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Monday, March 31, 2008

War News: Clueless Kevin Drum...UPDATED


Poor thing. It's first mistake was taking for some sort of a substantial press piece by Leila Fadel of McClatchy News. How pathetic is that? The Leftinistra are grasping at straws here and they know it. Not only do they know it, they know that we know it. The problem is, their brain-dead lap lickers don't know it.

Kevin Drum is a known member of the failed and and falling fast Leftinistra Corp of Ignorance and Socialist Stupidity. They have it in their minds via wishful thinking that Al Sadr actually won the fight in Basra because the Iraqi Government told them to lay down their weapons. With the news today that the Iraqi Army has stepped up the actions against Al Sadr by sending more troops into Basra to ferret out the Iranians and the Iranian supported criminal elements, how is it that Al Sadr has won or is winning?

Poor things. They really should be paying more attention to world events and the nuance one will detect when doing so. It has been said that an Iranian General secured the cease-fire and the reason for that is clear...the rat-line was about to be squashed by Iraqi and American military components.

Wake up people. The State of War with Iran since 1979 is heating up and will eventually boil over.

This video came out recently and I doubt that this was the recent actions in and around Basra but it can be said that it is relatively close...

Have fun.


This just in...sort of...
[...] Sources in Basra tell TIME that there has been a large-scale retreat of the Mahdi Army in the oil-rich Iraqi port city because of low morale and because ammunition is low due to the closure of the Iranian border. TIME has not yet been able to confirm those reports with U.S., Mahi Army or Iraqi government authorities. [...]
This could very well explain the actions just a few hours ago of Iraqi Forces moving into Basra for the mop-up.