost soul. Check the video out here.

The sad part is this...the sole moonbat did the usual defeatist thing to do...cut and run when the going gets tough.


War News: Libtards Gurgling


This brain-dead dweeb is still hoping for Iraq to break wide open...I guess the Troop Surge did work after al, eh? How can Iraq break wide open if the Troop Surge was a dismal failure? These idiots crack me up - in a sad way.

This punk here is so far behind the news it isn't even funny. Don't they pay attention or what? The poor thing said in its post published at 2003 hours that Al Sadr hasn't thrown in the towel and then, the poor things Leftinistra rag newspaper the NYT published a piece at 2105 saying differently. Imagine that. These people really do need to at least make an attempt of keeping up.


Idiots. They are starting to sound like that old radio show with the door to door salesman hoping no one was ever home so he didn't have to face anyone.

The bottom line that the Leftinistra anti-Americanists cannot accept is this; Al Sadr has lost and he has abandoned his followers. Al Sadr left them high and dry. Suing for a truce and then making "demands" of the Iraqi Government with the US Military waiting to pounce - as they should have MONTHS ago - this idiot Al No Teeth Sadr is in no position for bargaining. He lost 2% of his fighting force. That is quite a bit to lose seeing that his "army" ain't all that big anyway.

It is fun in an odd way to listen to the libtards gurgle.

War News: The Leftinistra Whine


It never ceases to amaze me how the Leftinistra will do whatever it takes to further the cause of the enemy. They disguise their treachery all in the name of a scoop...disgusting. I was reading at the Poligazette and came across this post:
Perhaps someone should tell Moqtada al-Sadr and the Iraqi army that the former is losing: the latter seem to believe quite the opposite. Iraqi soldiers are defecting to al-Sadr - so many of them have defected already that Iraqi officers aren't sure who still serves and who doesn't in Basra.
Let's take a look at that, shall we? The article cited can be found right here and above all things, it is the leftists rag Telegraph in the UK...go figure. The gist is that no one knows what is going on in Basra because, as the piece infers, the Iraqi Army is "deserting" in droves. Where is the evidence in the piece? Based on some Mahdi Militia members were driving an American made Iraqi Army HMVV which someone said that some sympathizers gave them. WOW! Somebody said that somebody knew something that another thought that they overheard someone that knew somebody that was known by another that said they were told what another was told by yet nauseum.

I don't doubt that there are sympathizers out there...just look at our own Leftinistra for proof of that. However, with other evidence that "Mooki" has conceded, this bogus report from an English socialist rag is more assuredly worthy of a blazing fire.

Everyone that has been paying attention knows that Hizballah and their ilk moved into Basra when the Brits pulled out, trying to fight a PC war. Basra was essentially turned over to the criminal elements of the area and it is also widely known that the criminal elements are closely tied to Iranian Intelligence Services and known anti-Freedom terrorists and Jihadi scum. Also, along those lines, it is also a well known fact that Iranian influence in the area of southern Iraq has been an ongoing issue and the Iraqi government has finally said enough.

If there are those that do not or will not accept that data, they are surely not paying attention to anything, let alone this war.

If, as the Telegraph implies, that no one knows who won, why then has "Mooki" sued for peace? And, why did he ask the Iraqi Government to please release those members captured? Could it be that a loss of nearly 1,000 mighty Mahdi Militia scum he saw where the green grass was growing? Just asking. From Ed at Hot Air:
[...] Sadr now wants to disavow anyone with a gun. The Mahdis, which found themselves on the short end of the stick, have just watched their Fearless Leader surrender - again - and this time leaving them twisting in the wind. That isn't the action of a victor. Perhaps our media would like to explain that in the context of their clueless reporting so far. [...]
"Mooki" wants to save his own butt because prior to Saddam, he was in line to control and rule Iraq until Saddam came in and killed off the elders of the "Mooki" Clan. He still has aspirations. Wasn't it just a few days ago he told his "army" not to cave into Maliki and to hold onto their weapons until the Americans are gone and a "new" government is in place?

What a flake!

Naturally, smintheus of the KOSmonoffs is singing the praises of Al Sadr and said that he has won. Amazing. Snakes and Snails is drooling the same drivel. Damn trolls. They must have been reading the LA Slimes that said a Mahdi defeat is a bad thing...naturally. More dumb trolls.

American Power has this to say, among other things:
The al Mahdi violence in Iraq has given the antiwar left a new breath of life for their endless recriminations against the Bush administration and the war. [...]
Like I have been saying, the Leftinistra are anti-Americans. Any American that dances in glee that there just might be an outside chance that the USA loses the Iraqi Front in the GWOT is nothing but scum and are lower in stature than whale dung.

Global Cultural Jihad...Catholics Under Attack


This just in...around two hours or so ago...Muslims more numerous than Catholics: Vatican

And there ya have it. Good thing that 6M or more "Muslims" are being converted to Christianity each year...

More at Memeorandum...

War News: Iraq, Al Sadr, Iran and Basra


Just a few days ago, the Leftinistra and the Anti-Americanists were clasping their tiny hands together in solidarity and rejoicing that "Iraq was falling apart". Those of us "in the know" knew better but the news media did their own style of gleeful hand-ringing as well. Why the Leftinistra absolutely leap and plunge at any opportunity to reveal their self-induced idiocy is astoundingly odd.

The anti-Americanists, as they joyfully rejoice in the possibility of an American loss in Iraq and the victory in Iraq for the Iranian based militants in Iraq, are deathly silent with the news today that Muqtada "Mookie" al Sadr has told his people to stand down and has asked the Iraqi government to release his militia members that have been captured. Once again, Mookie has lost. The Leftinistra must be sad.

From the Long War Journal we read: "Sadr orders followers to end fighting". Gee, I wonder why that is? Could it be that his fighters have been bettered and now he is playing the games our own democrat party leadership plays? Cut and run when the going gets tough seems to be the coward's ploy these days.

