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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Las Vegas: Ricin Found In Extended Stay America Hotel


Wonderful. Authorities have said that this is not a terrorist event. OK. I'll bite. What's the punch line?
[...] The discovery of ricin alarms law-enforcement agencies because authorities in several countries have investigated links between suspect extremists and ricin.

"This is not a terror incident at this point," Lombardo said. [...]
No punch line there either.

Alarms law-enforcement? It hasn't alarmed the citizens of Las Vegas or the people that found the Ricin or, for that matter, the nation?

KNOCK KNOCK!! Ricin is some bad-ass stuff!
[...] As little as 500 micrograms -- an amount the size of the head of a pin -- can kill an adult. It is not yet known how much of the material was found in the room. [...]
Not to worry though. Some scientist just, you know, forgot to pack it up when he/she/it left the building.

More news to follow....


CBS News: Sick Man In Ricin Case Is Identified
[...] Thomas Tholen told The Associated Press he didn't immediately want to say more about Roger Von Bergendorff or the discovery Thursday of several vials of ricin at Von Bergendorff's extended-stay motel room. [...]

[...] Police, the FBI and Homeland Security officials were trying to piece together how several vials of ricin - a rare deadly poison with no antidote - ended up at the motel several blocks off the Las Vegas Strip.

Adding to the mystery, police said late Friday that firearms, an "anarchist type textbook" and castor beans were found in the same room where the ricin was discovered.

FBI spokesman Juan Becerra said they have not yet searched a home where Tholen and Von Bergendorff reportedly lived. Officials have house secured while seeking court approval for a search warrant.

Police and health officials have repeatedly tried to assure Las Vegas residents that there is no public health threat. There was no apparent link to terrorist activity and no indication of any spread of the deadly substance, they said. [...]
And the beat goes on...