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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Resolve To Win: March To Washington


North Carolina Gathering of Eagles:

Three retired Army officers, recently returned from Iraq and others are marching from the SC/NC Stateline to end at the U.S. Capitol (1 Mar to 16 Mar 2008).

Dennis McCool, Carl Heerup and Marc Breslow will be walking 400 miles in an event called "Resolve To Win". The reason is to show support for the Troops and the Mission of the Troops. The purpose is to demonstrate resolve to do a difficult task and to create a dialogue about our National Will to win. [...]
A Letter From a returning warrior...
Personal note from Dennis McCool

As a soldier, recently returned from Iraq, it has been disheartening to "HEAR" everyone talk about how they SUPPORT the Troops, but see so little evidence of it.

Can you remember the first 5 or 6 months after September 11th? Patriotism, a feeling of National Unity and Resolve to defeat our Nations enemies was everywhere. It was like electricity in the air and it manifests itself by an unparalleled display by citizens across America. The American flag could be seen on cars, homes and businesses everywhere. Yellow ribbons were everywhere. "United We Stand" banner were commonplace.

That is what I wanted to see when I came home from Iraq. That would have made me feel that America remembered: we are at war and young Americans are dying every day in the Middle East to defend our way of life. I do not believe that Our Troops want Americans to be suffering because of the War, but we do want America to REMEMBER that we are at War.
Check out the pictures of the march.