Six days after the Iraqi government launched Operation Knights' Charge in Basrah against the Mahdi Army and other Iranian-backed Shia terror groups, Muqtada al Sadr, the Leader of the Mahdi Army, has called for his fighters to lay down their weapons and cooperate with Iraqi security forces. Sadr's call for an end to the fighting comes as his Mahdi Army has taken serious losses since the operation began. [...]
Serious losses. This is one more shining example of the courage and the fighting ability of the Iraqi military and the American fighting forces called in for back up. The Iranian backed militias are no match. Serious losses. Don't forget to send condolences cards to our cowardly CONgress Critters to honor their fallen comrades of Iran.

For a slide-show of captured Iranian weaponry in Iraq, go here - sample below.

The Leftinistra are quick to point out alleged gaffes of President Elect McCain when he "misspoke" about Iran training Al Qaida terrorists. If there was a "gaffe", the "gaffe" was that the American Public wasn't supposed to know that yet. We have always known that was the case but the Leftinistra would only whine and make fools of themselves over the observation. Oh. Wait. They already did that. Never mind.

The beleaguered Al Sadr and his murdering thug terrorists called "militia" - as if to qualify them as am official force - has presented a 9-point statement with "conditions" of the cessations of hostilities. I say, NUTS!" to such a statement. He has lost - again - and he needs to be driven into the primordial ooze from whence he and his followers emerged.

Contrary to the Leftinistra's mantra, Sadr's attempt to soil the surge has failed and was doomed to fail from the onset. Back in February, Al Sadr said that the "cease-fire" was off and then it was on again. He has - as does Hillary - suffered under the delusion that he his the heir apparent of Iraq and he is clearly not going to get that - neither is Hillary. (Odd that there are so many similarities between the terrorists and the socialist democrats.)

The Iraqi people are sick and tired of the terrorists and their ways and means of absolute control of their every day lives. They have tasted Freedom and have no intentions of giving that up. Just as we in the USA have no intentions of giving up our Freedoms to the socialist democrats and their retarded moppets.

Another news item that the American Leftinistra and Lame Stream Media will not accept is that Hizballah moved into Basra when the Brits left. Why this was allowed to transpire is another one of those tactical mistakes - from our point of view - but, not being in the full "need to know" clique, there might have been some method to the madness. As we lured foreign Al Qaida fighters into Iraq to join the Al Qaida terrorists already in Iraq before we began to finish the 1991 Persian Gulf War, perhaps this was the tactic being employed here.

With the fighting in Basra in recent days, it has been shown that Iran has played a very large part in it but the Lame Stream Media is deathly silent. "IS" there any doubt as to the loyalties of the American theoretical media? Not for me. You?

Some time ago, it was revealed - and widely ignored - that the terrorists use our news media to further their cause because the enemy knows the weaknesses of the emotional weaklings that call themselves the "peace movement". The more negative the American news media gets, the more emboldened the enemy becomes. Another observation I would like to make is this: violence steps up whenever there is going to be a "meeting of the minds" in DC in regards to the war. Several instances come to mind.

One is the Winter Soldier frauds as they tried to repeat what John Coward Kerry did in 1971 and another is the upcoming meetings in DC with General Petraeus and Vets For Freedom. Whenever these types of meetings are drawing nigh, the terrorists step up the violence to try and influence the outcome. Coincidence? I think not.

Remember how the terrorists were so adamant about democrats coming to power in 2006? Remember how the Democrats that came into power were severely "chastised" by the terrorists when their alleged "change in direction" in Iraq failed to have the outcome which would have favored the terrorists? I remember.

Jules Crittenden; Hot Air; Ace; Memeorandum; MSLSD;

Seeing that there is much data on this subject, stay tuned for more posts.

More at Memeorandum in regards to an Iranian General said to have brokered the "cease-fire"...

War News


101st Airborne


America Supports You: City Celebrates 40 Years of Troop Support
WASHINGTON - A shade more than 40 years ago, the city of San Mateo, Calif., took an unprecedented step: it "adopted" Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.

City officials say it was a courageous decision for the council to make, given that in, March 1968, the war in Vietnam was still raging and many American citizens held a chilly attitude toward the country's troops.[...]
Operation Iraqi Children, Rakkasans, IA Troops Help Kids
CAMP STRIKER, Iraq - With the help of Operation Iraqi Children, Red Knight Rakkasans and their Iraqi army counterparts delivered school supplies to students at a newly-renovated school in Mahmudiyah, March 13. [...]
SMA Visits Rakkasans, Explains Deployment Cycle
CAMP STRIKER, Iraq - The Army's top non-commissioned officer visited the Rakkasans, March 15.

The Sergeant Major of the Army, Command Sgt. Maj. Kenneth O. Preston, spent half a day with Soldiers from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division at Camp Striker.

Upon arrival to Camp Striker, Preston ate lunch with a roomful of Soldiers from 3rd Infantry Division as well as from 3rd BCT, 101st Abn. Div. He spoke to the group about deployments, promotions and transformation. [...]


Operation Iraqi Children, Rakkasans, IA Troops Help Kids: 2 images
SMA Visits Rakkasans, Explains Deployment Cycle: 3 images

Items That Snooper Will Be Covering


As most of you know - or not - I began my "blogging career" in the year 2000 or thereabouts. It all started as a means to vent my frustrations and to experiment as a Citizen Journalist. Some folks like my writings and some hate it. I consider myself to be a fair writer but no one can say that I am not passionate in the subjects and news that I cover and write about and on. A while back, I decided to lure in some trolls at the GOP Forum and see how long it would take to follow me around like a lost puppy. It didn't take very long. I have several blogs; Town Hall (at one time held the #1 slot for 6 months but has since been deactivated); Wordpress 1 (which has been pretty much turned over to Ben with the mission of trouncing Islam and exposing Islam for what it is); Wordpress 2 (an anti-Hillary site which is pretty much inactive now); Take Our Country Back (which has been merged with A Newt One); VOX (an accidental creation that I do not regret...made some good friends over there); a top secret site where I collect ideas and concepts. I also have my original Blog Talk Radio show (Take Our Country Back) but do all of my shows with the American Truth Warriors now since the merger between ANO and TOCB. My "trolls" follow me everywhere telling me how lame I am. Imagine my shock and awe at how lame trolls are that find it a required task to follow a lame guy around telling me how lame I am...isn't that even more lame? Just askin'.

