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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Juan Cole and Other Anti-Americanist Idiots


At the Leftinistra hang-out at the Huff and Puff, Juan Cole makes a complete and total ass of himself...again. He has a piece entitled, Juan Cole: 5 Years Of Iraq Lies. The pathetic sot and socio communists proponent does his best to cite to riot the anti-Americanists such as ANSWER and other such driveling fools. As usual, not once does this pathetic ASS even attempt to bring to the fore any substantiation for ITS pathetic drivel. We didn't expect anything different but we can hope that at least one time in the pathetic life of one communist ASS, IT would at least try and be intellectually honest.

Juan Cole is a consummate liar and fraud.

The libtard Time blog called Swampland brings us a link to the equally retarded Vanity Fair archive of their Iraq War coverage. It must truly be sad to be such a hate America crowd member. Perhaps they should merely drop dead or move to some other country where they would feel more at ease?

Not to be outdone in utter non-patriotic idiocy, this pathetic cretin at the KOSmonoffs, one BarbinMD, spouts more ignorance. Pay attention to the following:
[...] Over the course of five years, George Bush has gone from saving the world from a nonexistent danger to not wanting to lose. [...]
Is this truth or a fabricated lie disguised as truth? HINT: These anti-Americanists wouldn't know truth if I shoved it up their hiney holes.

Keven Ann Willey is the Leftinistra troll that penned the editorial from yesterdays' piece I wrote in regards to the 5th anniversary of the continuation of the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Today, the poor slog dares tout it as something profound. GOMER comes to mind.

Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News seems to have a head on his shoulders and can be a breath of fresh air in contrast to most of the fools at the DMN. I don't agree with everything he writes on but at least it appears he has given things a look-see first.

Don Surber has a excellent variant of the "Bush Lied" mantra. It is short and sweet and "Rather" to the point. He ends the piece thusly...
[...] The problem has been the occupation. But guess what? The Iraqis don't want us to leave.

We're still in Korea, still in Germany, still in England. Hell, 110 years after the Spanish-American War we're still in Cuba at a place called Gitmo. [END]
No doubt.

Yankeemom has, once again, outdone herself...
While Our Finest Fight In Far Off Lands...the disenfranchised malcontents are taking to the streets again. These groups are populated by the "I didn’t get enough attention as a child" people, the "I'm still living in the 60's, man" retreads, the "I'm angry at just about everything" children, the "I want to be arrested to piss off my parents" young college students and the "Cindy Sheehan wannabees".

Michele Malkin has a post up today about the goings on in DC by the Anti-Everything-Good crowd: [...]
Go get 'em Yankeemom!

So far, several hundred anti-Americanist anarchists have been arrested from permit violations to trespassing charges around the country. Perhaps they should all be skin off of my nose.

From House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH):

Boehner Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of the Iraq War

Washington, Mar 19 - House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War:

"In the five years that have passed since the start of this conflict, our men and women in uniform have heroically ousted a terrorist dictator, freed a nation, and planted the seeds for political reconciliation that will pave the way for the first democracy in a part of the world that needs it most. Today, after countless obstacles to our success over the past five years, Iraq's fledgling democracy is at long last taking important steps toward the ultimate goal of self-rule. Elections have been held, police and military forces have been trained, legislatures have been assembled, and infrastructure has been built. And most importantly, American troops are beginning to return home after victory, not defeat.

"While our nation rightfully thanks each and every serviceman and woman who returns home from Iraq, it will be our children and grandchildren – and their children and grandchildren – who truly will owe them a debt of gratitude. Their selflessness and courage in the face of a ruthless and soul-less enemy not only has brought increasing security and stability to a breeding ground for terrorists seeking to destroy us, but it has laid the groundwork for a safer and more peaceful world for generations to come. While more work is left ahead of us, the progress made under General Petraeus' plan gives our troops and their Iraqi security forces counterparts the momentum they need to overcome not only the terrorist enemy they face in Iraq – but also the naysayers at home who claimed victory was never possible."
If it was legal and if it were possible by Executive Order or other such legal means, I would be honored to place the noose around the necks of every anti-Americanist Enemy Within that has prolonged this war and cost the lives of many on all sides of this war both military and civilian. I am ashamed of them and I am equally ashamed of our theoretical political leaders and the theoretical law enforcement agencies that will not - cannot - or unwilling die to cowardice - stop the obvious unAmerican activities, disguised as Free Speech but nothing of the sort. They advocate the overthrow of this nation and last I knew, that was illegal.

Turn loose the hounds.

Go Bags On The Ready.