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Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Double Standards From the Leftinistra


There is an ongoing quagmire within the Democrat Party Leadership which has infected and infiltrated into the lower ranks of the lowest scum within that same political party. It is called the DNC Double Standard. No matter the issue at hand, the members of the DNC machine of hate and discontent are against it...unless, naturally, they were once for it but it didn't work out so they blamed someone else and MovedOn.

Bill Maher at the Huff and Puff, wrote a short piece on 3/21/08 in regards to the "100 Years War".
In the past 24 hours, Dick Cheney has been in Baghdad, calling the Iraq War a "successful endeavor." John McCain's there too, and actually uttered those four magic words, "the surge is working," which only differs from Cheney's analysis in the scary possibility that McCain might actually believe it. Then again, maybe Cheney's pronouncement can be chalked up to youthful exuberance -- after all, he's almost 5 years younger than McCain. And then there's that other possibility, the one that's starting to scare me: That by a certain neocon definition, Iraq is a success. [...]
Why are the Leftinistra so frightened of a successful outcome in Iraq? Could it be that the very success of the Iraq War could expose him and his ilk of being on the wrong side of this issue? We have all known that the neolibocons were on the wrong side from the get go but, be that as it may, the fear of an American Victory is quite puzzling. Now that the cretin has exposed his underlying fear of an American Victory, we can know begin to expose them for what they are - mealy-mouthed losers and cowards to the Nth degree.
[...] What if the war in Iraq did go on for 100 years, as McCain suggested it might? What are we looking at? An entire century of ever-increasing military spending, necessitating deep cuts in all other government programs -- like public education and health care and all that other sissy stuff. A staging ground for ten decades of warfare with Islamist militants, for whom the place is becoming a terrorist fantasy camp ("Come to Iraq and fight real Americans in your own back yard! Get your picture taken with real al Qaeda pros! Learn the fundamentals of blowing yourself up!"). [...]
How quaint and how ignorant. We are to take such sycophants seriously? One day - perhaps - these drones of ignorance will figure out that they really are a batch of insignificant twits.

Not only did McCain not say that "the war" would be going on for 100 years, he never alluded to such a concept. Once again, the Leftinistra, utilizing their complete inability to comprehend that which someone says, they selectively choose to bypass that which was actually said to promote their own perceived lunacy. And then, they expect others to take them seriously. When we do not take them seriously, they then proceed to be incensed. How can we as rational beings take such ignorance seriously? Mr Maher? you are a fool. We have been at war with the "Islamic Militants" for decades already but people like you haven't figured that out yet.
[...] And endless, lucrative contracts for American companies that support the war effort, from Grumman to Raytheon to -- of course -- Halliburton. Companies that in the absence of a Cold War might otherwise see their prospects dwindling. [...]
Once again, this sad sack has no idea what he yammers on about. The companies that he mentions and scores he does not, are contractors which develop and provide weapons system as a capitalistic venture. Compare these companies to the now defunct companies of the USSR and tell us how successful they were? Why do these Leftinistra hate the concept of profit so much? Are they not themselves reaping the rewards of a capitalistic society? Does Billy Boy conduct his shows for profit or does he do it for free? his statements sounds like a DNC Double Standard to me. You?
[...] What about that is not a success, by neocon standards? I've been scoffing at it for so long that think I missed the point. It's not a question of if the surge is working -- it's about whom it's working for. [...]
Missed the point? Ya think? Wait. Disregard that last transmission. Maher has a problem with people he doesn't like making profit. Not only has "mister" Maher missed the point, he doesn't have the intelligence to comprehend his own ignorance.

Donald Douglas mentioned this some time ago and had this to say:
[...] While 100 years sounds like a long time, McCain implied a 100 year commitment to the Iraqi people rather than a permanent Iraqi protectorate. [...]
As we are still in Germany, Japan and South Korea, so will we be in Iraq and Afghanistan until the terrorist groups that in 1998 swore an eternal oath to destroy Israel and the United States are vanquished and destroyed. It is the terrorists that have united under the banner of Al Qaida for the Holy War of Global Jihad. The United States stands in heir way to bring in the Caliphate and that is the bottom line.

The enemy we face is the most vile and evil enemy anyone has faced through time. From this location here, McCain be heard stating the following:
[...] "And by the way, that reminds me of this hundred year thing. I was asked in a town hall meeting back in Florida, how long would we have a presence in Iraq? My friends, the war will be over soon, the war for all intents and purposes although the insurgency will go on for years and years and years, but it will be handled by the Iraqis, not by us, and then we decide what kind of security arrangement we want to have with the Iraqis..." [...]
What part of that does not Maher and his clan of fools not understand? Allahpundit at Hot Air presented this retort to fools such as Maher:
[...] As McCain has explained numerous times now, the "100 years" comment isn't a call for another century of hot war; it's a projection of a token presence in a stable country along the lines of our "occupation" of Okinawa, one that certainly wouldn't require the trillions of dollars being disingenuously tossed around here. The left knows a good talking point when it sees it, though - and so does Maverick, who's decided to run away from what he said as fast as his feet will carry him. Let me know when the left makes its stand about getting U.S. troops out of Germany and I'll start caring about nonsense like this. [...]
AMEN! I find it "Rather" interesting that an Obama adviser has stated pretty much the same sentiment that McCain did that seems to drive the Leftinistra a little over the edge. The statement can be found at Hot Air in a piece penned by Capt Ed. Former Air Force Chief of Staff General Tony McPeak said this:
[...] Is Iraq the last country we confront in the Middle East?

Who wants to volunteer to get cross-ways with us? We'll be there a century, hopefully. If it works right. [...]
Excuse me but, did I miss something? Isn't it Barack Obama that has so stated that he will end he war immediately upon becoming the next President of the United States? And he now has an adviser that is pretty much countering that statement and declaration?

This is what happens when appeasers o moonbat left-wing kook fringe mutants are being catered and pandered to. Ed says:
[...] This should raise some eyebrows on the Obama campaign's willful deception on this point. Didn't McPeak bother to explain to Obama the exact same reasoning he had in March 2003, at the start of the war? Did Obama not bother to listen? Or did Obama just decide to demagogue on McCain's point while gaining credibility by associating himself with a military adviser that publicly endorsed the exact policy as McCain? [...]
Silly out of league with reality that he turns out that if one is anti-Israel, one can prattle on and on about anything they so choose to do. Gateway Pundit has more on this angle of silliness.

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