I started out in various chat rooms and forums. Most of the time I just read what others opined about and most of those times I was absolutely disgusted as I became increasingly aware of the "udder" stupidity of the American People. In these forums I posted as an anonymous "handle" as most do but others used their real names for reasons unknown and they soon came to wish that they hadn't. It isn't wise to use your real name and I can tell you that from personal experience. Not that I am in fear of some idiot troll or anything but it just isn't prudent to advertise who you really are. Some say differently but until I get renowned in the blogosphere, I shall remain nameless except as a Citizen Journalist elsewhere.

I have decided to narrow the field in which I write. I began doing this some time ago and I started a couple of series that I have begun to fine-tune. One of them is War News and the other is Global Cultural Jihad. In War News, I take stories from CENTCOM, MNF-I, DefenseLink and the 101st Airborne and will begin another series along the same venue but I haven't decided exactly how I will go about it. Stand by for more news. In Global Cultural Jihad, I take stories from around the globe we call Earth and the news sources are seemingly endless. I might change War News to Voices From The War...not sure.

Seeing that just about everything these days is related to The War and Culture, the task at hand is going to be "Rather" interesting to say the least. So, having said all of that, the following is what I, Snooper, will be covering henceforth:
* Full coverage of the Global War On Terror
* Full coverage of the Global Cultural Jihad (which is directly related to the GWOT)
* Anything and everything Move America Forward and other pro-troop organizations
* Anything and everything Vets For Freedom
* Anything and everything that slanders and demeans our troops
* Anything and everything that hasn't been mentioned but affects the war's outcome
Although I love to write about Barack's blatant stupidity; his socialist tenets; his total disrespect to this nation; I will leave that coverage to the other partners of A Newt One. The same goes with any other political figure whether they be pro-victory or pro-defeat. I am going to focus on those issues and those individuals that have had a direct hand in the loss of life in the GWOT by their very actions, deeds and spoken/written words - socialists beware - I am coming for you. I am very much being passed sick and tired of idiots that are under the illusion that they know what Patriotism is and what it means to hear and respond to the Call of Duty to their nation. Who knows? Perhaps Call of Duty might be an interesting series all in and of itself.

It will be "Rather" difficult not writing about the complete lunacy of Michelle Obama. The same goes for Clintonistas. I am just spread too thinly and I find myself reading other posts, pieces and articles and not writing intently enough for my own liking. As I read that which I have written, some of the intention(s) of those pieces has been lost due to the brevity of them and the content just isn't explicit enough for me. I am a perfectionist in my own rights and I feel stretched and scattered.

But, trouncing the moonbats and anti-Americanists full-time is going to be more fun now. The stories will never cease. I will cover every known Pro Troop entity I can find and will strive to bring them onto our Blog Talk Radio shows. When a politician ventures into my line of sight, their asses are mine. This isn't to say that I won't cover anything else it is just that I am going to focus on all things related to the GWOT.

Every moron that disrespects The Troops, trashes this country, disrespects our Flag and/or aids and abets the enemy, renders aid to the enemy, will be sorely written about and exposed for what they are...subversive, seditious, treasonous scum.

Bring it.

So, what do ya'll think?

Clueless GTL At Gun Toting Leftinistra


The very beginning of the post gives the remaining portions of the post a total waste of time.

First of all, there never was a "civil war" in Iraq. Those that claim that there was, have no earthly idea what a "civil war" is. The rest of the post is equally misleading and packed with so many items wrong on so many levels, it isn't worth citing. Go read it yourself to make up your own minds.

To all of the libtards, moonbats, trolls, Leftinistra and others that don't know what a "civil war" is, here are some bits of data for the "civil war knowledge challenged."

Actual Criteria for a Civil War:

Some civil wars are categorized as revolutions when major societal restructuring is a possible outcome of the conflict. An insurgency, whether successful or not, is likely to be classified as a civil war by some historians if, and only if, organized armies fight conventional battles.

Military Definition of Civil War:

"A war between factions of the same country; there are five criteria for international recognition of this status: the contestants must control territory, have a functioning government, enjoy some foreign recognition, have identifiable regular armed forces, and engage in major military operations."

NATO on what is NOT Civil War:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Glossary of Terms and Definitions (Organisation Du Traite De L'Atlantique Nord Glossaire De Terms Et Definitions) NATO does provide a reference for what is not classified as a civil war. The manual states that 'civil disturbance' is defined as "group acts of violence and disorder prejudicial to public law and order"

Sectarian Violence, not to be mistaken for Civil War:

Sectarian violence or sectarian strife is violence inspired by sectarianism, that is, between different sects of one particular mode of thought, not necessarily religious (e.g. conflicts between the nationalists and communists in China in the early 20th century are largely constructed by Chinese nationals of the time as sectarian). Some of the possible inputs for sectarian violence include power struggles, political climate, social climate, cultural climate, and economic landscape.

Spin that with this... I posted on this subject before here as Arianna was making a fool of herself as usual.

More at Memeorandum...

BREAKING; Letter From Move America Forward to US Attorney's Office Regarding Crimes in Berkeley CA.


Cross posted by request from Snooper.

We first told you of MAF's announcement that they would be sending a request letter for investigation to the US attorneys office, two days ago, when they issued their press release.

