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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Leftinistra In Congress Are Liars, Skunks and Scoundrels


UPDATES below the fold...

From The Hill and picture from Pat Dollard: NOTE; remember how the "issue" was the Bush Economy and how SUCK it was/is? Well, the economy ain't so SUCK anymore so the cretins, liars skunks and shallow-minded and empty headed jerks are meeting to defund the war, KNOWING that it will fail but they have to keep the communist SLUTS of Code Pink happy - namely that slithering split-tail Medea Benjamin:

Senate Democrats have scheduled a vote Tuesday on a measure to end the Iraq war, interrupting their plans to emphasize their party's response to the housing crisis. Instead of turning immediately to the economy, the issue now dominating the presidential campaign, the Senate on Tuesday will hold procedural votes on a pair of bills by Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) that would yank the military's funding in Iraq in 120 days and require the administration to send Congress a status report on the war against al Qaeda. [...]
Go read the rest and bring a barf-bag with you.

Gee, I wonder what is coming up in March and April? Could it be that General Petraeus will be forcing Hillary and her ilk of seditious fools and pawns of Al Qaida to willfully suspend their disbelief of the progress being made and the Surge has indeed worked? Is this going to be a repeat of the failed ploy last September?


Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing if our pols listen to AQ or the other way around...and who is instructing who...

Right Voices:
[...] Many articles touched on the fact that John Edwards has joined this campaign. The Hill covered this yesterday and was picked up on briefly at memeorandum. This boils down to a lot of money being spent to justify Obama, his anti-war stance, and his ignorance. [END]
Let that small commentary sink isn't as small as some would think...

Lightning Fingers Susan at Wake Up America:
[...] Just to show readers how badly the Democratic politicians are reading the "public" by pandering to their far left extremists base, the latest CNN/Opinion Poll, conducted in February, asks this question:
"In general, do you think the U.S. military is or is not making progress in improving conditions in Iraq and bringing an end to the violence in that country?"
52% of the respondents said is, the U.S. military IS making progress and improving conditions in Iraq and bringing an end to violence in that country.

45% said is not.

Compare that to the same questions asked on 8/6-8/07 and you see that 49% had said is not and 47% said is.

The American public is seeing the progress and noticing it... the Democratic politicians are also, but have allowed themselves to be owned by the far far left so they have to pander to them.

The Democratic politicians have a problem though, the anti-war base that they have pandered to for so long is demanding payment for their support and in what will be the fifth failed attempt at cutting off funds for American troops to withdraw in 120 days, the Democratic politicians will hold a vote today, Tuesday on a pair of bills by Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) that would yank the military's funding in Iraq in 120 days.

The reason I say failed attempt?

Because they already admit, before holding the vote, that it will fail.

Once again spending time and our taxpayer monies on a vote that has no chance, which they admit, to actually pass and become law. THAT is a "Show Vote". [...]
I love it when Spree lays the hammer down...

Brian Faughnan at the Weekly Standard:
[...] Just a year ago, Congressional Democrats couldn't schedule enough votes on Iraq. They wanted to take every opportunity they could to tie Republicans to the president's policy. Now suddenly, they're shying away from a debate that splits their conference. The reason, of course, is the success of the surge -- which has taken away the salience of Iraq as an issue. Voters don't want to see Congress waste its time on Iraq when there are many more pressing issues that need attention.

What does this mean for the general election? Well, if Democrats seek to make Iraq a central point of debate, they better be prepared for Republicans to use it against them. Voters are unlikely to reward politicians for wasting time on the past. [END]
It is said that the fraud, liar and cretin Reid isn't all that excited about the fight...I wonder why...Ass Hat comes to mind...

More to follow as the idgits in DC have just agreed to 30 hours of debate. Wonderful. I wonder if the first 100 hours of 2007 is over yet...

An idiot libtard at the Huff and Puff, thinks some headway is being made in regards to cut and run. This poor deluded ingrate and fool said:
Republicans abandoned their long-time tactic of thwarting Democratic attempts to hold up or down votes on withdrawing combat troops from Iraq today in the Senate.

Instead, Senate Republicans joined their Democratic counterparts this afternoon to consider a proposal by Democrat Russ Feingold and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that would immediately begin to withdraw combat troops from Iraq and begin to cut funding for the war. [...]

Kay Baily Hutchison:
[...] Speaking about a Democratic proposal to force Iraq troop withdrawal within 120 days, Hutchison said Tuesday that such a proposal would "put a bullet right in the hearts of our troops who are there." [...]
True that.