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Thursday, March 27, 2008

UPDATE: US Navy Sails To the Mediterranean Sea


In a previous post here, we brought your attention to US Navy War Ships dispatched to the coast of Lebanon.

The USS Cole is currently in place and soon the Nassau Battle Group will join up with the USS Cole.

Syria and the terrorist group Hizballah ain't happy about it either. Why is that? Could it be that the United States is once again "in the way" of an additional attempt to have an Islamic Law Nation form to the north of Israel?

What does Barack Obama feel about this. Does he condemn Hizballah? I doubt it but we should at least find out if he so aspires to be the representative to the world for the United States.

What would Barack do? (besides change underpanties)

David Schenker writes in The Washington Institute:

Beyond Rhetoric: Hizballah Threats after the Mughniyeh Assassination
In response to the February 12 assassination of chief of operations Imad Mughniyeh, Hizballah has ratcheted up its threats, warnings, and saber rattling. In turn, Israel has locked down its foreign missions, put its military on heightened alert, and deployed Patriot missiles near Haifa. And in Washington, the FBI issued a bulletin to its field offices warning of possible attacks on U.S. soil.

Given Hizballah's secretive nature, it is difficult to assess the group's tactical intentions through the prism of official speeches. Indeed, Hizballah's first public acknowledgment of Mughniyeh's existence came during leader Hassan Nasrallah's eulogy. Nevertheless, precedent suggests that concerns about Hizballah retaliation are well founded. [...]
The presidency of Lebanon has been vacant since October of 2007 and Syria and Hizballah has been interfering with the free elections process of Lebanon to emplace a new President of the Democratically run government there.

One should be wondering, "WHY?"

Hezbollah says US ship is threat
A Hezbollah MP has condemned the deployment of the USS Cole warship off the coast of Lebanon as a threat to Lebanese sovereignty and independence.

The US is sending one warship and a support ship to the eastern Mediterranean as a show of support for "regional stability". [...]
Yep. The US is a threat to the region alright there, you ragheaded terrorist shiite moron.

Go ahead, punk! Make our day!


The United States and Saudi Arabia have launched a joint campaign to pressure Syria to end its political interference in Lebanon, including the U.S. deployment of the USS Cole and two other warships off the Lebanese coast, according to U.S. and Arab officials.

The new military, economic and diplomatic steps include the toughest actions taken by the Bush administration against the regime of President Bashar Assad, such as a recent presidential executive order allowing sanctions against Syrian officials meddling in Lebanon and a member of Assad's family. Saudi Arabia is withdrawing its ambassador from Damascus and pressed for an Arab League meeting, to be held next week, to discuss the political vacuum in Lebanon brought on by its inability to elect a new president since November, U.S. officials said.

The Lebanese parliament has not elected a new president because of an enduring standoff that pits the Syrian-backed Shiite movement Hezbollah and its Christian allies against a coalition gathered around the government, which is backed by the United States, Saudi Arabia and France. [...]
I wonder what kind of Naval fire power three US War Ships carries...

Fox News:
[...] "The presence of this warship reinforces what we have been saying, that America is obstructing proposed political solutions in Lebanon," he said. Among those solutions, he said, was an Arab initiative which Moussa has been trying for weeks to market among feuding parties in Lebanon.

"America, by sending this warship, is sending an important message to the secretary general (Moussa), the Arab initiative and the Arab League," al-Moallem said, without elaborating.

The American deployment of warships off the coast of Lebanon is "unacceptable" and shows that the U.S. did not learn from the lessons of Iraq, the state-run Syrian Tishrin newspaper also said Saturday. [...]
That proves it. The US is in the way of THEIR intentions. And, what lessons did we not learn? LOL! What a moron.