Thanks to Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward, Wake up America has a copy of the letter that has been sent from Move America Forward's attorney to the US Attorney's office regarding the criminal actions in Berkeley California, demanding an investigation. More at Melanie

The Letter:


Tracking No.: 7984 0570 0813

The Honorable Joseph P. Russoniello

United States Attorney, Northern District of California

11th Floor, Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Avenue, Box 36055
San Francisco, California 94102

Dear Mr. Russoniello:

This Firm represents Move America Forward, Inc. (hereinafter "MAF"), a non-profit organization committed to supporting members of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

Our client participated in what began as a peaceful demonstration in support of the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Center, located on Shattuck Avenue in the City of Berkeley, on February 12, 2008. MAF obtained a permit from the City of Berkeley prior to the demonstration. Sadly, the peaceful demonstration was disrupted with violence. During the demonstration, several incidents occurred which the Berkeley Police Department failed to respond to adequately. MAF supporters were harassed, threatened, and intimidated by opposing groups. In addition, several acts of violence were committed against MAF supporters, and the Berkeley Police Department ignored their repeated requests for assistance. The police failed to protect its citizens during what should have been a peaceful demonstration. These incidents of intimidation, violence, and government inaction were widely reported in both the Bay Area and national media.

Our client also remains concerned that recent legislative action by the Berkeley City Council, which ultimately precipitated the unfortunate events of February 12, 2008, runs afoul of federal law. As you are likely aware, the Berkeley City Council approved a resolution on January 29, 2008, that provided in pertinent part that "the Marine recruiting office is not welcome in [Berkeley], and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders....". The Council then resolved to "encourage all people to avoid cooperation with the Marine Corps recruiting station, and applaud residents and organizations such as Code Pink, that may volunteer to impede, passively or actively, by nonviolent means, the work of any military recruiting office located in the City of Berkeley." The legacy of this "encouragement" was the shameful events that transpired in Berkeley on February 12, 2008.

The City of Berkeley is actively, through the legislative action by the City Council, encouraging private organizations to disrupt the lawful governmental operations of the United States in the City of Berkeley, by encouraging groups to "impede" the efforts of the United States Marine Corps to recruit qualified young people to serve in the Corps. There is little question that Berkeley, as a college town, is an appropriate place for the Marine Corps to recruit qualified, patriotic young people to serve their country as United States Marines. By encouraging disruptive behavior patently calculated to drive the Marine Corps out of the City of Berkeley, the City Council appears to be soliciting unlawful, and quite possibly criminal, interference with the lawful operations of a federal agency operating within the City of Berkeley.

We hereby request an investigation into the timely lack of response by the City of Berkeley and the Berkeley Police Department during the events of February 12, 2008. In short, the City of Berkeley failed to protect its citizens engaged in the lawful exercise of their rights under both the First Amendment and federal civil rights laws. As you know, these laws fully protect our client's right to participate in such peaceful expression, and they have the right to be protected from such acts of violence. Further, Move America Forward requests that your office inquire into the legal propriety under applicable federal law of the efforts of the City of Berkeley to "encourage," through legislative action, organizations actively committed to undermining the ongoing military operations of the United States both at home and abroad to impede the lawful activities of a federal agency operating within the city limits.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.



James F. Sweeney
As I just finished reporting about the financial costs to the city of Berkeley, I showed a quote from Morgan, where she said, "We have been fighting them all the way and this is simply the next step," she then concludes with, "Berkeley has got to realize that we're not going away."

The Berkeley city council has publicly encouraged and incited code pink and other organizations to commit criminal acts and the US attorneys office must investigate and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Patriots Alert: VFF National Heroes Tour on Blog Talk Radio


Our friend and fellow BTR Host Cyber Pastor will be conducting a special show tomorrow. The details are here and the program link is here. Cyber Pastor is a fellow proud member of Vets For Freedom and we will be with Vets On The Hill in April.
Use this link to get live updates, and hopefully some of the speeches from the National Heroes Tour Stop in Evansville, IN. The radio program will begin at 2:30 pm (Central), and the actual program in Evansville will start at 3:00 pm (Central). [...]
Be sure to tune in!!

The Washington Post Embeds With The Enemy


Treason. Sedition. Subversion. What else does one call it?

Blackfive has the details...

This merely supports that which we have been preaching for decades.

Nicole Belle: A Bloviating Snake and Snail


I was wondering when I might run across such a post such as this and now, the mystery has been solved.

As the emotional ignoramuses of the Leftinistra Corp of Stupidity opine and pretend to care for The Troops, their moronic diatribes are ever more becoming more and more evil and driven by nonsensical idiocy. Therefore, they will forever and ever be classified as M.O.R.O.N.. It "IS" indeed "Rather" fitting.

M - Move
O - On
R - Reprobates
O - Of
N - Narcissism

Absolutely none of their feigned "caring" escapes me. They are liars and charlatans of the most sanctimonious character. Character. BAH! They have none worthy of my blood let alone the men and women that have given their all to such as this...this fool of the Snakes and Snails Clan, one Nicole Belle.

As they try to justify their own inability to truly understand the Global Cultural Jihad, that they find themselves face to face with, they lash out with BDS driven blissful ignorance...and hatred. They no more "care" for The Troops than I myself care if the bloviating fools were to live or die.

There is going to be a Day of Reckoning for these sycophantic M.O.R.O.N.s.

Nicole, following the usual banter of an uneducated tramp, has fallen in love with the verbiage of another socialist whore at The Agonist. These whining and sniveling twits have no understanding of the military mind-set and what and who the Call Of Duty is answered by. Those that hear The Call Of Duty are light years ahead of sound reasoning than these pathetic trollops of doldrum driveling fools.

