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Thursday, March 27, 2008

They Hide Behind The Constitution


Traitors all. One day, our government officials are going to grow a set of cajones and come to grips with that which we face. We are facing, in these modern times, a sophisticated and conniving enemy. They live amongst us. They claim to be American Patriots. They claim to be members of the Peace Movement. They claim to be members of the Anti-War Movement. They claim Free Speech and Freedom of Expression and thereby utilize those claimed "rights" to advocate the overthrow of the United States Government and that same United States Constitution.

Their rhetoric is 180-degrees out of phase of the United States Constitution that they hide behind. It is "Rather" simple when one learns to recognize the tell-tale signs. Your first steps to learning the language of the Enemies Within will be to read, print, study and memorize the List of 45. The Leftinistra, the Armies of the American Socialist Liberal, hate this post and this list because it exposes them for what they are. There is no dancing around the issue - it is what it is. Not one single member of the Leftinistra have been able to refute the contents of the list nor have they even tried - not here anyway. Perhaps in their meetings where the Handlers mandate directions and talking dulls.

Some of them pretend to "support the troops" at the same time they are doing whatever they can to pull the rug out from under the troops. They hate our troops much like the terrorists do. Why/ Simple. Our troops stand in the way of the Caliphate and the American Socialist Liberal. I know - the liberals are ashamed of being a liberal so they have renamed themselves "progressives". They fool only themselves because they are run by emotions and not a lick of reason. We all know that a "progressive" is a "liberal" in drag. Either way, they are socialists with some out-right communists. Just ask one.

One such group is called Crooks and Liars - I call them lizards and snakes - and they pretend to be intelligent...they have failed miserably. They are skunks. They are traitors and they are members of the Enemies Within. They are a Clear and Present Danger and offer aid and comfort to the enemy. One day, perhaps, we will know how many American Armed Forces members were KIA due to their direct or indirect support and enabling of the enemies we are currently fighting. For example:
[...] I can only speak for myself here, but I reckon that many of the brave young men and women who volunteered after 9/11 did so with the expectation that they would be hunting down those that actually attacked us that day; not that they would be put in an impossible situation (in a country that had nothing whatsoever to do with the attack on us) where they are expected to mediate a religious civil war that has raged for thousands of years. In fact, it's a disservice to their heroic sacrifice to expect them to do so. Then again, people like Dick Cheney and George Bush know absolutely nothing about heroism and sacrifice. [...] (SilentPatriot)
This is yet another idiot yacking about that which IT knows nothing of. Notice the clear illogic of the poor fool's rhetoric. "Those that actually attacked us that day" were members of the Fatwa of 1998. Clearly, this fool is beyond contempt. No country attacked us on 91101. Where has this idiot been? The fool mentions the "civil war" that never happened and hasn't taken place. More idiocy from an uneducated moron. Clearly, this fool, SilentPatriot, knows nothing of anything worthy mentioning.

Another blithering dingo is Frank Schaeffer writing at the infamous Huff and Puff:
Fox News more than any other single group in America is responsible for bringing us eight disastrous years of Bush, a war based on lies, 4000 American dead, over 30,000 wounded and an economy sliding into the toilet flushed away by a war debt exacerbated by tax cuts. I got to know the folks at Fox uncomfortably well... [...]
A conglomeration of letters which translate into the following; "I hate George Bush and because of my BDS, I am a blithering idiot." First of all, GWB inherited President Clinton's recession on the horizon and after 91101, GWB's policies not only recovered from Clinton's crap, the country rebounded from disaster and had a record job growth explosion and the economy has been sound and is still sound, no matter the babbling from the idiots that have no personal responsibility. The "war" was not based on lies and not one moron on the left or opposed to GWB has been able to prove one. This Schaeffer character is one more in a long list that is clueless and a complete fool.

He claims Fox News as his target of rage and BDS. Such an idiot. Chicken Little comes to mind and the Boy That Called Wolf. Idiot.

Another Leftinistra fool is Jane Hamsher at SmokingPuppyPuddle. This idiot parrots pretty much the same trash and ill-informed garbage found at Snakes and Snails mentioned above.

