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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Poor Lost Leftinistra...Sad and Depressed


Silly creatures. We have been telling them this is going to come to pass yet, they whine and opine and ask for thoughts. Here is a thought...the socialist democrats have managed to destroy themselves and we, on our side of truth, justice and the American way, are just giddy.

Here is a post from the sad people...We're screwed. Thoughts?
Now that both Hillary and Obama have been beaten to pulps in the press, and now that St. BBQ has gotten nothing but glowing coverage, do you think we're completely screwed? I do. Check this out: [...]
This poor Brad bloke is all upset about the CNS article in regards to Obama and The rodham tanking in the polls via scratching each other to bits like two alley cats fighting over fish scraps and McCain beginning so far ahead of either that it will be next to impossible to catch up to him. They should feel sad. Why? Because they are pathetic. That's why.

This data isn't new to us at A Newt One. We have been reporting on this for months now and have accurately predicted that which we are witnessing to this point in time. Stay tuned into our daily BTR shows for more insightful political knowledge and news as we trounce all trolls. The Abyss of Obscurity awaits those that will be swept away by the cresting Conservative Tsunami soon to be a force to be reckoned with.

The sad people are not only sad, they are depressed as well. Poor things. ROFLMAO!!
[...] What makes this so goddamn depressing to me is that this primary isn't revolving around policy disputes: it's all about identity politics, and it's becoming a nightmare that is likely to launch St. BBQ into the White House.

I'm really depressed now. [END]
The poor sad and depressed cretins will one day come to grips with this truth...identity politics IS the issue and 40-years of Leftinistra Identity Politics has come to roost and it is destroying what remains of the most pathetic political party in our nation's history.

I am ecstatic with their depressed state and their state will only get worse. Thank God.