The post ends with this:
[...] But as a Veteran myself, I can tell you that these men were brothers until the end and that, because more early news and details are available on Chris Hake than his buddies, we can tell his story and hope all Americans understand the identical preciousness of every life we have needlessly lost in Iraq. [END]
As a veteran myself, I find these words disgusting because I know what we face as a Nation and as a Culture. The pathetic fool that penned the cited verbiage ought to be ashamed and hang their head in shame. The very words it placed for all to read continues to result in the opposite affect they were intended to invoke. This is why their numbers and the "quality" of their numbers is ever decreasing. True American Patriots have their number and we are rising.

America is Rising and these socialist sluts will be ground into the primordial ooze from whence they emerged.

The sooner the better.


Global Cultural Jihad...the Saga Continues


At the very end of this post, you will find numerous posts in which to at least begin to scratch the surface of the Global Cultural Jihad.

Years ago, I began my quest in which I set out to expose the sinister deeds and motives of a political and philosophical movement which had then and more so now the intent of making the Constitution of the United States null and void. It has nearly succeeded. What it will take to overcome and reverse the trend will be a long and painful fight. The time for talk has come and is time for action now. So, what can we do?

We do what we do now on the blogs and the various radio shows as Citizen Journalists. Is this enough? No, it is not. We write our representatives and remind them of their Constitutional duties and authority. We vote them in or vote them out. We ensure that our children are not taught contrary doctrines not found in our Constitution. To do this, we must know what the Constitution says and what it means. We start by reading the book The Naked Communist and having handy The List of 45 which was formulated from that book. The list is but an overview. A place to begin the journey to understand the Constitution of the United States is to visit the Heritage Foundation and spend quite a bit of time at the Patriot Post. One understands the Constitution by understanding the Founding Fathers and one understands the Founding Fathers by reading and studying the Founding Documents that led to the Constitution and then the Bill of Rights. Then and only then can the journey begin. One of the things my journey has taught me is that the constitutional amendments, for the most part, have been craftily formulated to weaken the power of We The People and at the same time, granted more and more power to the federal government. This is totally backwards as it was envisioned, formulated and implemented by our Framers..

The next step is to familiarize yourself with Indoctrinate U. Our education system in this country is no longer "public education". It is government run intern camps or re-education camps. Once we have become armed with The Truth, it is then and only then that we can reteach our children. By the black magic and evil power of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity and identity politics, the people of the United States have been suckered into a quasi-socialist state of ignorance and slavery. The shackles of this must be shattered.

We, as a nation, have begun to see this beginning to take shape. The theoretical peace movement membership no longer have safe passage, as it were. They are challenged at every step and at every turn. They have lost their PR war and have resorted to increased violence and lawlessness and that kind of activity only makes their positions weaker. What they have come to learn is this...there are more of us than there are of them and no matter how many times they proclaim to be patriots, one thing can be taken as Gospel...they are most assuredly not patriotic to the United States of America and to the Republic for which she stands.

They are backed by known communist groups and anyone with a hint of sincerity can see that socialism/communism is diametrically opposed to the Federal Republic which this nation was founded upon. Those that oppose Traditional America are known as and classified as Anti-Americanists.

Most of these groups are of the Blame America First Crowds and the America Sucks Crowds. That is being too kind. I classify them as members of the Anti-Americanist Fruit Loop Brigades that wouldn't know what a True American Patriot was.

The next step(s) are to begin a campaign of letter writing to the editors around the country. I know that sounds like a lot of work and all but, that is because it is. Yet, it is necessary. For far too long, we have been silent in the hopes that the moonbats would fade off and way. That has proven to be a near fatal error in judgment.

Another step to take is to begin a campaign of letters to every member of the House and Senate. I utilize eFax and send faxed letters at least three times per week to every single last one of them. There is a guide one can purchase where the fax numbers can be located and when they change the numbers, finding them can be difficult but, that is why Gore made the internet.

Another concept to be aware of is "dhimmitude". Being able to recognize this deadly disease of blissful ignorance, read this post and then comply with the next paragraph. The following paragraph lists just a few sites that I monitor but there are scads more and the researcher must find their own sites in which they are comfortable. Personally, I subscribe too 258 web sites via RSS feeds, down from over 500.

Another step or, several steps, is to closely monitor several web sites: Dhimmi Watch, Jihad Watch, My Pet Jawa and the Counterterrorism Blog and Stormwarning's Counterterrorism. I don't necessarily agree with 100% of the contents of all the sites I monitor.

At any rate, through my studies and research, I have found that there is only one definitive difference between socialism/communism and Islam. Islam will cut your head off to make their point. The other lets you live but that is where the difference lies.

Enjoy the below samples:

Professor Of Jihad?, February 28, 2007, Jihad being taught in our schools
Professor Jihad, March 01, 2007, more on the ramblings of a fool
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Jihadgate, March 07, 2007, more on the Jihad at Kent State
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Professor Jihad At Kent State, March 16, 2007, our constitution says that we are free to express offensive views
Jihadists Want Us DEAD, March 21, 2007, it is almost too late to wake up
Islam: Religion of Pieces, March 23, 2007, the Jihadis are using our Constitution against us
Congress and Corruption, April 06, 2007, Congressman Joe Sestak raising money for CAIR
Blessed July, April 13, 2007, Saddam's terror ties and links and the Millennium plots and executions are widely ignored by the Leftinistra for the obvious reasons
Al Qaeda Is In Columbus Ohio, April 13, 2007, Al Qaeda in Columbus, Ohio
Morally Paralyzed?, Monday, August 13, 2007, because we don't think as they do and they don't think as we do
Clear and Present Danger, Wednesday, November 7, 2007, the Caliphate rise and war declared on the USA
FBI warns: Al Qaeda targets malls in LA, Chicago this holiday season, Thursday, November 8, 2007, fear mongering and desensitizing the masses
MEMRI...The Jihadi Watchers, Friday, November 9, 2007, Democracy runs counter to Islam as explained by Jama'a Islamiyya Abu Bakr Al-Ba'shir
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Mark Donner: Ostrich Syndrome Deluxe, Thursday, March 27, 2008, the Leftinistra have convinced themselves that it has only been in recent times that the terrorists have gone viral
Anthrax of 2001, Friday, March 28, 2008, the evidence is so thick we can cut it with a knife

Friday, March 28, 2008

War News


The "War News" series is comprised of items that the Lame Stream Media cannot make known to the General Public, for the obvious reasons.

