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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chavez Warns Columbia With War


In recent days, it has been shown that the once perceived invincibility of the Marxist Rebels in Columbia known as FARC, is not so invincible. The FARC Secretariat has been removed from this Earth via the Columbian military units hunting him down.
Now, Chavez, the "President" of Venezuela has warned the Columbian government that if they attack FARC, the Marxist terrorist rebels in Venzuela, it will be an act of war.

The recent battle between FARC terrorists and the Columbian military was just inside the Ecuadorian border and Ecuadorian authorities expressed their displeasure.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has warned Colombia a strike against Farc rebels inside Venezuela like that in Ecuador on Saturday could start a war.

He was speaking after Colombian air and ground forces killed a senior member of the leftist rebels operating just inside Ecuadorean territory.

Farc spokesman Raul Reyes died along with at least 16 other rebels and one Colombian soldier, Bogota said.

Ecuador has protested to Colombia over the incursion.
Raul Reyes, aka Luis Edgar Devia, was the first secretariat of the FARC organization to be killed in battle and Columbian authorities will maintain the pressure on FARC. FARC has been conducting battle with local democratic governments in South America for 44 years.
[...] The BBC's Jeremy McDermott, in Medellin, says the military defeat of the Farc has been a cornerstone of President Uribe's administration since he came to power in 2002.

The killing of such a leading figure within Farc's secretariat means the group's aura of invincibility has evaporated, our correspondent adds. [...]
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Chavez sends 10 divisions to Columbian border

And, so, it begins...
CARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez ordered tanks and thousands of troops on Sunday to the border with Colombia, accusing it of pushing South America to the brink of war by killing a top rebel leader on Ecuadorean soil. [...]
Chavez doesn't like that the United States stands with the Columbian government...imagine that? One would think that the terrorist and Marxist rebel of the FARC was a friend of Chavez...

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