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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

7 Cleared, 1 Remaining: Murtha Unavailable For Comment


We have issued Bench Warrants for the arrest of the Traitor and Treasonous Murtha and have ordered him to report to the People's Court to answer for his Treason. However, seeing that he is still redeployed to the elevator, we will have to wait for the coward to slither out from under his rock.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani has been cleared of all charges stemming from the fraudulent charges brought against him, thanks to moron Murtha and his "secret and unknown" sources within the Pentagram - I mean Pentagon. Of the Pendleton 8, we can now call it the Pendleton 1. Hopefully, the remaining Marine will also be cleared of all charges.

Simply amazing.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Friday, May 09, 2008

On Global Cultural Jihad

I have long written on this subject of Global Cultural Jihad and have long been criticized, castigated, ridiculed and experienced being a target of the most intolerant people on the face of the planet because of it. I have often asked myself why that is, knowing the answer long before I ever uttered the question. The attacks stem from not having the slightest concept of the threats our culture faces, our culture being Traditional Americana. Many people understand the threats "radical Islam" presents yet are painfully silent not wanting to make waves and they themselves being the brunt of intolerant rhetoric. So be it...they have fallen prey to the cancer of political correctness. (read the rest)

War News: Iraq and WMD's


'Nuf Said

Doting, Pandering, Catering! Oh My!

Hillary Clinton's appearance in West Virginia after her dismal showing in the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana is a clear indication that the Senator from New York has not recognized - publicly - that her marathon race to the White House is over. With all rationale at the disposal of the political punditry and those in possession of common sense perceptions, Mrs. Clinton should be gracefully ending her presidential aspirations. However, such is not the case. (read the rest)

No Oil Zone...Nancy Pelosi The Cretin

I watched Nancy Pelosi yesterday whine about President Bush and she said the following:
Veto. Drill. Veto. Drill. Veto. Drill.
As the socialists want to take profits from the very companies that spur economic growth by creating jobs, Nancy and her moppets of dumb have refused for decades to allow the US to get off of foreign oil. Which side are they on? Oh. Wait. Don't answer that. (read the rest)

Pay Close Attention John McCain

As the political pundits from across the nation proclaim Hillary to be finished and declare Obama to be the DNC heir to the throne of the Theocracy of Socialism, I merely emit a hearty guffaw. Don't misunderstand me, please. In all respects, Hillary "should be" finished but the Clintonostra are alive and well. (read the rest)

Vultural Jihad: On Hillary

Quite a few this morning are saying that Hillary - Czarina - is finished. Not so fast amigo. Many moons ago, Norm sent me a special photo compilation which depicts the virus which is Hillary. (read the rest)