101st Airborne


GoI Official Visits Mahmudiyah Qada
CAMP STRIKER, Iraq - The government of Iraq's Joint Rural Planning Committee chairman, Subhi Mashhedani, visited Mahmudiyah Qada to discuss essential service projects and cooperation between all levels of government March 10. [...]
Top NCO in Iraq Inducts Newest "No Slack" Leaders
FORWARD OPERATING BASE BRASSFIELD-MORA, Iraq - Some people say it is always good to see old friends from time to time. For the top non-commissioned officer in Iraq, Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, Multi-National Forces - Iraq, he was close to home again with his Bastogne family as he visited the home of the "No Slack" Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment. [...]
IA Mechanics Learn About Nuts, Bolts
BAGHDAD - Armed with replacement parts, Arabic technical manuals, and years of experience, Staff Sgt. Dwayne Simpkins, a native of Detroit, and Spc. Alvaro Aleman, a native of Fresno, Calif., step out of their vehicles, March 8, at Joint Security Station Kadhamiyah in northern Baghdad with the intent on training and ensuring the Iraqi army mechanics with the 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division keep their fleet of trucks on the road. [...]
Multi-National Division - Brigade Soldiers, Iraqi Security Force Patrol Western Baghdad Daily
BAGHDAD - Prior to leaving on mission, jokes are passed around - almost daring the opposition to make a move. The troops joke about improvised-explosive devices striking their vehicles as if they aren't scared of the possibility of an explosion ripping through the door and possibly taking their life. It's a realistic fact however, the troops carry on without worry because there is a mission to conduct. [...]
Sgt. Maj. Arthur L. Coleman Jr. Accepts Responsibility As CSTC-A CSM
KABUL, Afghanistan - Command Sgt. Maj. Arthur L. Coleman Jr. accepted responsibility as senior enlisted adviser and principle adviser to the commander in a change of responsibility ceremony, March 13, at Camp Eggers. [...]
MND-B Soldiers' Interaction Leaves Lasting Impact on Children
BAGHDAD - As I come upon the halfway point of my second deployment to Iraq, the one thing that clearly sticks out in my mind is the children of Iraq. [...]
MND-B Presents Combat Lifesaver Trauma Kits to IA Soldiers
BAGHDAD - Iraqi army soldiers with 1st Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Brigade, 6th Iraqi army division, currently headquartered in western Baghdad, were presented six combat lifesaver trauma kits, March 8. [...]
Multi-National Division -Baghdad Soldiers Seize Explosively Formed Penetrator Cache
BAGHDAD - Multi-National Division - Baghdad soldiers seized a munitions cache in the northwestern Baghdad neighborhood of Kadhamiyah March 12.

Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), observed three men acting suspiciously while one of them talked on a phone near a palm grove. The three men then entered a four-door sedan and left the area quickly. [...]
Red Knight Rakkasans Host Saint Barbara's Day Celebration
CAMP STRIKER, Iraq - The Red Knight Rakkasans celebrated Saint Barbara's day at Forward Operating Base Mahmudiyah, March 7, with a ceremony where 25 individuals received the Saint Barbara medal. [...]
America Supports You: City Celebrates 40 Years of Troop Support
WASHINGTON - A shade more than 40 years ago, the city of San Mateo, Calif., took an unprecedented step: it "adopted" Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.

City officials say it was a courageous decision for the council to make, given that in, March 1968, the war in Vietnam was still raging and many American citizens held a chilly attitude toward the country's troops. [...]


IA Mechanics Learn About Nuts, Bolts: 2 images
Top NCO in Iraq Inducts Newest: 4 images
MND-B Soldiers Conduct Cordon and Search in Rathwaniyah: 5 images
Multi-National Division - Brigade Soldiers, Iraqi Security Force Patrol Western Baghdad Daily: 2 images
MND-B Presents Combat Lifesaver Trauma Kits to IA Soldiers: 1 image
Retired General Tours Strike Battle Space: 6 images
Red Knight Rakkasans Host Saint Barbara's Day Celebration: 3 images

Anthrax of 2001


The solution is "Rather" simple but then again, it is "Rather" difficult. Fox News and Michelle Malkin are talking about the issue but no one is actually bringing about the meat of the subject.

Saddam was a cagey fellow and routinely used the "victim card" - sound familiar to anyone? - to garner sympathies from the weak-minded and he generally used this tactic to hide his true intents. Such is thought to be the case here. He tried to make it appear that Iran was responsible for the anthrax attacks seeing that there has been a state of war between Iran and the USA since 1979.

Begin Translation for CMPC-2003-006051

Page 1

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Republic of Iraq

Presidency of the Republic

The Secretary

Top secret and personal

Number: K/9320

Date: 17 September 2001

Respected Director of the Intelligence Service
Respected Director of the General Military Intelligence

Respected Director of General Security
Subject: Information

We have received information saying that agents, following instructions from their Iranian masters have instructed their followers to go to official and semi-official government offices to follow up on paper work. They were instructed to submit personal files containing poisonous papers that were specially prepared to target the officials and the important places in the security, (Baath) party, and administrative offices in all the provinces of the country.

Please be informed and respond as needed.

With respects.


Dr. Abd Hamid Khattab

Secretary of the President of the Republic

16 September 2001

Page 2

Republic of Iraq

Presidency of the Republic

Intelligence Service

Top secret and personal


Date: 19 September 2001

Number: 4637

Respected Assistant Director of the Operations of Intelligence.

