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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Global Cutural Jihad...Secured In Blood


Hat to Right Truth via the Washington Times...two titles: Dumbing down of students about terror threats and The way of the albatross...

I wrote about this subject some time ago, on 1/17/08, and it can be found here. The title of the post is Global Cultural Jihad. I originally stumbled upon this story at Yid With Lid and I am so pleased that he is on our side and that I have been reading and following him for almost forever. We are indeed in the middle of a Global Cultural Jihad.

We as a nation are at a crossroads. Do we sit back on our laurels in the hopes that "this too shall pass" or, do we stand up and scream from the rooftops, "I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"?

This atmosphere is no longer right v left or liberal v conservative or democrat v republican or right v wrong. This fight we are in is Good v Evil, plain and simple. I will scream and preach this until my last breath on this earth...The List of 45. We are in the final throes of this list. Read it, copy it, memorize it and pay attention to it. As it indeed applies to the communist and socialist take over of America, the similarities to the Islamic take over of America is readily evident to anyone with a minute portion of an independent thought process remaining.

Believe it or not, we are in the midst of the final steps of a cultural jihad second to none. Political correctness has come to the point that our school children are being taught that Jihad is a good thing because the Jihadists are only trying to protect themselves. The Jihadists are on their Jihad to bring better medical treatment to their people. That is a joke as well as being a lie. Have you seen how these Jihadis live? And they wonder why their medical issues are such as they are?

You can see a post written at my other location here in regards to the Islamic Mein Kampf and it is bone chilling...or, one can read my post at A Newt One here. For other posts in regards to how peaceful Islamic Jihad is, one can go here. In another post of mine at A Newt One, we brought to your attention the fact that the Jihadis want to bring Sha'ria law to the United States by 2050.

If that isn't enough to convince anyone, this surely is. This will surely be classified as Fear Mongering by the Leftinistra and any other intellectually void individual because truth scares the hell out of them and they develop the lethality of the Ostrich Syndrome. To hell with these intellectually void sycophants of ignorance and stupidity. If all the Jihad proponents think it is about topics such as medical care and similar concerns, they should look into the myth they have created.

The Washington Times piece ends as follows:
[...] While California schools fail to teach their young students about the dangers of Islamofascism, Islamofascist educators in Iran teach their young how to hate their American counterparts. Video cartoons are shown to very young children glorifying suicide bombers and encouraging them to kill infidels (non-Muslims). The educational system there is used not to promote creative thinking but to indoctrinate a generation of Nazi-like theocrats committed to doing what their leaders dictate. [END]
And yet, if any Western people depict anything Islamic in a cartoon, the Religion of Peace and those all so tolerant Islamic Jiahdis are ready to kill everyone and anything because they are outraged by the cartoons.

Perhaps we should become that way for our own safety.