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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Blogs Do Not Succeed


You will have to go to Right Wing News for the details but, evidently, we are doing the deal.

In a nutshell, from RWN...

1) They're just not very good.
2) They don't cover interesting material.
3) They're not unique enough.
4) They don't network.
5) They don't promote their work.
6) They're not consistent enough. They take days off.
7) Doing their initial promos too early.
8) They don't link out enough.
9) They don't post enough each day.
10) They don't hang around long enough.
1) We are very good
2) We cover interesting material
3) We are unique
4) We network like you would not believe
5) We promote the SNOT out of A Newt One
6) Not only are we consistent, we don't know what a day off is
7) We built a base, drew a following and then promoted like a whirlwind
8) Link out? I think 70,000+ link outs are not enough! NEED MORE LINKS!!
9) We average 10+ a day
10) We are here for the duration

That about covers it...oh, yeah..."I quit' ain't in our vocabulary