Enclosed is the photocopy of the letter of the Presidency of the Republic-Secretary 9320 on 17 September 2001, regarding information about targeting the officials through submitting forms containing poisonous papers.

Please review...With respects

Enclosed: Letter

Signed by; M.M 1

18th September 2001

Copy to:

Respected Mr. M. A. M 4

Respected Mr. M. A. M 5 Enclosed copy of the mentioned letter

Respected Mr. M. M 40 With respects.

Respected Mr. M. M 6

Respected Mr. M. M 16

End Translation
The above is part of the on-going translations of the millions of documents captured and/or seized in Iraq and elsewhere as a result of the GWOT. I find it ironic - for a lack of a better descriptor - that prior to the Anthrax attacks in the United States following the Day of Infamy Part II - 91101 - that Iraq and Iran were dealing with the Anthrax issue. I don't believe in the Coincidence Theory. Ever.

In Chapter 16 entitled Saddam's Anthrax Attack Warning, Ray Robison spells out that which we had already known but political expediency does not allow the confirmations nor does it behoove the Leftinistra and the Blame America First crowds to accept truth. I say that we already knew this data but I will state that we didn't know The How or The Why.

The article linked above was written prior to the release of Ray's book, Both In One Trench. Ray Robison was on the ISG Team and is heavily involved in the research and translations of the "captured" documents. On page 288 of Ray's book, he writes the following:
[...] Our finding is that there is still substantial reason to investigate if the anthrax attack was part of the 9/11 attack. If that is actually the case, the Saddam regime would be the most likely originator of the anthrax. There is no information available to the public (that we are aware of) that excludes that possibility. [...]
As he and his team so presents, there were laboratories and research facilities that went undiscovered until after the invasion and defeat of Saddam Hussein's Iraq that were more than capable of developing small stockpiles of BW.

Read the book. Read the reports and the supporting documentation. Also, remember, that the complete translations of the documents has not been concluded at this time.

Ray's blog is here.

Keep The Patriots Rising Momentum Going!


From Ryan Gill:

March 28, 2008

Most of you already know that at Move America Forward we've been defending the defenders for some time and that lately that has meant running up against the Berkeley City Council. The radical "peace" group CodePink has been trying to run the Marine Corps office out of town for some time now and the city council signed on to the effort in full in January. They voted to send a letter to the Marines saying that if they remain in Berkeley, that they do so as "uninvited and unwelcome intruders." We weren't about to stand by while the US military gets uninvited from a US city, so we brought about a thousand of our close fiends to the next council meeting and the council agreed not to send the letter. But donĂ¢€™t be fooled: some very offensive provisions are still on the Berkeley books.

What the council refused to rescind included provisions giving free event and sound permits to CodePink every week in front of the office during business hours to harass recruiters as they try to do their jobs. As someone who has worked on getting permits from the city of Berkeley, let me be the first to tell you that this is no small gift - I would have liked to have had the city council's help in planning our events! Worse yet, the council stood by language that encouraged Berkeley citizens to "impede" the work of the recruiters: a direct call to interfere with the duties of a federal officer. To top it off, the council indignantly and repeatedly insisted that they owed no apology to anyone - truly petty and belligerent.

The Berkeley City Council is formally encouraging harassment of our troops

By now, we've shown up for several demonstrations in Berkeley and they might even be getting used to free speech again, but we hope to expose them to some more serious consequences, too. Our lawyers have drafted a letter to the US Attorney for Northern California that demands an investigation into whether the city engaged in unlawful or illegal behavior. We're concerned about the legality of encouraging citizens to impede the work of recruiters as well as the treatment we received when we came to protest.

Our 2/12 protest was marked by a heavy police presence, but no response to constant heated and sometimes physical confrontations. Our pleas to the Berkeley PD for help were consistently brushed off. This is further unacceptable behavior from the city and threatens to create both a slippery slope and a bad role model. Help us stop this lunacy in Berkeley before other city councils are tempted to follow suit in any way, shape, or form.

You probably know that lawyers are not cheap. And I can tell you we have more work we want to have our lawyers complete, so to cover the cost and make this effort possible, we are asking all of our supporters to make a financial donation.

It is important that we keep the pressure on Berkeley on multiple fronts. Just last week, hundreds of patriots stepped up to the plate to hold another demonstration of support for Capt. Lund and the Marines recruiting in Berkeley and 2 weeks ago we presented the Sedition report at DC's National Press Club to draw attention to the growing danger that recruiters at home face from antiwar radicals (covered by the Washington Post, FOX News Channel and more), but now we cannot rest yet. The Berkeley city council probably thinks that they've ridden out the storm now and that they basically got away with it after all; the legal avenue will be vital in applying new pressure and making it count.

The city council has responded to our demonstrations and our ad campaigns, but they've been resistant and even seem not to mind if Berkeley businesses lose money. Harassing recruiters is that high of a priority for them, but there's something about legal action that can get someone's attention, and we don't want a day to go by that they don't think of patriotic Americans and our response to their shameful actions.

You can contribute to Move America Forward's legal fund against the Berkeley City Council:

Online Here:

Or Via PayPal Here:

Or by mailing in a donation to our world headquarters:

Move America Forward
ATTN: Berkeley Legal Fund
770 L Street #1400
Sacramento, CA 95814

Thank You for Your Support!

Ryan Gill, Director of Operations - Move America Forward

Investigate Anti-American Activities in Berkeley


From Melanie Morgan:
Pro-Troop Group Demands of US Attorney:

"Investigate Anti-American Activities in Berkeley"

City Accused of Encouraging Interference with Federal Officers

SAN FRANCISCO---A law firm representing a pro-troop organization has sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney in San Francisco asking the federal government to investigate whether the Berkeley City Council's official anti-Marine position and encouragement of anti-war groups to "impede" the work of Marine recruiters constitutes a breach of law. If the City Council violated the law, the letter asks the U.S. Attorney to prosecute the perpetrators.

