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Thursday, March 27, 2008



My friends over at VOX have been spreading this A Newt One Action Alert like wild fire and we need to keep it up. Most of us cannot vote or write-in names in a Pennsylvania ballot but we sure can spread the word!

Much like we all rallied together to defeat Shamnesty...TWICE...we can at least defeat Murtha ONCE.!! Spread the word!!


I am calling on all conservative bloggers and loyal readers and subscribers to rise up and take action for LTC William Russell!

The toad that is Murtha has managed to derail - via the court system of Pennsylvania and has enlisted two each RINO Republicans - William Russell's challenge to one toad and cretin John Murtha.

Join A Newt One, Atlas Shrugs and Political Pistachio to embolden and stir up to action the people of Pennsylvania. Two PA Republicans have made the bid of William Russell null and void by getting him tossed off of the ballot for Murtha's district for Congress.

From Atlas Shrugs:
[...] Carolyn wrote me, "a noble war veteran of Iraq - William Russell - resigned from the Army in order to run against Murtha - only to be betrayed by the RNC. TWO Republicans (count them!) went to court and demanded a judge disqualify Russell for insufficient valid signatures to place his name on the ballot. Apparently - according to the Republicans - Russell had only 993 signatures of the 1000 needed. Russell has been forced to drop out because he has no money to fight the court battle."
Where is the damn Republican National Party?
"That leaves Democratic John "I never met a Marine I didn't try to stab in the back" Murtha as the shoo-in candidate this November. Murtha is unopposed by Democrats. (And kissed in his pork barrel ass by the Republicans.)"
This is really sick. [...]
Yes, it is indeed sick. Atlas Shrugs asks: "Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson? Whose payroll is he on?" Apparently he is on Murtha's payroll.

Political Pistachio:
[...] Fellow Conservative Blogger, I ask that you rally behind William Russell. Blog about this unethical move by Murtha. Expose John Murtha as the coward he is, and let folks know what's going on. I urge that we begin a national effort to get Russell back on the ballot! We cannot vote in his district, but we can spread the word to have folks contribute to his campaign so that he has the funds to contact voters, and have them place him back on the ballot by writing Russell in on the April 22 primary ballot. [...]


Murtha will stoop to any level to ensure that those that threaten his tenure in Congress will be defeated, stopped and stomped. This is a travesty and cannot go unchallenged. William Russell needs to funding to battle the Murtha Court, the Murtha Republicans and to begin an outreach to the people of Pennsylvania to write William Russell's name in on the ballot for the April 22nd Primary.

Get the word out, donate and pray.

Fort Hard Knox:
Jenn S