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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Obama Clan Dynamic...Self-Induced Quagmires


I am not quite sure which Obama is doing more damage to the country but the obvious point is this - neither needs to be occupying the White House. Michelle Obama has the uncanny knack to say the most ignorant utterances I have heard in decades. Barack Obama has the uncanny ability to say quite a bit of nothing and the people that are in attendance to his oratories will laugh and cheer at anything he says. This doesn't say much for their supporters...does it?

While we have been hearing from the Leftinistra of all stripes, the mean, bad GOP and president Bush are nothing but a bunch of war mongering pro-war types and fear mongers. I've never really understood what that meant because everything can be proven. None of us are "pro-war" but we are pro-victory if we are to have a war. Having said that, why is Barack given a free pass when he "fear mongers"?

In a recent campaign ad, we have Barack Obama, in his own words captured by video, telling the people of Texas and the country as a whole that Arab-Americans are being rounded up in America without the benefit of an attorney. Excuse me? Does he have any facts to back this claim up or is he appealing to the emotionally unbalanced that hang on his every utterance? The video is here or here and the lie of Barack starts at around 12 seconds into the ad. The rest of the ad is more of the same emotional nonsense that has no bearing on reality - not in the long run in substance anyway. What he refuses to say is The How. Platitudes and lies...this is all he has.

Michelle Obama is all for others to "sacrifice" to get out of those mean, bad corporate jobs and get into the socialist "helping" vocations where they will "feel better about themselves". What she didn't say was that she has no intentions of sacrificing her 6-figure income by serving on those mean, bad corporate boards. How "ironic" is that? Platitudes and lies...this is all she has. I wonder where she gets it from? Among other things, this is what I noticed:
[...] But if you make that choice, as we did, to move out of the money-making industry into the helping industry, then your salaries respond. [...]
So, she wants folks to stop making money and take positions where the salaries respond to not making money? What the hell is she trying to say here?

I suppose her wealth from "corporate America" is OK for her and her kind but no one else. Keep in mind that the "helping jobs" are the recipients of the plethora of wasteful Big Government Pork and Earmark Spending programs, especially the Socialist Programs as I call them.

As for the salaries that the "helper jobs" pay, where does she get those figures? Has she checked the salaries of your average social(ist) worker recently?

Stand by for more self-induced quagmires by the Obama Clan.