The letter was drafted by the attorney for pro-troop organization Move America Forward , which is the nation's largest pro-troop grassroots nonprofit.

The correspondence also voices concerns that the Berkeley Police were unresponsive and negligent to public safety during a protest the group organized in Berkeley on Feb. 12, 2007.

The original copy has already been mailed and an additional copy will be hand-delivered Monday morning with a press conference immediately following.

"We will explore every avenue to ensure that Marine Corps personnel are not harassed for simply doing their jobs, especially not by a city government," said Catherine Moy, Executive Director of Move America Forward.

Move America Forward has been active in organizing demonstrations as well as several ad campaigns rebuking the Berkeley City Council since they called Marine Recruiters "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" at a Jan. 29 council meeting. The council also reserved a publicly funded parking space and gave free sound permits to a radical anti-war group protesting the office.

"That is a blatant misuse of tax dollars and a violation of civil rights" said Moy, referring to the privileges granted to Code Pink, the antiwar group that received special treatment from the council.

"We have been fighting them all the way and this is simply the next step," said Melanie Morgan, Move America Forward's co-founder.

Morgan is also demanding that Berkeley's mayor give a full and official apology to all military personnel, veterans, and their families, and rescind the resolutions giving special treatment to Code Pink.

"Berkeley has got to realize that we're not going away," Morgan concluded.

WHEN - 10:00 AM Monday March 31st, 2008

WHERE - North Entrance of U.S. Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, Ca.

CONTACT - Ryan Gill, MAF Operations Director (650) 678-7732

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: Dunder Dome


There are two videos that are required viewing - out of many - but, these two should suffice. One video is located here and the other is located here. In the first video, Madeline Albright makes a fairly bizarre statement and in the second video, she tells the world how Saddam must be removed from his regime. The second video is a compilation which we have all heard and seen before but, in order to understand what she has said in recent times, both videos must be viewed.

Before reading on, please view the videos at the links provided and then come back. Thanks.

I sit back and often wonder why it is that certain members of the Leftinistra jump up and down with glee when "bad things" happen or take place in Iraq. I cannot help but recall several posts I penned in the past where I verbalized sentiments that at times, one cannot differentiate the verbiage between the enemies we face "over there" and our own Leftinistra "over here". Many times I have made reference to this and have stirred the pot, as it were. Be that as it may, now we have the former SecState under William Jefferson Clinton's Presidency once again yammering and lying her inflated rump off:
[...] "Iraq is going to go down in history as the greatest disaster in American foreign policy. Now, that's quite a statement, because it means I think it is worst than Vietnam. Not in the number of Americans who died, or Vietnamese versus Iraqis, but in terms of those unintended consequences. And the biggest unintended consequence in Iraq is Iran. I think one might say that actually Iran has actually won the war in Iraq." [...]
As a theoretically "higher educated" individual, one would hope that she would have more sense than to make such a fool of herself in the publics' eye. Apparently, she, as well as many others, has forgotten that because of President Jimmy Carter, there has been a "state of war" between the United States and Iran since 1979. The unintended consequence, in my opinion, is no one really counted on the socialist democrats to actually aid and abet the enemy as much and as deeply as they have been doing since the war in Iraq started and quite possibly the war in Afghanistan.

Following closely to the Party Line of the Socialist Democrats she so holds near and dear to her heart of stone, she blames America and our troops. This. Is. Unacceptable. Every time such a fool opens their horrid lips and utters such blatant stupidity and vile ignorance, the enemy rejoices and is enabled and stoked.

I would like to know how many of the war dead and war wounded are directly caused by such shameful public discourses wrought upon our country by those that pretend to love this country.

Jake Tapper has a good point and it leads to more questions:
Albright could not be immediately reached for comment on why she's supporting the Democratic presidential candidate who voted for "the greatest disaster in American foreign policy" over one who opposed it.
Yes. We call this using the American Military as a political football to distract from the issues at hand - are we going to select known socialists as President? If we do, I'll not recognize their authority in anything.

Gateway Pundit has a few choice comments on this issue:
[...] In her latest attack on the United States, the military and President Bush, Madeleine Albright blamed the US for creating more terrorists and said that our soldiers were the problem in Iraq. In the video at the link Albright says that the US needs to fight the War on Terror without creating more terrorists...Because it is our fault that the terrorists hate us, you know. [...]
That one...again? I am beginning to agree with Gateway. I have heard him say this before but kind of ignored it until now. Maybe Bill Clinton wasn't all that bad on his own seeing that idiots like Albright were actually counseling him. Kind of scary. After all, one of his other "advisers" Joycelyn Elders said we should have safer bullets. Oy!

What would this highly educated moron say to this:
[...] Today she insists that Iraqis who are not Baathist hope that McCain wins the election for one simple reason: "The man knows the job that has to be done in Iraq. If the U.S. pulls out of Iraq now or anytime soon, then that will mean one thing: al-Qaeda won the war."
She points out that for the first time since Iraq's monarchy was toppled in 1958, the country has a parliament, a free press, jobs, a true identity "and a better understanding toward where the country should be heading."
The sectarian divide, meanwhile, is an artificial schism created by al-Qaeda and other non-Iraqis, she says. Many Iraqis are like Mayada, a Sunni, who have married across sectarian lines.
Says Mayada: "When you ask the young people of Iraq - what are you, a Sunni or a Shiite? - the ready answer is: I am an Iraqi." [...]
Now we know. The Leftinistra want to lose this war because Identity Politics in Iraq is dying. The Iraqi people want to live as Iraqis and not secular and tribal garbage that Saddam forced them into. Then again, flip-flop politics is all the fools know.

Vote it up at Real Clear Politics...