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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dissecting An Editorial Moonbat


The Dallas Morning News has been rampantly infected with idiots. This entire editorial piece is going to be shred beyond recognition here...this idiot needs to move to Austin where its fellow moonbats would welcome it with open cisterns of lunacy...

Editorial: Iraq's ongoing shock and awe/Iraqis' lives still dictated by fear, violence

12:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ever since the bombs started falling five years ago today, the Iraq war has been the focus of worldwide controversy. Nevertheless, it was hard to deny the sense of promise at the war's outset, when it appeared that Iraqis would finally be free of a ruthless dictatorship. [...]
Dear dingo...nice try at the spin ordeal but see if Billy Clinton can get you some of those used cigars from what's-her-face...

Hard to deny? What was so hard about it? Ruthless dictatorship? Was that The Reason for the war? Sometimes I have to be very concerned about some of my fellow Texicans.
[...] That sense of promise quickly got buried under a mountain of flubs and missteps: the unobstructed looting, the Iraqi army's dissolution, "Mission Accomplished," our slow response to the insurgency, Abu Ghraib, de-Baathification. Subsequent investigations, including one from the Pentagon last week, debunked all notions about weapons of mass destruction and a link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's regime. [...]

Mountain of flubs and missteps? Be specific you asswipe! Were there mistakes? Yes there were. And those mistakes were made by whom? I know the answers you idiot so please be specific. That way, your stupidity won't be so obvious. The poor thing mentions 6 items and that somehow equates to "mountains" of errors. Damn libtard.

And I just LOVE how the media takes that Pentagon report and cherry picks data from it. Maybe this turkey should like ACTUALLY read the damn report? Is that too much to ask of these politically agenda driven libtard dweebs? Better yet, perhaps Ray Robison's book Both In One Trench would suffice? Ray was on the ISG team and was also translating documents and such. I have read both...the book by Ray, three times and this Pentagon report twice...
This report is a redacted version of the original Iraqi Perspectives Report-Saddam and
Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents, Volume 1, dated January
This report is a redacted version of the original Iraqi Perspectives Report-Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents, Volume 1, dated January 2007.

This redacted version was prepared by the original authors following a classification review by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) pursuant to a request by the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.

All redactions from the original are in accordance with the 15 September 2007 DIA Memorandum, Subject: Classification Review of Iraqi Perspectives Project (IPP) Report Saddam and Terrorism. As stated in said memorandum, the DIA "made every effort to balance national security concerns, requirements of law, and the needs of an informed democracy and focused the redactions to the necessary minimum." Moreover, all redactions have been made pursuant to Executive Orders 12958 (as amended) and 12333, and US Code provisions 5 USC 552, 5 USC 552a, and 10 USC 424.
And, the "Mission Accomplished" thing? The all so obvious ignorance of this particular editorial rapist of verbiage is nearly too much to stomach. Perhaps the poor slog should spend some more time amongst some Navy types to see what the term "Mission Accomplished" means for deployed vessels. Damn libtards.
[...] But we gain nothing by rehashing yesterday's problems. The facts on the ground today are what matter, and those facts comprise a muddled picture suggesting neither victory nor defeat. Iraqis are rid of one dictator, but their daily lives still are dictated by fear of terrorist bombings, kidnappings, sectarian violence, joblessness and uncertainty. [...]
If we gain nothing by rehashing yesterday's problems, then why bring them up in the first A muddled picture of what? Neither victory or defeat? Like a stalemate? This goon is a pathetically enabled emotional twit. I bet it drives a "green car" or rides a bike to work.

It never ceases to amaze me that these types never take into consideration that the reason(s) this war has taken so long is due directly to the political aspirations of the ones that bought off on this war from the beginning and then changed their minds when election season came around. I wonder how many women and men in uniform they got killed, wounded or maimed. I wonder how many Iraqi men, women and children that they had a direct cause of their death. I wonder what they say to the demons when they come calling at night. I wonder how many died when they lied.

