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Monday, March 31, 2008

Items That Snooper Will Be Covering


As most of you know - or not - I began my "blogging career" in the year 2000 or thereabouts. It all started as a means to vent my frustrations and to experiment as a Citizen Journalist. Some folks like my writings and some hate it. I consider myself to be a fair writer but no one can say that I am not passionate in the subjects and news that I cover and write about and on. A while back, I decided to lure in some trolls at the GOP Forum and see how long it would take to follow me around like a lost puppy. It didn't take very long. I have several blogs; Town Hall (at one time held the #1 slot for 6 months but has since been deactivated); Wordpress 1 (which has been pretty much turned over to Ben with the mission of trouncing Islam and exposing Islam for what it is); Wordpress 2 (an anti-Hillary site which is pretty much inactive now); Take Our Country Back (which has been merged with A Newt One); VOX (an accidental creation that I do not regret...made some good friends over there); a top secret site where I collect ideas and concepts. I also have my original Blog Talk Radio show (Take Our Country Back) but do all of my shows with the American Truth Warriors now since the merger between ANO and TOCB. My "trolls" follow me everywhere telling me how lame I am. Imagine my shock and awe at how lame trolls are that find it a required task to follow a lame guy around telling me how lame I am...isn't that even more lame? Just askin'.

I started out in various chat rooms and forums. Most of the time I just read what others opined about and most of those times I was absolutely disgusted as I became increasingly aware of the "udder" stupidity of the American People. In these forums I posted as an anonymous "handle" as most do but others used their real names for reasons unknown and they soon came to wish that they hadn't. It isn't wise to use your real name and I can tell you that from personal experience. Not that I am in fear of some idiot troll or anything but it just isn't prudent to advertise who you really are. Some say differently but until I get renowned in the blogosphere, I shall remain nameless except as a Citizen Journalist elsewhere.

I have decided to narrow the field in which I write. I began doing this some time ago and I started a couple of series that I have begun to fine-tune. One of them is War News and the other is Global Cultural Jihad. In War News, I take stories from CENTCOM, MNF-I, DefenseLink and the 101st Airborne and will begin another series along the same venue but I haven't decided exactly how I will go about it. Stand by for more news. In Global Cultural Jihad, I take stories from around the globe we call Earth and the news sources are seemingly endless. I might change War News to Voices From The War...not sure.

Seeing that just about everything these days is related to The War and Culture, the task at hand is going to be "Rather" interesting to say the least. So, having said all of that, the following is what I, Snooper, will be covering henceforth:
* Full coverage of the Global War On Terror
* Full coverage of the Global Cultural Jihad (which is directly related to the GWOT)
* Anything and everything Move America Forward and other pro-troop organizations
* Anything and everything Vets For Freedom
* Anything and everything that slanders and demeans our troops
* Anything and everything that hasn't been mentioned but affects the war's outcome
Although I love to write about Barack's blatant stupidity; his socialist tenets; his total disrespect to this nation; I will leave that coverage to the other partners of A Newt One. The same goes with any other political figure whether they be pro-victory or pro-defeat. I am going to focus on those issues and those individuals that have had a direct hand in the loss of life in the GWOT by their very actions, deeds and spoken/written words - socialists beware - I am coming for you. I am very much being passed sick and tired of idiots that are under the illusion that they know what Patriotism is and what it means to hear and respond to the Call of Duty to their nation. Who knows? Perhaps Call of Duty might be an interesting series all in and of itself.

It will be "Rather" difficult not writing about the complete lunacy of Michelle Obama. The same goes for Clintonistas. I am just spread too thinly and I find myself reading other posts, pieces and articles and not writing intently enough for my own liking. As I read that which I have written, some of the intention(s) of those pieces has been lost due to the brevity of them and the content just isn't explicit enough for me. I am a perfectionist in my own rights and I feel stretched and scattered.

But, trouncing the moonbats and anti-Americanists full-time is going to be more fun now. The stories will never cease. I will cover every known Pro Troop entity I can find and will strive to bring them onto our Blog Talk Radio shows. When a politician ventures into my line of sight, their asses are mine. This isn't to say that I won't cover anything else it is just that I am going to focus on all things related to the GWOT.

Every moron that disrespects The Troops, trashes this country, disrespects our Flag and/or aids and abets the enemy, renders aid to the enemy, will be sorely written about and exposed for what they are...subversive, seditious, treasonous scum.

Bring it.

So, what do ya'll think?