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Monday, March 31, 2008

War News: Moghtada Al Sadr Condemns Iran?


Why? Was it because the training his fighters got and he Iranians that were fighting with them got their arses greased by superior fire-power and expertise in war fighting? Was it because Iran didn't waddle into the fight?

I hope you read this script...LOL!! The English version is here and it appears that Moghtada Al Sadr has been had by his own aspirations and has finally recognized that he and his "poor" Shiites have been used as pawns to test the Iraqi Army, trained by American Military units.

Simply amazing. Equally amazing is the silence of the dweebs which make up the treasonous Leftinistra among us. They were so happy that "Iraq was unraveling" and that finally the USA would lose. It really must be sad to have a chemical imbalance within their pea-sized brains.
[...] Primarily, Al Sadr is furious at the fact that members of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), have joined the Iraqi army's offensive against his forces in important areas such as Baghdad and Basra.

ISCI, which is led by Ayatollah Abdul Aziz al-Hakim has the support of middle and upper class Shiites in Iraq, while Al Sadr's Mahdi army has the backing of poor Shiites. Al Sadr is not only upset because ISCI has decided to turn its guns against fellow Shiites, but also at the fact that ISCI has been the recipient of a larger amount of aid from Tehran than his organization. This may lead Al Sadr to believe that ISCI has embarked on this adventure, with Tehran's blessing. This belief would explain why, during his controversial interview with Al Jazeera on Saturday night, Al Sadr condemned what he called "Iranian intervention in Iraq's security and politics." [...]
Really? Do tell! Iranian intervention? And the clowns of the American Leftinistra don't howl and scream when "Mooki" says it but do howl, scream, wail and gnash teeth when someone like - say - General Petraeus says it?

Go figure. Imagine that...