The war has been prolonged by American politicians sticking their noses into areas in which they have no business being. The successes have come because General Petraeus released the ROE and that is the bottom line. The Commanders before General Petraeus were Clinton Era Throwbacks, plain and simple. As proof of that, how many went to the Leftinistra when they were released from duty? I know the you?
[...] Just Monday, a report by the International Committee of the Red Cross warned that Iraq faces a humanitarian crisis, with millions lacking adequate clean water, sanitation and health care. "Five years after the outbreak of the war in Iraq, the humanitarian situation in most of the country remains among the most critical in the world," the 15-page report says. [...]
An emotional dufus rambles. Hello? There is a war on and your kind only prolong it. The Red Cross? Please. We all know who ands what runs that group, don't we? Wow! 15 pages of crap!
[...] It's hard to argue that the lives of Iraqis are better. [...]
Not if you are an Iraqi that used to live in fear of the rape rooms, the prisons of no return and the infamous shredders. Damn libtard moron.
[...] While the U.S. troop surge has brought levels of violence and casualties down, life in Baghdad and other major cities is fraught with danger. Iraq remains among the most violent countries in the world, as underscored by the explosions that punctuated a Monday visit by Vice President Dick Cheney. [...]
Yes. There is a war on. Now, STFU and STFD. Thank you.
[...] Millions of Iraqis have been displaced by the war. A massive population migration has split the country along sectarian lines. Families who fled may never be able to return to their homes. [...]
And the point is what, exactly? Have the homes they can never return to gone? The country has ALWAYS been split among sectarian lines! Where has this idiot been hiding?
[...] So how do we assess the war's progress after five years? In Iraq on Monday, Mr. Cheney termed it "a difficult, challenging but nonetheless successful endeavor" and "well worth the effort."

Others, such as Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution, have devised lists of benchmarks by which to objectively judge progress. Mr. O'Hanlon's list indicates we've advanced in only five of 11 key areas. On the benchmark list devised by the Iraqi government and endorsed by the White House last year, only three out of 18 goals have been met. [...]
Oh good grief. Again with the politically driven bench mark crap again. Good Lord! Get over yourself little one. The Iraqi government has made advances LEAP YEARS ahead when compared to the self-vaunted American government over the last few years. Idiot. How many of our own CONgress Critters have been threatened with death via kidnappings, assassinations, car-bombs and other means of death and destruction? And yet, the Iraqi government recently passed SEVERAL of the much adored "bench marks"? Moron libtards. I swear!
[...] Transparency International rates Iraq the third-most corrupt country on the planet. As security improves, thousands of displaced Iraqis will try to return home, only to find that they will have no place to live and no jobs because a third of Iraqis are unemployed. Even though oil production is slightly up from 2004 levels, households still are receiving only 64 percent of the energy they need. [...]
Yes. There is a war going on and at the moment, that 64% is well over TWICE what it was BEFORE the war. Please enter ALL the facts you libtard asswipe. Thank you.
[...] Mr. Cheney has made wrong calls before on Iraq, and while we acknowledge progress on several fronts, it would be deceptive to label this war "successful." [...]
Another vague comment made by an uneducated parrot of stupidity. Name one instance, please...dumbass libtard.
[...] We're glad Saddam Hussein and his murderous regime are gone. But the international trust and cooperation that the White House squandered to accomplish that goal will take years to rebuild. [...]
Just what in the hell are you yammering about? The international trust? The international what? Who gives a rat's ass about the international anything? Our country was attacked by terrorists and those nations that harbored terrorists. International trust my ass. Which international countries "fought us" and which ones of those that "fought us" were disclosed as being involved with Oil For Food? Talk about that one for a while you stupid leftwing idiot.
[...] Five years on, regrettably, we have our shock and awe. Shock that the Iraq invasion fell so woefully short of improving Iraqis' lives. Awe in the failure of the Bush administration to address mistakes sooner.

Let me see if I have this correct. The editorial says in the second paragraph, "But we gain nothing by rehashing yesterday's problems.", so we suffer through a zillion wasted words gushing from an idiot that does nothing but rehash "yesterday's problems". The whole article is nothing but moonbat rhetoric. I hope the pathetic cretin gets this shredding piece.