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Friday, March 28, 2008

Anthrax of 2001


The solution is "Rather" simple but then again, it is "Rather" difficult. Fox News and Michelle Malkin are talking about the issue but no one is actually bringing about the meat of the subject.

Saddam was a cagey fellow and routinely used the "victim card" - sound familiar to anyone? - to garner sympathies from the weak-minded and he generally used this tactic to hide his true intents. Such is thought to be the case here. He tried to make it appear that Iran was responsible for the anthrax attacks seeing that there has been a state of war between Iran and the USA since 1979.

Begin Translation for CMPC-2003-006051

Page 1

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Republic of Iraq

Presidency of the Republic

The Secretary

Top secret and personal

Number: K/9320

Date: 17 September 2001

Respected Director of the Intelligence Service
Respected Director of the General Military Intelligence

Respected Director of General Security
Subject: Information

We have received information saying that agents, following instructions from their Iranian masters have instructed their followers to go to official and semi-official government offices to follow up on paper work. They were instructed to submit personal files containing poisonous papers that were specially prepared to target the officials and the important places in the security, (Baath) party, and administrative offices in all the provinces of the country.

Please be informed and respond as needed.

With respects.


Dr. Abd Hamid Khattab

Secretary of the President of the Republic

16 September 2001

Page 2

Republic of Iraq

Presidency of the Republic

Intelligence Service

Top secret and personal


Date: 19 September 2001

Number: 4637

Respected Assistant Director of the Operations of Intelligence.

Enclosed is the photocopy of the letter of the Presidency of the Republic-Secretary 9320 on 17 September 2001, regarding information about targeting the officials through submitting forms containing poisonous papers.

Please review...With respects

Enclosed: Letter

Signed by; M.M 1

18th September 2001

Copy to:

Respected Mr. M. A. M 4

Respected Mr. M. A. M 5 Enclosed copy of the mentioned letter

Respected Mr. M. M 40 With respects.

Respected Mr. M. M 6

Respected Mr. M. M 16

End Translation
The above is part of the on-going translations of the millions of documents captured and/or seized in Iraq and elsewhere as a result of the GWOT. I find it ironic - for a lack of a better descriptor - that prior to the Anthrax attacks in the United States following the Day of Infamy Part II - 91101 - that Iraq and Iran were dealing with the Anthrax issue. I don't believe in the Coincidence Theory. Ever.

In Chapter 16 entitled Saddam's Anthrax Attack Warning, Ray Robison spells out that which we had already known but political expediency does not allow the confirmations nor does it behoove the Leftinistra and the Blame America First crowds to accept truth. I say that we already knew this data but I will state that we didn't know The How or The Why.

The article linked above was written prior to the release of Ray's book, Both In One Trench. Ray Robison was on the ISG Team and is heavily involved in the research and translations of the "captured" documents. On page 288 of Ray's book, he writes the following:
[...] Our finding is that there is still substantial reason to investigate if the anthrax attack was part of the 9/11 attack. If that is actually the case, the Saddam regime would be the most likely originator of the anthrax. There is no information available to the public (that we are aware of) that excludes that possibility. [...]
As he and his team so presents, there were laboratories and research facilities that went undiscovered until after the invasion and defeat of Saddam Hussein's Iraq that were more than capable of developing small stockpiles of BW.

Read the book. Read the reports and the supporting documentation. Also, remember, that the complete translations of the documents has not been concluded at this time.

Ray's blog is here.