Jon Soltz of VoteVets and a supporter of the IVAW has a piece at the Huff and Puff (imagine that) in which he exposes his ignorance and treasonous rhetoric. At least he has the correct attitude towards those that have given their all for their country. He then proceeds to repeat the already debunked lies so often parroted by his ilk:
Having passed the 4,000 Americans killed mark in Iraq, the media will once again focus on the war in Iraq, like days ago when we passed the five-year mark there. These kinds of milestones and the inevitable media infatuation with them make me somewhat queasy. It's as if the 4000th person killed there was more important than the 3,999th, or the 4,001st. To me, and I would say to most Americans, every American killed in Iraq, everyday, is of equal importance.
If anything, the 4000th death (and all the rest) does serve as a reminder to the cost of ineptitude and when compared to the early statements and rhetoric leading up to the war, and serves as a harsh reminder of the truth. No WMD. No link to 9/11 or al Qaeda. No threat of "mushroom clouds" over American cities if we did not invade Iraq, while a certain increased risk now because we've allowed al Qaeda to rebuild from Afghanistan and Pakistan. [...]
Jonny? There were WMDs found and you know it. Jonny? There are links to 91101 and Al Qaida and Saddam Hussein. Jonny? As for the "mushroom clouds" that you mentioned, remember the dirty bomb that was discovered in the hands of terrorists in Europe some time ago? Silly boy. Grow up. And, Jonny, you do know about the Nuclear 911 in the works, don't you? Too bad that fact doesn't fit into your mental disorder.

And, Jonny, about the rebuilding of Al Qaida in Afghanistan from tell. And while you are at it, please explain to everyone how you were unable to perform your duty assignment in Iraq and you had to be bailed out. Please tell everyone how your 4-month-wondership worked out for you.

And then, we have the Dishonorable Sen Roberet Byrd (Mr KKK himself):
Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the start of our nation's invasion of Iraq. Again we are confronted with a sorrowful reminder of the consequences of that fateful decision by the death of four Americans killed in Baghdad, bringing the total number of American troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq to 4000. Each brave soul leaves behind devastated loved ones -- sons, daughters, wives, husbands, moms, and dads. Each tragic loss leaves a void -- a missing smile and loving embrace, an empty chair at the family dinner table -- that can never be filled.
As we mark this painful milestone, we must ask ourselves: what is the moral justification for allowing this war to continue? Can we honestly say that the disastrous mission in Iraq warrants the sacrifice of more of our troops and the heartache and loss that so many loved ones continue to suffer? [...]
Shut up and retire, fool. You disgust me. You cannot see past your next re-election bid and no matter the Victories, you still stand and support our enemies. Shame on you, fool.

To end this post, here are some excerpts from Ralph Peters...
[...] With all-too-rare exceptions, our politicians, right or left, really don't give a damn about our troops. Polls matter, grunts don't.
Oh, the pols spout all sorts of rhetoric about how much they honor those in uniform, but they really only value our troops as tools of partisan policies or for photo ops.
Between the incumbent president and his would-be replacements, only one has served in uniform or had a son or daughter serve in uniform. If military service is so praiseworthy, why don't more pols encourage their own kids to sign up? I'll tell you why: They regard our troops as second-raters who couldn't get into Harvard Law or a master's program at Yale. [...]
[...] For his part, Sen. Obama at least has the integrity to not even pretend he cares about the troops - he doesn't go anyplace more dangerous than a Chicago church pew. No recent aspirant for the Oval Office has known or cared so little about our military.
I'm just damned angry. The right won't admit any mistakes in Iraq, while the left seeks to undercut progress there.
Honorable, valiant and tenacious, our troops deserve better leaders. Never in our history have we seen so profound a contrast between those who serve and those who decide how they should be employed.
We also face, for the first time, national-level leaders who would rather lose a war than lose an election.
What actions in Washington would truly honor those 4,000 dead service members? [...] READ THE REST.
It is a sad day in America that the sycophants of the Socialist Liberal abuse our war dead to further their cause to destroy this country from within.

May God have mercy on their souls - I will not.

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